Alpron “Strengthen the physical strength of this country.” Alpron has renewed its logo for new challenges.

“Strengthen the physical strength of this country.” ALPRON has renewed its logo in preparation for new challenges.

Alpron Co., Ltd. (Head office: Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture, Representative Director Masatoshi Sakamoto), a protein and sports nutrition food manufacturer, will revamp its mission on November 1st and take on new challenges. Along with that, we will renew our management philosophy and logo mark.

ALPRON’s future mission
MISSION: Strengthen the physical strength of this country.
VISION: Create a future where people can live actively until the age of 120. VALUE : Full swing!
CREDO: Respect everyone involved and do our best to grow together. thoughts on mission
“Strengthen the physical strength of this country.”
Since its founding in 2001, ALPRON has supported people’s daily lives full of health and vitality through the development, manufacture and sale of proteins.
We are growing steadily as a company with the support of many users. However, we are now in great danger.
The number of healthy people is increasing due to the spread of fitness and healthcare, but if we turn our eyes to the world, food crises are foreseen in various parts of the world, and the low food self-sufficiency rate is also seen as a problem in Japan.
Alpron also relies on imports for many of its raw materials, and there is a possibility that this will be cut off.
Therefore, we will focus on domestic production of these for future stable supply.
Such a resolution also serves another important purpose.
To spread positive energy in this country.
For example, we will team up with livestock and farmers to support the production and cultivation of milk and soybeans.
By actively utilizing non-standard materials and cut parts that are not used by food manufacturers, we transform “things that should be discarded” into “certain value.”
In this way, while pursuing industrial development and sustainability, we will use new methods to secure raw materials, provide children, adults, and the elderly with abundant nutrition, so that everyone can play an active role in good health. I want to create a future full of energy and hope.
The vision, though small, is already taking shape in some areas. We will expand this nationwide. We are determined to save the world food crisis and support health by exporting our products and expanding our business locally.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in our challenge. Representative Director and President
Masatoshi Sakamoto
Recruitment information
We are actively hiring for various positions. Please take a look at the page below and feel free to apply if you can sympathize even a little.
Recruitment page:
About us
Company name: ALPRON Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masatoshi Sakamoto, President and Representative Director URL:
Official SHOP:
Headquarters: 1-25-13 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Hamamatsucho NH Building 8F Established: February 2001
Capital: 100 million yen (as of February 2021)
Business: Planning, development, manufacturing, sales and
import/export of health foods, health supplements, foodstuffs and beverages
ALPRON Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0120-014-341
Email address:
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