Amina Collection Co., Ltd. A sustainable calendar that can contribute to the SDGs by using it. 40 years of trusting craftsmanship and protecting nature

Amina Collection Co., Ltd.
A sustainable calendar that can contribute to the SDGs by using it. 40 years of trusting craftsmanship and protecting nature
A 1,000-year calendar that protects craftsmanship and nature
Amina Collection Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President Sawato Shindo) has stores nationwide “Chaihane” is a sustainable product “handmade paper” made using sustainable production methods in Nepal. We have started selling the calendar ( again this year. In order to protect the nature of the Himalayas, we donate part of the sales to the NPO Himalayan Conservation Association.
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Chaihane, which handles folk goods from around the world, has started selling “handmade paper calendars” made using sustainable production methods again this year. (Click here for product details:
Handmade paper calendar producers Nepal and Chaihane began trading in 1982, and this year marks the 40th anniversary of their partnership. In addition to continuing stable orders every year for 40 years and promoting local employment, we are also actively working on SDGs activities such as protecting the natural environment.
What is a handmade paper calendar?
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Handmade paper is “lokta paper” made from the bark of the plant “lokta” that grows in the highlands of the Himalayas. It was invented about 1000 years ago, and even today it is still produced by hand by craftsmen one by one using methods and materials that have hardly changed since then.
It is strong and highly resistant to insects and mold, and its durability is so strong that it is still said in a 1000-year-old scripture. The smooth writing comfort that makes use of the texture of the material, and the warm texture that is unique to handmade paper are the unique charms of handmade paper.
At Chaihane, we sell “handmade paper calendars” with original designs using this handmade paper. From making paper materials to coloring, it is a handmade product made by hand by Nepali craftsmen.
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Sustainable production methods that promote employment while protecting the environment
Lokta, which is used as a raw material for handmade paper, is a plant that can be harvested every four years. The roots left at the time of harvest regenerate over a period of four years, allowing production to continue without disrupting the natural cycle.
Chaihane, a manufacturer of handmade paper calendars, began trading with Nepal in 1982, and since then has secured sustainable consumption and production patterns by maintaining stable orders every year for 40 years. This activity not only protects technology and nature, but also leads to the promotion of new local employment.
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Handmade paper has become a rare traditional technique due to the crisis of survival
Handmade paper in Nepal, which is said to have lasted for 1,000 years, was hit hard by imported paper from England in the middle of the 19th century, and it became a rare traditional technique made in small quantities in the Himalayan mountains.
In order to keep this rare technology alive, in the 1980s,
international organizations such as UNICEF launched the “Nepal Traditional Technology Revival Project”, and product development was also carried out with international trading partners. Since then, the export market for lokta paper has gradually been established, and now lokta paper is gaining popularity overseas as a natural material. We donate part of the sales to protect the nature and lives of Nepalese residents.
Amina Collection, which develops chaihane, donated a portion of the sales of handmade paper products to its activities through the Himalayan Conservation Association (, an NPO that works to conserve forests and support the lives of residents. We continue to donate from
The activity of the NPO Himalayan Conservation Association is to have experts conduct field surveys, analyzes and results, and in a few years the villagers will be able to continue the system independently. Conserving forests circulates the consumption and growth of trees, leading to the preservation of the lives and society of residents who need forests in their lives.
Chaihane, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of its partnership with Nepal this year, will continue to maintain stable transactions with Nepal and actively engage in these activities.
Product Summary
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Product Name: [2023 Calendar] ELEPHANT
Price: 880 yen (tax included)
Nepal handmade handmade paper calendar that gives off an outstanding presence in your room. You can enjoy the delicate and vivid colors inspired by Thai Pink Ganesha and the sparkling glitter paint. Click here for product details:
Click here for other handmade paper calendars: * Some products that are not handmade paper are also included. Overview of Chaihane
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“Personality is great”
Bring back your own individuality and power in modern times
Starting with the main store in Yokohama Chinatown, we have expanded to 71 stores from Hokkaido to Okinawa (as of November 18).
Official homepage:
Official online shop:

Amina Collection Overview
[Image 7d6166-311-f7463164ef30bee2828d-6.png&s3=6166-311-b514ad7ffe48efc439261bebfce21543-1514x159.png
Founded 45 years ago. “Chaihane” deals with fashion and sundries that incorporate traditional motifs and colors from around the world, “Kahiko” that conveys the profound charm of Hawaiian goods, “Mauna Loa”, a hula costume specialty store, and “Wamono”, a modern Japanese miscellaneous goods store. Ya Kaya”, and the power stone shop “Iwaza” that expresses the beautiful heart of Japan. We run hostels. Details about this release:


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