An exhibition aimed at supporting foreigners living in Japan in their daily lives and job hunting finally held

An exhibition aimed at supporting foreigners living in Japan in their daily lives and job hunting finally held

press release
November 8, 2022
Innovent Co., Ltd. (Director and Representative Executive Officer: Masato Hori) will hold an event for foreigners living in Japan on November 25th (Friday) and 26th (Saturday), 2022 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsuchokan. We will hold the exhibition “3rd EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021”. (Official website:
An exhibition aimed at supporting the lives of foreigners living in Japan We provide products and services for foreigners living in Japan, such as life support services such as school/education, health, real estate, relocation, etc., Japanese food and traditional crafts, made-in-Japan products, tourism operators and tourist destinations. Approximately 150 companies, local governments, and organizations (including concurrent exhibitions) have decided to exhibit.
List of exhibitors: This is a BtoBtoC exhibition that can be visited by companies that employ foreign workers.
As a place for corporate contracts and comparison of services for foreigners, it is also a place that can be used by people in the management, personnel, and general affairs departments of companies. All companies employing foreigners are also welcome to visit us. Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minato Ward, Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan Association of Travel Agents, and Chambers of Commerce of various countries
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-National Chambers of Commerce-
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Cooperation with media and companies that can approach foreigners living in Japan
-Media partner-
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-Special cooperation-
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Newly established Expat Travel Fair
In order to introduce the attractions of various parts of Japan to foreigners living in Japan and to encourage them to travel more, we have newly established a place for efficiently gathering information in English. Japanese tourist spots, local governments, tourism associations, tour companies, hotels, tourism businesses, etc. will exhibit.
New World Food Fair Exhibitions by embassies and others from 11 countries From my desire to contribute to world peace, I hope that it will lead to an understanding of the cultures of countries around the world. Newly established. In addition to more than 10 embassies, many companies that handle food and beverages will be exhibiting. Tasting and sampling are also available for free.
Please use it as a place where you can learn about international exchange and the food culture of countries around the world. -Participating Embassies, Countries-
Embassy of Afghanistan Embassy of the United Arab Emirates Embassy of Ukraine Embassy of Ecuador Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania Embassy of the Republic of Botswana
Embassy of Bolivia: Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Embassy of the United States of Mexico in Mexico
Embassy of the Republic of Liberia   Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon        Japan
New Project International Flea Market
We will hold a flea market by foreigners for foreigners.
This was also established as an opportunity for families to promote SDGs such as international education and recycling.
Embassies that have not exhibited at the World Food Fair will also participate in this project.
Please feel free to contact the secretariat if you would like to open a store not as an individual but as a group.
(Opening a store is conditionally free, and will end as soon as the frame is exhausted.)
Many concurrent events
Various seminars, performances, fairs, and other events where you can enjoy Japanese culture will be held over the two days.
Furthermore, this time, the embassy will hold many tastings and tasting events! “You can grasp the charm of each country.”
-Event example-
・Consultation office for foreigners
・ Ennichi ・ Calligraphy experience ・ Kimono dress wearing experience ・ Shiatsu lesson
・Interesting quiz for families (with prizes) ・Ethnic costume fashion show ・Samurai performance show “Samurai still Exist 2022”
・ Samurai experience “Let’s be Samurai!”
・”Ninja” Wisdom for Surviving in Uncertain Times ~ Strengthen Mind and Body with Secret Ninja Techniques ~
・Points for foreigners to purchase real estate in Japan
・The concept of living that changes! What is “Co-Living”, which is popular in the world and is not just a rental apartment?
・Current status of housing search for foreign workers and what accepting companies can do
・Introducing the wonders of Lebanon
・Experiencing Poland in Japan -Introduction to Poland’s attractions and tasting event-
・Introduction of Ukrainian products. Borscht ingredients. Petrikiuka painting. ・Encounter the richness of Mexican cuisine in Tokyo
*For details, please check the event schedule to be released at a later date. The 2nd International Job Fair will be held at the same time for the purpose of supporting employment of foreigners.
With the aim of creating a matchmaking place for companies wishing to hire foreign nationals and foreign nationals wishing to change jobs or find employment in Japan, the “International Job Fair Tokyo 2022” will be held. This time, we have also newly established the “Foreign Talent Recruitment/Employment Support Fair” for companies.
If you are a company that employs foreigners, please come and visit us at this job fair.
* The following will also be held at the concurrent exhibition International Job Fair
・ Employment advice seminar ・ Seminar for companies ・ Seminar for schools and educational institutions
Event name: 3rd EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2022
Date: November 25th (Friday) and 26th (Saturday), 2022
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Hamamatsucho Hall (1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Admission fee: Free (bring an invitation ticket or register in advance) Organizer: EXPAT EXPO TOKYO Executive Committee (inside Innovent Co., Ltd.) Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Hamamatsucho Hall (1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Organizer: EXPAT EXPO TOKYO Executive Committee
Official website:
If you are a member of the press who wishes to be interviewed, please apply using the press registration form.
press registration form
For those who wish to interview during the exhibition, we will contact you again before the exhibition with the reception method on the day. You can also register by fax using the form below. Please enter your email address
Press registration FAX format – Reply FAX: 03-5413-8830-
Request for photography □ Still □ Movie □ Pen only
Number of participants
Interview time
□Preliminary coverage
□Interview during the exhibition (11/25 (Fri), 11/26 (Sat))
Company name
media name
Full name
phone number
Fax number
cell phone
E-MAIL       @
[Inquiries from the press]
EXPAT EXPO TOKYO Executive Committee
Secretariat (Innovent Co., Ltd.) Tel: 070-4037-6714 (Contact: Ichimura) Mail:
If you are a member of the press who wishes to cover the exhibition in advance or during the exhibition, please contact the above.

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