An event where candidates who pass the CEO audition can give a presentation to the producer! “CEO Audition Cha llenge Stage” will be held on Thursday, November 3rd!

Japan CEO Association
An event where candidates who pass the CEO audition can give a presentation to the producer! “CEO Audition Challenge Stage” will be held on Thursday, November 3rd!

The “CEO Audition”, a project to produce presidents centered on the Japan CEO Association (Location: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Chiho Tanaka), is a supporting partner, an information management innovation professional university (Address: Tokyo). The “CEO Audition Challenge Stage” will be held on November 3 (Thursday/holiday) at Bunka 1-18-13, Sumida-ku.
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The “CEO Audition Challenge Stage” is a special place where you can directly present your desire and passion to become a president to the producers. Those who pass the CEO audition will be given the right to challenge this event. This time, out of 700 entries, 68 people passed. On the day of the event, 11 judges (producers) of the audition * will participate. If the producer raises his hand after hearing the successful candidate’s presentation, he or she can immediately make his or her debut as a president, or have the special opportunity of being directly supported by the producer as a mentor.
In addition, on the day of the event, there will be awards for categories such as the Japanese language learner category, as well as corporate and individual awards from partner ambassadors.
*The number of participating judges (producers) is subject to change. Please note.
Overview of the event
Date and time: November 3, 2022 (Thursday / holiday) 11: 00-20: 00 Venue: Information Management Innovation Professional College Participation format: Both face-to-face / online participation possible * Online participation will be a Zoom meeting.
Participation target: Successful candidates of the CEO audition timetable
11:00 Reception
11:30 Judging begins
17:30 Awards ceremony
18:00 Social gathering
20:00 Event ends
Introduction of producers scheduled to attend]
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Ichiya Nakamura
President of iU Information Management Innovation Professional College Born in 1961. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University, completed the doctoral course at Osaka University. After that, he worked as a visiting professor at the MIT Media Lab, director of the Stanford Japan Center Research Institute, and professor at Keio University. He has also authored many books such as “New Edition: Creating a Super Timeless Society-After Corona is the Age of Cats-” and “Content and National Strategy”.

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Teiichi Ariga
Representative Director of AIT Consulting Co., Ltd.
After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University, joined Nomura Computer Systems (now Nomura Research Institute) in 1970. Managing Director in 1994. Joined CSK (now SCSK) in 1997 and assumed the post of Senior Managing Director. In 2005, he became the representative director of CSK Holdings. In 2008, he became Executive Vice President of MISUMI Group Headquarters. Incumbent since 2011. Concurrently serves as a director of Chuo Electric Power and iRidge. He is also a writing member of the popular series “Techno Ogiri, IT no Jin” in “Nikkei XTECH”.
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Katsunori Nagakawa
Osaka Industrial Bureau Innovation Promotion Department Producer Born in Kagawa prefecture. After graduating from university, he worked at Sumitomo Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) for 15 years before participating in the management of a client company and becoming independent. Since then, he has been involved in the management of multiple companies, and has been supporting
entrepreneurs and independent businesses at government (Osaka City, etc.) corporate support organizations.
Currently, he is in charge of the Cabinet Office’s Startup Ecosystem Base City Formation Program at the Osaka Innovation Hub established by Osaka City in 2013, while collaborating with domestic and overseas businesses and supporters through business strategy platforms centered on private companies. It is engaged in activities aimed at developing the Kansai innovation ecosystem, such as training entrepreneurs.

