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Tidy up your home before the end of the year cleaning! Investigate storage problems!

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I’m starting to hear the expression “as cold as midwinter” in weather forecasts. It’s early and the end of this year is approaching. Therefore, this time we will focus on the annual year-end “cleaning”. “General cleaning” is the process of cleaning your home with gratitude for the past year and welcoming the new year with a clean home. Through the questionnaire, let’s find out the actual situation of general cleaning in each household, which is usually difficult to hear, and think about how to organize and store your belongings at home.
Time consuming cleanup. This year, why don’t you borrow the wisdom of the respondents and finish it early and efficiently?
Year-end cleaning takes time!
In order to find out the actual state of cleaning, the survey first asked whether the year-end cleaning would take a long time.
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More than 80% (82.5%) of the respondents thought that the year-end cleaning would take a long time.
Even if you clean regularly, cleaning up takes more time than you think. In addition, there are many people who do general cleaning of places that are difficult to clean in their daily cleaning, or organize large-scale luggage that they cannot easily settle down, and each of these tasks takes time.
Why it takes so long to clean up
More than 80% of people feel that general cleaning takes time, but why does it take so long? We asked respondents about the “why it takes time” they feel.
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Carefully clean places that are not usually cleaned
The most common answer was “because I clean places that I don’t usually clean” (47.9%). For example, there are places in every home that are difficult to clean daily, such as range hoods, shutters, screen doors, gardens, balconies, air conditioner filters, etc. It takes time to remove the accumulated dirt because it is not cleaned regularly, and it is a good idea to thoroughly clean it because it will be a while before the next cleaning.
Not only the places that are not usually cleaned, but also the places that are cleaned every day, there were many opinions that “Because I clean more carefully than usual (37.6%)”.
It takes a lot of time to clean off the dirt of the year and polish it until it is shiny. It seems that it often feels that it takes much longer than expected if you are planning to do the same as regular cleaning time.
It takes time to clean up before cleaning.
General cleaning has two aspects: tidying up, which involves neatly arranging things, and cleaning, which removes dirt. Of course, the procedure would be to clear the space first and then clear the space to be cleaned.
Many people answered that this “tidying up” is the reason why it takes so long to clean up. Specifically, 11.2% of respondents said that they would organize things in their home, and 2.4% would dispose of unnecessary items together.
When it comes to tidying up, I think there are many people who don’t usually have time to organize and haven’t caught up. It seems that there are many cases where it takes time to organize accumulated items and it is difficult to move to the “cleaning” stage.
Do you think it would be easier to organize your home before the end of the year?
We found that in the year-end cleaning, in addition to taking time to carefully clean the areas that are not cleaned on a daily basis, it takes time to clean up and organize luggage, which is the pre-cleaning stage.
It may be ideal to have the cleaning itself as close to the New Year as possible at the end of the year, so that the new year can be approached without making the room dirty. So I asked them if they thought that cleaning up their homes before the end of the year would make cleaning easier.
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A whopping 98.3% of respondents said that organizing their belongings before the end of the year would make cleaning easier. That’s all, it takes a lot of time to organize your luggage before cleaning, and it seems that you can concentrate on cleaning efficiently by organizing your luggage in advance.
Main things to organize
Next, in order to ascertain where there tend to be many places of concern when organizing luggage at home, I asked what items I mainly want to organize during general cleaning.
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I want to organize clothes and shoes
The first place was prominent in “clothing / shoes (42.8%)”. General cleaning is ideal for organizing old, oversized, and unused items, including clothes and shoes. Some of you may want to store and clean bulky winter clothes neatly.
When it comes to clothing, there are probably many people who put the light long-sleeved clothes that they put out in the fall into storage until spring, or take out the winter clothes.
Also, during the year-end and New Year holidays, it is easy to hand over clothes that have been disposed of to someone else, or to send them to recycling or flea markets.
I want to organize books, magazines, documents, etc.
The second place was “books, magazines, documents, etc. (27.0%)”, which was the organization of bulky papers.
