Alu Announcement of the Symposium on Establishing the Industry-University Joint Course on Paradoxical Leadership – “What is ‘paradoxical leadership’ that will be required in the coming era?”

Alu Co., Ltd.
Symposium on Establishment of Paradoxical Leadership
Industry-University Joint Course ~What is ‘paradoxical leadership’ that will be required in the future?~

Alu Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Bunshiro Ochiai, securities code: 7043, hereinafter: our company), which provides educational services for working adults using human resource development data, machine learning technology, etc. We would like to inform you that we will hold a symposium to commemorate the
establishment of the “Paradoxical Leadership Industry-Academia Joint Course”, which was established with Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi of Kyoto University Graduate School of Management.
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Overview of the “Paradoxical Leadership Industry-Academia Joint Course” The recent changes in social conditions present management leaders with the following issues that contain contradictory elements, in other words, “paradoxical issues”.
● How to achieve both short-term economic benefits and long-term environmental considerations
● How to actively challenge new businesses while maintaining and developing existing businesses
● How can individuals achieve self-sustaining career development while enhancing the ability of the organization to execute strategies? A leader who faces these issues with the question of how to make paradoxical elements coexist and balance them (both/and) instead of choosing between the two (or). is called paradoxical leadership, and various studies have begun in business administration.
The “Paradoxical Leadership Industry-Academia Joint Course” was established with the aim of clarifying the type of management required by society in the future and cultivating leaders who will be responsible for that management. In this course, we will explore the new leader image required in the coming era.
Paradoxical Leadership Industry-University Joint Course (Kyoto University Graduate School of Management HP)
“New Trends in Business Administration: What is Paradoxical Leadership that Reconciles Contradictions?” (our website)
Appointment of Specially Appointed Professor and Visiting Associate Professor For the opening of this course, Bunshiro Ochiai, president and CEO of our company, was appointed as a specially appointed professor at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Management, and Shunsuke Nakamura, our executive consultant, was appointed as a visiting associate professor at the same. In addition to teaching in this course, we will research and disseminate “paradoxical leadership,” which is a new style of leadership required of managers in the future.
Symposium overview
A symposium will be held to commemorate the establishment of this joint course. [Date and time] December 12, 2022 (Monday) 13:30-15:00 (Japan time GMT+9) [Target] People involved in training planning and implementation such as personnel departments and education departments, people involved in management planning, people involved in marketing, etc.
[Participation fee] Free
[Distribution format] Web seminar (Zoom Webinar)
[Details and application] Scheduled speakers
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About Alu Co., Ltd.
Under the mission of “Open up all the possibilities of people for a world full of dreams – all the possibilities -“, ​​Alu Co., Ltd. supports human resource development with the theme of “sticking to the results of training”. doing business. In addition to providing training programs for a wide range of layers, from new employees to managers, by theme, such as training global human resources and DX human resources, we also provide e-learning using the learning management system “etudes”. Through such means, we support the growth of organizations and individuals from the perspective of human resource development. The entire group is engaged in business with the aim of resolving the diverse issues faced by client companies by proposing and implementing individually optimized solutions for each client.
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