Alvark Tokyo Official introduction of “IKOU portable chair” at Alvark Tokyo home game

Alvark Tokyo
Official introduction of “IKOU portable chair” at Alvark Tokyo home game – For the first time in a sports team, we have created an inclusive watching environment with kids’ chairs that can be used by people with or without disabilities –

This time, Alvark Tokyo will launch the “IKOU Portable Chair” manufactured and sold by IKOU (operating company: Halu Co., Ltd.), an inclusive brand for infants and children with or without disabilities, on November 26, 2022. It will be officially introduced from the Ibaraki Robots game on Sunday (Saturday).
We have been conducting demonstration experiments since last year, but this time we have officially introduced the “IKOU Portable Chair” for the first time as a sports team, and we will start using it as a rental kids’ chair for home games. I will.
By introducing the “IKOU Portable Chair,” which can be used as a kids’ chair regardless of the presence or absence of a disability, we will create an inclusive arena environment where families with small children can feel more familiar with watching sports.
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*This initiative is part of Alvark Tokyo’s social responsibility project “ALVARK Will”. 17 Let’s achieve our goals through
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■ Background of introduction
The introduction of the “IKOU Portable Chair” to sports facilities is an initiative to make stadiums and arenas more inclusive spaces, demonstrating the attitude of “welcoming all children” regardless of disabilities. To date, multiple sports teams have conducted
demonstration experiments using the IKOU Portable Chair as a seat for infants in official basketball, rugby, and soccer games.
Through interviews with 20 families who participated in the
demonstration experiment, we learned that it is difficult to hold a child on your lap all the time, and that children may move around and cause trouble for others. It turns out that families tend to stay away from watching sports in stadiums and arenas.
The “IKOU Portable Chair” is easy to carry and can be easily installed on any adult seat, providing an environment where the whole family can enjoy watching sports by securing a place where infants can sit with peace of mind. To do.
In addition, it has a function to support the posture of children with disabilities who have difficulty maintaining a sitting position on their own, contributing to the realization of an inclusive space where children with various needs can share the experience of watching games.
User’s voice in the demonstration experiment
・ Mother of a 1-year-old child
“If there is no seat for children, the burden on parents is completely different, so they can afford to enjoy watching the game. If I come to watch the game again, I definitely want to use it even if I buy an additional ticket for children. .”
・Mother of a 2-year-old child (with a disability)
“Wheelchair seats make me feel alienated, but I was able to sit in a portable chair in the general seats, so I was able to feel a sense of unity with other customers, which was really fun.”
■ Details of initiatives
At Alvark Tokyo Home Game, we will lend 5 “IKOU Portable Chairs” free of charge to families with eligible children on a first-come, first-served basis. (Tickets for child seats must be purchased by the customer in advance.)
・ Target age: 7 months to 3 years old (height 97 cm, weight up to 16 kg) For children with disabilities who cannot sit upright, the head must be upright. ・Rental location: Information booth near the venue entrance
In order to improve operations based on customer feedback, the details of initiatives may change in the future.
■ Comment from Halu Representative Director Yuri Matsumoto
By introducing IKOU Portable Chairs to stadiums and arenas that have never had kids’ chairs, we can contribute to the creation of an inclusive environment where families with small children can experience the fun of watching sports with greater peace of mind. isn’t it?
This idea, which was born from my own experience, turned from hypothesis to conviction through repeated demonstration experiments with the cooperation of everyone at Alvark Tokyo.
We are grateful to be able to take the first step together with everyone at Alvark Tokyo, with the aim of having “IKOU Portable Chairs” installed in stadiums and arenas all over Japan and around the world.
■ Comment from Kunihiko Hayashi, President of Toyota Alvark Tokyo Co., Ltd. Until now, in the sports watching environment, we could only provide seats installed in facilities, and it was difficult to respond to families with small children. Since last season, we have conducted a demonstration experiment of the “IKOU Portable Chair” at the Alvark Tokyo home game, and after receiving positive feedback from customers who actually used it, we decided to officially introduce it. We hope that this will allow not only small children but also families to enjoy watching sports with greater peace of mind than ever before. Please use it positively.
■ About “IKOU Portable Chair”
[Image 3d35222-206-32ae547fa4d004a3e45c-4.png&s3=35222-206-4fd4074b279008ad797bb5f0262fe70f-602x401.png
The “IKOU Portable Chair” is a foldable children’s chair that can be carried and used both indoors and outdoors. Learning from the experiences of physically handicapped children and their families, we developed it as an “inclusive product that can be used regardless of disability.” The 2022 Good Design Award was highly acclaimed for the brand’s attitude of questioning the issues of Japanese society that have come to light from raising children with disabilities and its impact on the market.
Aiming to be a symbol that “welcomes all children”, we are promoting not only individual users but also sports teams, child-rearing-related facilities, restaurants and accommodation-related companies, etc. Features of the IKOU portable chair
・The shape of the seat has been carefully selected to maintain a stable posture even for infants whose sitting position is unstable. ・Equipped with a tilt function that allows you to recline the entire seat according to your body condition and usage scene.
・It can be easily fixed to an adult chair and can be placed on the floor, expanding the range of activities for the family.
・Compatible with portable specifications and safety (SG mark certification has been obtained from the Product Safety Association) ・Minimalistic design that fits in everyday life without any sense of incongruity Website: Contact for introduction:
IKOU aims to create an inclusive society through a new approach to manufacturing based on inclusive design. A brand that aims to contribute to the realization of society.
In Japan, the places where children live, learn, and play are separated by whether or not they have a disability. I have. Therefore, opportunities for both parties to share their experiences are extremely limited. Essential.
As a brand for infants that transcends the barriers of whether or not they have a disability, IKOU creates opportunities for children with various personalities and needs to interact with nature.
■ About Halu Co., Ltd.
Location: Head office 4-4 Kinugasa Somon-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Representative Director: Yuri Matsumoto
Established: April 2020

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