Allbirds LLC Allbirds aims for a carbon footprint of “zero”. Successfully reduced average product carbon f ootprint by 12%

Allbirds LLC
Allbirds aims for a carbon footprint of “zero”. Successfully reduced average product carbon footprint by 12%

“Allbirds” has released its 2021 Sustainability Report and has achieved a 12% reduction in the average carbon footprint of its products over the year from 2020. Allbirds has stated a goal of having the average carbon footprint of its products near zero by 2030. This progress has been made possible by groundbreaking initiatives such as regenerative agriculture, renewable materials and environmentally responsible energy that Allbirds employs.
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Learn more and read the full 2021 Sustainability Report here.
“Anyone can announce big goals and make donations, but it is one thing to commit to zero emissions and to continue to make the necessary reductions is one thing. Real leadership. It’s a series of small daily decisions that add up to big ones,” says Sustainability Manager Hana Kazimura. “We have a concrete and actionable plan to halve our carbon footprint per product by 2025 and almost zero by 2030, and we are committed to taking responsibility every step of the way. is.” This report has been distributed at all Allbirds stores in Japan from Friday, October 28th.
Main Initiatives in 2021
Major initiatives in 2021 that contributed to achieving a 12% reduction in carbon footprint
▼ Development of Tree Dasher 2
Building on Allbirds’ spirit of continuous improvement, the brand’s first running shoe, the Tree Dasher, has been revamped. By introducing a midsole that is 21% lighter than its predecessor and removing unnecessary components, we reduced our carbon footprint by 5%. ▼ Renewable energy
100% renewable energy is used at manufacturing sites in the United States and Vietnam. Manufacturing partners around the world are also working to install solar power in their factories.
▼ ZQRx framework
To pave the way for the use of renewable wool, we launched the ZQRx framework, partnering with supply chain partners such as New Zealand Merino and industry leading brands. Currently around 500 producers are participating in this initiative, which aims to live in harmony with nature and continuously improve the impact on people, animals and the environment.
▼ Marine transportation
In the harsh global logistics environment, we have succeeded in increasing the marine transport rate from 80% in 2020 to 84% in 2021. Since marine transportation has significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions than air transportation, it has become an important initiative that is indispensable in the supply chain.
Main Initiatives in 2022
While this report highlights progress in 2021, Allbirds have already achieved some key breakthroughs in 2022.
▼ Wool for regenerative agriculture
Allbirds aims to use 100% wool from regenerative agriculture by 2025. For the 2022 holiday season, we plan to debut a collection of products made from renewable wool.
▼ New low carbon material
In September 2022, we launched “Plant Pacer” shoes using a new natural material called plant leather in the United States.
It is scheduled to be released in Japan in 2023. Plant leather is a sustainable material that was developed jointly with NFW as an alternative to conventional leather materials, and will be the first introduction in shoes. Plant leather is 100% vegan, unlike other leather-like materials in existence. Made primarily from agricultural by-products such as rubber, vegetable oils, rice husks and citrus peels, it does not use any petroleum-derived materials.
▼ Footwear packaging
The footwear packaging system has been redesigned to significantly reduce weight and reduce carbon footprint.
“Delivering a better product in a better way means reducing our carbon footprint to close to zero. It’s the result of the tireless efforts of our entire product development team to make it happen,” said Tim Brown, co-founder and co-CEO of Allbirds. “We take a concrete approach to measuring the carbon footprint of each product and printing that number on the tag. I hope it will lead to participation.”
What is a carbon footprint?
A carbon footprint is the kilograms of CO2e emitted to make a product. All greenhouse gas emissions converted to CO2 emissions.
From April 2020, “Allbirds” will display carbon footprints for all products. Along with aiming for zero emissions in the manufacturing process, we will create a world where “knowing CO2e emissions for the earth” is commonplace, like the calorie labeling of food.
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Our Story
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Former New Zealand footballer Tim Brown and biotech expert Joey Zwillinger. “Allbirds” was born in San Francisco in 2016 by a unique team of two people.
Questioning the conventional shoe manufacturing with large logos, flashy colors, and chemical materials, he turned his attention to merino wool from New Zealand, Tim’s home country. Believing in the potential of Merino wool, Tim teamed up with Joey to create Allbirds, a line that combines comfort, sustainability and simple design. The masterpiece “Wool Runners” wraps your feet in the finest merino wool. In addition to the comfort of excellent heat retention, breathability, and odor resistance, recycled polyester is used for the shoelaces, castor oil is used for the insoles, and Sweetfoam made from sugar cane is used for the soles, reducing carbon footprint emissions. I have been doing thorough manufacturing. Furthermore, the convenience of being able to wash it completely in the washing machine aroused sympathy. It gained support in Silicon Valley, where the latest technology is being created every day, and Leonardo DiCaprio, an Academy Award winner and environmental activist, invested in it, and its reputation spread all over the world.
After that, sustainable innovations such as the “Tree” series, which has a mesh structure made of eucalyptus fiber that is breathable and comfortable, and TrinoXO, which is made from deodorant chitosan extracted from snow crab, are adopted for T-shirts. We are developing materials that are effective, and we are sending out products that are needed in modern society, considering the burden on the global environment.
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