Amazon Black Friday 10000 units topped the Amazon market top selling ranking! ! ~ Stay warm even in the cold winter

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[Amazon Black Friday] [10000 units topped the Amazon market top selling ranking! ! ] ~ Stay warm even in the cold winter
peipai’s power supply is not required, energy saving, wood stove fan is a bargain!

PEIPAI official store: peipai’s latest wood stove
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Regular selling price: 3980 yen
Price after using coupon: 3480 yen
Price after prime registration + coupon use: 3082 yen
Expiration date: November 21, 2022 (Monday) 17:30 to November 25, 2022 (Thursday) 23:59
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[Automatic Eco Stove Fan & Increased Heating Temperature] This stove fan does not require batteries or electricity. By rotating the fan, warm air that tends to stay near the ceiling can be sent to near the floor. Air circulation is created, and warm air spreads to every corner of the room, increasing the heating temperature. It can heat up in a short time, which leads to saving fuel costs. Environmentally friendly and eco-friendly.
[6 Blades] The blades of the stove fan have a design that is bent in two places, and the bending angle is about 25 degrees, and the air volume is strong. It efficiently utilizes the center of the blade to collect the wind. It reduces air resistance, has a small range of wind speed fluctuations, and sends a well-balanced “gentle wind”. And the air volume is strong, and the heat of 6 stove fans can be used more efficiently than 4 or 5 blades.
[Compatible with oil stoves & suitable for various places] Place it on top of a wood stove or convection stove that you normally use, and the fan will start rotating using the power of thermal power generation. One of the most common complaints about winter camping is cold feet. When you spend time outside, this stove fan is perfect as a
countermeasure against the cold.
【Built-in Overheat Protection】The stove fan with overheat protection is recommended for those who value high safety. If the temperature of the main unit exceeds 300 ° C, the overheat protection plate will warp, creating a gap between the stove fan and the installation surface of the stove, preventing motor failure and discoloration of the main unit due to overheating.
[Silent operation] The noise value is as low as about 25 dB or less, and the quiet operation sound of a whisper is attractive. Also, please be careful. Do not place in front of chimney, high temperature may cause damage. The best position is on the side or back of the stove.

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