Amazon Black Friday Featured Item! Great deals on facial equipment from Korea! Recommended Korean cosmetics are also discounted for prime members only!

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Amazon Black Friday Featured Item! Great deals on facial equipment from Korea! Recommended Korean cosmetics are also discounted for prime members only!
The Amazon Black Friday sale takes place every year on the 4th Thursday of November.

“Amazon Black Friday Sale” which is a big sale once a year
It is an event where you can purchase the most advantageous products when shopping on Amazon!
It will be held from November 25th to December 1st, 2022!
What is Amazon Black Friday?
It is an event that is not very familiar in Japan,
In the United States, there is a holiday called “Thanksgiving Day” on the fourth Thursday of November.
Christmas sales are usually held from the following Friday.
It is called “Black Friday” because retail stores such as department stores are in the black during this period.
At the beginning of Amazon Black Friday, including “black” home appliances such as TVs,
We have sales related to black, such as selling products with “black” in the name for sale.
Currently, various products are on sale at exceptional prices, even if they are not related to black.
■ Date
November 25th (Friday) 0:00 to December 1st 23:59
5 things to do before Amazon Black Friday starts
1. Become an Amazon Prime member
→ Unlike Amazon Prime Day, even if you are not a Prime member, you will be eligible for the sale.
 You can get even better deals by charging your Amazon gift
certificate, or participate in a point-up campaign
 The point redemption rate changes, so if you shop at Amazon often, please enter “I recommend it.”