When looking back on the year, many people want to dispose of or recycle the books and magazines they have finished reading, old newspapers, school printouts, and textbooks from past years that they have saved but are unlikely to use.
Books, magazines, and documents tend to be bulky in the house, and it takes time to organize them.
It’s a lot of work, but when you organize it, the inside of the house looks pretty neat visually.
Places that require overall organization in addition to daily organization After the third place, “things related to hobbies (11.5%)”, “things around the kitchen (7.5%)”, “children’s things (5.3%)”, “furniture and home appliances (4.3%)” and “bedding (0.8%)” continued.
What they have in common is that it is necessary to “organize things that you haven’t used for a while, or things that you won’t need in the future, looking at the whole from a long-term perspective, aside from organizing things that you use on a daily basis.” about it. For example, when it comes to things around the kitchen, I sort out cooking utensils and tableware that I don’t think I will use anymore, and check if there are any foods, seasonings, etc. that have expired or are close to their expiration date in stock. I have work to do. If it’s a child’s thing, there may be things like organizing toys that they no longer play with as they grow up.
Of course, just like cleaning, it also seems to involve the work of organizing “places that are not normally tidy and tidy”.
The more I think about it, the more I realize the number of places that need to be organized and the places that would be neater if I keep them organized, and the difficulty of the work.
I want to tidy up, but there are things I can’t throw away
Looking at the things that survey respondents want to organize, I think there are many people who can relate and feel that they want to organize themselves.
The survey next asked if there were things that people would like to keep organized but (even if they do) can’t get rid of.
Can you think of anything that you can’t throw away when you compare it to your home?
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90.0% of respondents answered that they want to keep things tidy, but there are things they cannot throw away. It seems that a very large percentage of people have something important that they cannot throw away or want to keep.
For example, among the “toys that children no longer use as they grow up” mentioned in the previous example, there are some favorite things that you always had when you were little, and you may feel that you want to keep them as memories.
It seems that there are many people who want to keep the works and drawings that their children have made as a proof of their growth. You may also want to keep a book that you have finished reading, even if it is bulky, because it is so interesting that you want to read it again someday.
Even if you want to keep your room and storage clutter-free by arranging it to the minimum necessary items that you use often, when you actually think about what you own, there are things that you are reluctant to dispose of, even if you do not use them. Isn’t there a lot of people who are in the middle of the day?
Many people wish they had more storage space.
There are so many things in your home to live and enjoy life. When you think about your luggage at home again, you may feel that even the minimum amount of luggage is quite large.
In addition to that, I found that most people have things they can’t throw away or want to keep (even if they don’t use it), although there is a difference in the amount.
So the survey next asked if they wanted more storage space in their homes. [Image 7

More than 70% of respondents (73.0%) wanted more storage space at home. Nearly three out of four people would like to have more storage space in their homes.
If you have enough storage space, you can of course have the advantage of being able to carry “things you don’t want to throw away”, but you can also realize a spacious storage that is easy to put in and take out, and it also leads to ventilation and moisture control of the stored items.
In other words, spacious storage is full of benefits for both life and storage. However, the space and storage space at home is limited, and there are actually quite a few people who find it difficult to have ample storage space.
Is there a trunk room available for storage?
If you feel that the storage space at home is small and inconvenient, or if you feel that there is an advantage in having a larger storage space, it is considered effective to use the trunk room to expand the storage space.
Therefore, in the survey, we asked what people thought about the option of using the trunk room as a storage space.
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In the survey, 54.3% of respondents answered that they thought it would be better to use the trunk room as a storage space.
Although more than half of respondents said that using the trunk room was a good way to go, the percentage was significantly lower than the percentage of those who answered “I want more storage space” in the previous question.
In addition, many of those who decided not to use the trunk room even if they wanted more storage space seemed to be unfamiliar with it or hesitated to use it.
Therefore, this time, we asked the respondents to know about the trunk room service and asked for their opinions.