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Tetsuya Maeda
Works Entertainment Co., Ltd. Representative Director
After working at Recruit Co., Ltd., founded Intelligence Co., Ltd. in 1989 with three friends. As a managing director, he is mainly in charge of new graduate recruitment consulting, staffing business, fee-based job placement business launching, branch office development, etc. Later, he also supervised personnel and general affairs as a director in charge of the administration headquarters.
In 2000, retired from the company’s JASDAQ listing. Established a private office. Involved in the management of many companies as an outside director.
Established Works Entertainment Co., Ltd. in 2006 and assumed the position of Representative Director.
Developed an organization and personnel consulting business centered on the FFS theory.
Healthy Workplace Promotion Organization Director
Medical Corporation Heisei Medical Association Advisor
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Yuichiro Shimomura
Mirai Kobo Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director
Waara Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director
Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1978. Graduated from Gifu High School and Faculty of Law, Meiji University.
After graduating from university, passed the second exam for certified public accountants.
After passing the exam, joined es Networks Co., Ltd.
Became an executive officer at es Networks. After that, he was seconded to the corporate strategy department of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation while still enrolled in the company.
Currently, he runs Mirai Kobo Co., Ltd., a company that supports people with dreams without permission, and Waara Co., Ltd., which is working on climate change countermeasures.
We also support and invest in ventures for young people who are working hard toward their big dreams.
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Seiji Nakamura
CEO of Team Energy Co., Ltd.
Representative of Team Energy Group Born in April 1968. Currently 54 years old. After graduating from university, joined a major securities company. “I want to do a job where customers can feel the benefits,” he decided to retire.
In 1993, he started a cost reduction consulting business, founded Merix, the predecessor of Chuo Electric Power Co., Ltd., created an energy-saving manufacturer, and acquired five patents.
In 2003, we launched Japan’s first bulk power receiving service for condominiums.
Established Chuo Denryoku in the following year. In 2018, he established Team Energy Co., Ltd. and embarked on group management in order to promote “creation of forests where dreams and businesses grow” and “co-management”.

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Taro Miyazaki
Representative of Japan FC Fund
Born in 1980 in Fukuoka Prefecture. At the age of 24, he founded Mamekichiro Co., Ltd., a tofu mobile sales company, with a start-up capital of 100,000 yen. Expanded nationwide with a franchise model, achieved sales of 10 billion yen (total of group companies), and built and operated the largest mobile sales organization in Japan. After selling all shares to Nishinihon Shimbun at the age of 36, after participating in a venture capital company in Tokyo, in 2021, using his own experience, established the “Japan FC Fund” specializing in franchises.

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Manabu Goto
CEO of Helte Co., Ltd.
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1991. During his childhood, he lived a life of going back and forth between the United States and Japan under the influence of his mother, who is a photographer. After entering university, he studied abroad in Washington and also experienced an exchange study abroad in India. Wandered around 30 countries at the same time while in school. After graduating, he worked as an IT consultant in the automobile industry, as well as in the manufacturing and distribution industries. After that, in March 2016, Helte Co., Ltd. was established. Currently, with the vision of “unleash people’s wisdom and curiosity and illuminate the world”, we match elderly people living in Japan with young people learning Japanese overseas, and provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchange across generations. Operates Sail.

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Emi Okuda
CEO of LIVLA Co., Ltd.
Mama Sora Co., Ltd. Representative Director
In 2001, after working as a salesperson at Nikko Securities and engaging in human resource development planning at KPMG AZSA & Co., she gave up her career and became a full-time housewife when her husband was transferred to Okinawa and became pregnant. Being pregnant and giving birth for the first time in an unfamiliar place, she felt anxiety, lonely childcare, and the difficulty of reintegrating into society. Founded Mama Sora Co., Ltd. in April 2013 with the desire to support childcare and career support for women based on her own experience. With a focus on social media, radio, and real events, we are working with companies and governments to develop employment support and work-life balance support for women and mothers
nationwide. In June 2015, she published “A New Way of Working for Moms” (Achievement Publishing), which serves as a bible for choosing a job for moms. In December 2017, jointly invested with Raysum Co., Ltd. with the concept of “creating diverse and flexible work styles and creating a society where individuality is valued”, we are a company that connects sole proprietors and companies and proposes new work styles. Founded LIVLA. Produced Rainbow Town FM “Colorful Style Lab” every Saturday in Koto Ward and appeared as a general MC.
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Hidekuni Takagi
President, Takagi Building Co., Ltd.
President of TAKAGI Partners Co., Ltd.
Born in 1976. After graduating from Waseda University School of Commerce, he worked as a professional musician. After working in sales at a major real estate brokerage company affiliated with a trust bank, he joined Takagi Building Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1961 by his grandfather. As the third president, he is involved in everything from design and development to management and operation of his own buildings and condominiums in central Tokyo, and is active under the slogan of “creating new value for office buildings.” New value such as “next-generation success building” that realizes the management idea of ​​accompanying companies in the process of advancing in their own building, and community brand “BIRTH” that encourages the growth of individuals and startups and accompanies challenges. We are developing one real estate project after another.
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Kazuma Kawamoto
Representative Director, Nextpreneur Association
Graduated from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Economics, majoring in accounting information. Engaged in launching a venture company while in school. Joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. in April 2014. Participated in tech M&A advisory in 2017. Since June 2019, he has been a founding member of Growthix Capital Co., Ltd., and has been involved in a wide range of deals, including business revitalization and cross-border projects. In addition, he has a track record of consulting services related to the preparation of financial conditions and business expansion in preparation for the transfer, and as an officer of the transferee company after the deal is concluded, and engaged in the construction and execution of PMI.