2. Install “Amazon Shopping App”
→Must-see for those still using the web version!
To use the point-up campaign held during the Black Friday sale, “Amazon’s shopping app is required.” Please install it before the event date. ■ Click here to download the app %B0%E3%82%A2%E3%83%97%E3%83%AA/id374254473
3. Enter the point-up campaign
Point-up campaigns are essential for shopping on Black Friday. Enter the campaign and purchase items totaling 10,000 yen or more during the black sale period
Earn up to 8% Amazon Points when you shop using the Amazon Shopping App will be refunded.
Point campaigns are held for each sale,
In normal sales, the upper limit of 5,000 points is usually returned on Black Friday
The upper limit of points is 10,000 points, so it’s a once-a-year chance. *Please note that the return rate is different for Prime members and non-Prime members.
4. Pick up products so that the total is over 10,000 yen
→As mentioned above, a point-up campaign is available for purchases of 10,000 yen or more in total.
“Be aware of the products you want to purchase in advance before the sale starts, as they are suitable.”
“We recommend that you keep it.”
5. Register the products you want in the “wish list” and “watch list” →Immediately proceed with the purchase of products that you have set your sights on using a wish list or
It is convenient to register in the “watch list”!
Facial equipment to buy on Amazon Black Friday: ELFACE
Korean cosmetic dermatology treatment at home!
Pore ​​care and aging care at the same time
A great item to have!
Although it is a facial device, it is different from the conventional one, It is a facial device similar to an electric acupuncture brush. Just use it for 10 minutes every day
Daily makeup glue will be better!
Some places are small and do not take up space
One of the recommended points!
■Price: 45,000 yen (tax included) → Black Friday price
Amazon: Recommended Korean Skincare on Amazon Black Friday
Korean skincare to buy on Amazon Black Friday 1.
Anacis Sebox tractor
[Image 1d81952-104-dc35295663fc71ff55f5-2.png&s3=81952-104-e0ab1b1fe617c8eff8fd7b91af8665aa-400x400.png
Stand out every time you look in the mirror
For those who suffer from blackheads
It is a recommended product!
Melt blackheads and sebum,
It removes the roughness of your skin without burdening your skin. Pore ​​care is possible.
If you have oily skin or are concerned about acne
Light peeling twice a week
It seems to be good.
In the coming season when sebum is easy to come out
Recommended product!
Especially recommended for those with oily skin!
■Price: 3,800 yen (including tax)
Amazon: Korean skincare to buy on Amazon Black Friday 2.
BQCELL derma skin peeling
[Image 2d81952-104-69411626dac4892910eb-3.jpg&s3=81952-104-ade362f03bd8a4139ea713cef392ed5d-1200x1200.jpg
Authentic peeling that can be done at home!
Recommended for those who have difficulty going to salons.
Anyone can easily
It is a product that can be used for salon-level peeling at home. You can even manage moisturizing with the included Recell Cure Ampoule! Strengthens the barrier function of the skin with a protein complex, It keeps your skin healthy and makes your skin elastic.
■ Price: 9,500 yen (tax included)
Amazon: Korean Skin Care to Buy on Amazon Black Friday 3.: ANACIS Foaming Cream [Image 3d81952-104-a0745db6d225d657cfbe-4.jpg&s3=81952-104-c5b84d0628373d91fa2a3cb5a58c8434-1200x1200.jpg
If you are concerned about wrinkles around your eyes, this is a must-see! This product can solve 5 problems.
⑴ Contains algae extract
Tightens the skin and improves firmness.
⑵ Scutellaria root extract moisturizes the skin.
⑶ Prevents makeup glue and makeup collapse.
⑷ Resolve wrinkles not only around the eyes but also on the chin and the entire face.
(5) Give the bear a bright impression.
You can also apply it on your neck, chin, and entire face in addition to your eyes.
■Price: 3,500 yen (including tax)
Amazon: 5 Korean skincare products to buy on Amazon Black Friday.
DERMAJ Peptastine Essential Toner
[Image 4d81952-104-77f422ff3ab07f3391e2-0.jpg&s3=81952-104-bafca5faad0b6d23b4d9bcd006bb07db-1200x1200.jpg
I want to have moist skin!
It is a recommended Korean lotion for those who think.
Made with good ingredients
From skin care brands
Cosmetics on sale.
Because it contains peptides
Mochimochi skin can be realized!
For sensitive and dry skin
Recommended product!
■ Price: 3,300 yen
Amazon: Korean skin care products to buy on Amazon Black Friday 6.
ANACIS Acreon toning lotion
[Image 5d81952-104-0b7e8a1c8f32fb27b103-1.jpg&s3=81952-104-870d91b59fadf307315c2c8e01e83ed3-1200x1200.jpg
Started selling at Olive Young
Lotion sold by ANACIS.
with a thick texture
It is characterized by a slightly refreshing smell!
People who are prone to acne
Recommended product for those with oily skin.
When you use Acre Online products together,
The effect is further UP!
It is also recommended to buy in bulk with the mega discount. ■ Price: 4,200 yen
Amazon: 7 Korean skincare products to buy on Amazon Black Friday.
BQCELL recell cure ampoule
[Image 6d81952-104-10e08e43c2ea2ab94783-7.jpg&s3=81952-104-f27784bba5fbacc94e2e61ddb434c7e5-1200x1200.jpg
A moisturizing ampoule that moisturizes the skin from within! peptides and human stem cells
Formulated with 20 kinds of natural ingredients,
A beauty essence that not only moisturizes but also gives firmness. You can feel the moist feeling with a small amount,
Use before applying makeup for a radiant complexion!
In addition, with a beautiful face device, ELFACE
No roughness when used together
You can have smooth skin.
■ Price: 8,600 yen (tax included)
Amazon: 8 Korean skincare products to buy on Amazon Black Friday.
YOU&ME doctor’s hand mask pack
[Image 7d81952-104-d91a99e2fe306df404d4-8.png&s3=81952-104-42fc741536bd083963685a42d261f583-1080x1080.png
I’m busy and need to take care of my skin
Recommended for those who cannot.
Moisture care, pore care, keratin care
Multi-care with one mask!
When your skin is weak
Recommended as an alternative to the season.
tea tree pack
A perfect product for those who love it.
It is very popular that the makeup glue of the next day is good! ! ■ Price: 3,000 yen
Amazon: 9 Korean skincare products to buy on Amazon Black Friday.
BQCELL Recell Cure Double Blemish Balm
[Image 8d81952-104-bea6cd8836372a888bac-9.jpg&s3=81952-104-3654b7636e4d3d67ece2a39aac152af9-1200x1200.jpg
A BB cream that gives you porcelain skin while taking care of your skin. Some people may be worried that there is only one color,
The feature is that it adapts to the color of the skin over time. Those who have redness in their skin due to more than 50% centella asiatica ingredients
Recommended for those who suffer from acne.
It can be used after laser treatment, so you don’t want to put a burden on your skin.
Sometimes it’s the perfect item.
■ Price: 9,600 yen (tax included)
Amazon: 10 Korean skincare products to buy on Amazon Black Friday.
ANACIS Lizamis Intensive Cream
[Image 9d81952-104-d6eb0adcdf247a2162a2-10.jpg&s3=81952-104-842160ad032c2b882ed0aa03c1037ee3-1200x1200.jpg
Moisturizing power No.1! deer cream
A highly moisturizing cream that stretches all skin layers with a small amount. when your skin is dry
Cica cream that can be used anytime, anywhere!
Can be used from babies to adults
This product is for sensitive skin!
Those with sensitive skin and redness
Those who have redness due to dryness
Any skin type can use it!
Large capacity of 150ml
Cost performance can be good trouble care.
In addition, you can purchase 1 + 1 only during the mega discount period. ■Price: 3,840 yen (including tax)
Amazon: Capture Amazon Black Friday and enjoy shopping with great deals Meon carries carefully selected Korean doctor’s cosmetics that specialize in various skin problems.
So that you can improve your skin problems even a little for a new life Why don’t you try doctor’s cosmetics on this occasion?
About “Gangnam Doll”
“Me on. by Gangnamdoll”, a Korean skincare online shopping site operated by Gangnamdoll,
Beauty in Korean: A word that comes from miyong, turn on the beauty switch to be beautiful,
Many people have the meaning of “I want you to shine beautifully”. Focusing on aesthetic medicine in South Korea, a beauty superpower, we will deliver a higher-grade self-care experience that makes you feel like you are receiving the latest Korean cosmetic dermatology treatment at home in Japan.
■ Meon, a mail-order site specializing in Korean skin care.
■ Gangnam Doll Official Website
■ Gangnam Doll Official Instagram ■ A mail order site where you can buy Korean cosmetics cheaply Meon Premier
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