Amix, which manages over 10,000 units, began using the electronic contract system “Ierab Sign” specializing in the real estate industry

Amix, which manages over 10,000 units, began using the electronic contract system “Ierab Sign” specializing in the real estate industry
Ierabu GROUP Co., Ltd. (Representative: Taisuke Iwana, hereinafter referred to as Ierabu GROUP), which provides industry vertically integrated SaaS “Ierabu CLOUD” specializing in real estate tech, is Amix Co., Ltd., which has managed more than 10,000 units in 65 years since its establishment. (Representative: Teruo Suenaga, hereinafter referred to as Amix) has started providing the electronic contract system “Ierab Sign” specializing in the real estate industry. Amix’s use of “Ierab Sign” promotes the digitization and efficiency of lease contract operations.
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Expectations for flexibility, low cost, and development speed of Ierab sign Due to the full lifting of the ban on online real estate transactions due to the revised Real Estate Business Law that came into force on May 18, 2022, and the impact of the corona crisis, the need for DX is increasing in the real estate industry.
In 2017, Amix was the first company in Japan to conclude a lease contract using an electronic contract. However, in the real estate industry, where laws and unique customs are complex, coordination between services and a lack of flexibility were issues.
The electronic contract system “Ierab Sign”, which was released by Ierab GROUP in April this year, specializes in real estate, and can be used in conjunction with various core systems used by real estate operators. The high flexibility of specializing in real estate contracts has led to this introduction due to the fact that costs can be reduced more than now, and expectations for the development speed of Ierab GROUP.
In the future, Ierab GROUP will continue to improve the “Ierab Sign” based on Amix’s extensive track record of electronic contracts, aiming to become the standard for electronic contracts in the real estate industry.
■ What is “Irabu Sign”?
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Official website:
An electronic contract system specializing in the real estate industry provided by Ierab GROUP. After the introduction, it is possible to complete, renew, and cancel the lease contract all online. In addition, you can use it in conjunction with your current core system without relying on the core system “Ierab CLOUD” provided by our company.
[7 features]
It is possible to conclude and store all contract documents related to move-in, renewal, and move-out online
Supports complex contract flows involving landlords, brokerage companies, real estate agents, joint guarantors, etc.
We also handle guarantee consignment, insurance contracts, and other consent documents that are often concluded together with rental contracts.
The contract template can be specified for each contract, and the same one as the current one can be used
Confirmation of subscribers’ intention to renew and acquisition of identity verification documents can be done by sending SMS all at once, realizing paperless operation.
Electronic signatures and certified time stamps approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Finance can be attached.
Regardless of the type of core system, it is also possible to introduce only the electronic contract system
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■ About “Amix Co., Ltd.”
The company name Amix is ​​derived from Amicus. Amicus is Latin for friend or companion.
We would like owners who associate with Amix to live happily for the rest of their lives, not just temporarily. We would like to cooperate so that we can grow and develop together, rather than imposing unreasonable demands on intermediary companies and other companies. We want to provide residents with housing that makes them feel good about living here. Based on the philosophy of “We will continue to be sincere to all people involved in Amix and pursue the realization of affluence in the face of harsh reality,” over the past 60 years, along with the changing times and the diversification of needs, We will continue to work hard to build an even better company based on the trust we have gained from our owners, cooperating companies, and tenants.
Company name: Amix Co., Ltd.
Representative: Teruo Suenaga
Established: 1956
Location: Yaesu First Financial Building 13F, 1-3-7 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Business description: Rental housing management, planning and brokerage, construction planning, design and contracting, remodeling and renovation, real estate brokerage, non-life insurance agency Corporate site:
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■ About “Ierab Group Co., Ltd.”
Ierab Group was established in 2008 as a real estate x IT service development company with the mission of “using the power of IT to streamline the operations of real estate companies” and “creating an environment where anyone can comfortably find a home.”・Operating company
Our main business, SaaS for the real estate industry, “Ierab CLOUD” is used by 12,000 companies nationwide. We also support people looking for a place to live by managing media that tackles the problem of vacant houses, which has become a serious problem in recent years, and developing unique functions to prevent bait ads.
Ierab GROUP is an escort runner who supports real estate companies. As an IT expert in the real estate industry, we will utilize SaaS and big data to improve operational efficiency and digitize. From the perspective of conflicts of interest, we have no plans to acquire a real estate license and enter the real estate transaction business. We will continue to promote DX in the real estate industry and aim to realize a better “living” environment.
Company name: Ierab Group Co., Ltd.
Representative: Taisuke Iwana
Established: January 2008
Capital: 38.25 million yen
Location: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building 24F, 2-6-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Corporate site:
Service introduction site for real estate companies: Details about this release:


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