Opinions about trunk room service
In this survey, after learning about trunk room services on the websites of trunk room companies, we asked for opinions on trunk room services. We will also delve into the disadvantages of using it. Opinions of those who felt that the service was attractive
The most common opinion was that the storage environment was better than the image they had before. In particular, when considering storing luggage at home, the indoor trunk type can be used as if it were stored in an apartment room, and it is safe to use a clean environment that takes into consideration ventilation and humidity. seen a lot.
In addition, many opinions were gathered that it can be used more reasonably than expected.
Luggage transportation service was popular for those who were concerned about transportation and storage. It is possible to request the transportation of luggage between the home and the trunk room, and the work of loading and unloading in the trunk room, while staying at home. What’s more, you can request it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and work can be done in as little as three days, so you can use it as soon as you want.
■ User’s Voice
I thought that the trunk room was only a container type, but I thought that if there was an indoor type, it would be clean and secure. It was well managed and exceeded my expectations. (50s, full-time housewife) I think it’s a cheap price if it makes cleaning easier. (40s, office worker) I would like to try it. It would be nice to have a trial period (40s, office worker)
My current rental is small, so if I can rent a small room for less than 3,000 yen a month, would it be more cost-effective than moving to a larger room? I felt that. (30s, housewife)
If you can choose the storage size, the usage fee will be reduced. Also, I thought it would be convenient to have a service that delivers packages to my home. (50s, unemployed)
When I weighed the price and the distance from my house, I was wondering which one to take, but I thought that if there was a transportation service, it would be okay if it was a little farther. (20s, unemployed)
Opinion of those who feel that they do not use
Most of the respondents said that they had enough storage space in their homes, and many said that they did not use it because it was expensive.
In addition, there were many opinions that it was not close to home and that transportation and taking it in and out was troublesome. If you are concerned about the usage fee or the hassle of
transportation, you can choose the size you need from a small space, use campaigns to keep costs low, or use a luggage transportation service. can be reduced.
In addition, there are many plans to open storage pits every year, and the number of stores is expected to increase steadily in the future. If you are in an area where there are no stores yet, please look forward to future service expansion.
■ User’s Voice
I thought it would be available at a more affordable price than I thought. It’s only in the city, so I think it would be nice if there were more people in the countryside a little more. (30s, office worker)
If it is more familiar, there will be more opportunities to consider it (30s, clerk)
It seems convenient for storage, but I can’t consider it because there is no development in Tohoku. (20s, office worker)
I don’t have a car at home, so I feel it’s inconvenient to go all the way (20s/student)
I think it would be convenient if I could use it, but on the other hand, I hesitated considering the monthly running cost. If you want to use it, I thought it would be nice to have an elevator or a clean place with perfect security. (40s, part-time)
Prices are high everywhere, so I think it’s easier to use companies that offer 2 months free or half price for 6 months. (30s, office worker)
Summary of survey results
This time, based on the results of the questionnaire, I thought about the year-end cleaning and talked about the use of the trunk room, focusing on the organization and storage of luggage, which is done during the year-end cleaning.
Many of you may have had the experience of not being able to get to the pure “cleaning” when you started cleaning up.
Of course, sorting itself takes time, but some people may sympathize with the trap of finding something nostalgic and looking at it unintentionally, which was mentioned in the survey.
This year, why don’t you start organizing your belongings early, welcome the big cleaning with plenty of room, and end the year feeling refreshed?
[Survey overview]
Survey target: Trunk room user survey
Number of responses: 400 samples
Response period: 4 days from October 11th to October 14th, 2022 Research method: User research on the Internet

■Company profile
Company name: Ambitious Co., Ltd. ( Location: 8F Repro Minamisenba, 1-3-5 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081 Representative: Nobuya Tokunaga, President and CEO
Capital: 40 million yen
Established: Founded: October 28, 2005 Established: July 25, 2006 Business description: Operation of trunk room investment “Storage Pit” FC headquarters
Operation service “Storage Pit” ( Real estate consulting business
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