About the CEO Audition
The theme of the “CEO Audition” is to find out latent presidential human resources, both locally and overseas, and to provide
opportunities for the right person to play an active role. For this reason, we will provide opportunities to learn careers as financial officers (CFOs) and operating officers (COOs), as well as knowledge and skills in fields that suit the aptitude, in accordance with the behavioral characteristics of not only those who have passed the examination but also those who have participated. We will prepare steps so that everyone can enjoy the benefits, such as offering and participating in the community.
Introduction of the essays submitted in the second screening of successful candidates of the CEO audition
-Mr. Jamal Sato-
Born between a Japanese father and a Somali mother, I believe I have a unique imagination and attention to detail.
I think about things by giving priority to individuals, and I feel joy when my skills and knowledge can help others.
Opportunities to learn in life and work, learning is often required, and feeling growth increases motivation.
As for work, I am also attracted to new developments and jobs with high goals. My strengths in the eyes of my friends and co-workers are that I am popular, and they say that I am good at communicating my thoughts and ideas.
In addition, they are able to clearly convey their own opinions to people who have opinions that differ from their own, but their weaknesses are that their ability to design and plan problems is rather low, and they are unable to clarify the arrangements for solving problems. , It is pointed out that I am not good at making concrete plans.
I self-evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, and by conducting regular hearings with people around me, I confirm what I need to work on and take action every day toward a solution.
My thirst for growth is my sustenance.
-Mr. Gaku Inoue-
I am a “people lover”.
He naturally digs deep into the other person’s sense of values ​​on a regular basis, and listens too much even when meeting for the first time. Perhaps because he is the second son of three siblings, he has often been loved by his elders and taken care of his juniors. This is also reflected in my hobby travel, and what I learned from traveling abroad alone is that I am more interested in what the people who are with me feel than tourism resources such as buildings and meals. What I want to realize is a world where everyone lives as they are.
There are many people who don’t know or can’t express their true selves, so now I’m working on coaching and traveling, and I value communication that creates opportunities to broaden people’s sense of values ​​and deepen self-reflection.
Also, he always wanted to stand out and was always at the top of some group since he was a student. At my previous job, I won an in-house presentation and became a representative of an overseas company in my fourth year as a new graduate. .
CEO audition flow
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・ Recruitment period
June 30th (Thursday) to August 31st (Wednesday)
・ Primary examination: Examination by application documents (online) September 1st (Thursday) to September 10th (Saturday) / Results announced: September 11th (Sunday)
・Second screening: Essay and self-introduction video screening (online) September 12th (Monday) to September 25th (Sunday) / Result
announcement: October 9th (Sunday)
・Final examination: Examination by interview (online)
October 10th (Monday) to October 29th (Saturday) / Results announced: October 30th (Sunday)
・Challeng Stage: Presentation (face-to-face/online)
November 3 (Thursday/holiday)/Result announcement: On the day Overview of the CEO audition
Name: CEO Audition
Period: September 1, 2022 to November 3, 2022
Organizer/Management: CEO Audition Executive Committee/Japan CEO Association Participation fee: Free
Participation conditions: Those who have the will and passion to become a president
*Actual expenses such as transportation and accommodation expenses will be borne by each participant.
* No business plan required, regardless of experience, age or region The future of CEO auditions
In the CEO audition, the theme is to discover the sleeping talent of the president, including local and overseas, and to provide a place where the right person is in the right place.
For this reason, we will provide a place to learn careers as a financial officer (CFO) or operating officer (COO), as well as knowledge and skills in fields that suit the aptitude, according to the behavioral characteristics of not only those who have passed the screening but also those who have participated. We will prepare steps so that everyone can enjoy the benefits, such as offering and participating in the community.
List of supporting partners
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