ANA X Co., Ltd. ANA Travelers Dynamic Package Released in Taiwan and South Korea and Resumed Plans for Domestic Flight Connections ~ We promise reliable quality ~

ANA X Inc.
ANA Travelers Dynamic Package Released in Taiwan and South Korea and Resumes Plans for Domestic Flight Connections ~ We Promise Reliable Quality ~

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 ANA X Co., Ltd. (President: Kazuhiro Todoroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will provide ANA flights departing from December 2022 onwards. TRAVELER’S DYNAMIC PACKAGE TAIWAN/KOREA will be released from 14:00 on Thursday, November 17, 2022.
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In order to ensure that our customers can enjoy their trip with peace of mind, we are preparing to accept the new coronavirus infection, not only at the airport and on board, but also during your stay at the airport. With the ANA Travelers Dynamic Package, you can freely combine air tickets and accommodation. Why don’t you take this opportunity to go on an overseas trip?
In addition, we have resumed the “Domestic Flight Transfer Plan”, which allows you to depart overseas from all over the country at a reasonable price by connecting domestic flights, so please use it as well.
■ Dynamic Package Taiwan/Korea
[Taiwan product URL] [Korean product URL] [Release date] Released at 14:00 on Thursday, November 17, 2022 [Setting period] From December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) for departures from Japan
[Regarding flight seat class] Products to Taiwan and South Korea are sold only in economy class. Please note that there are no plans to sell business class.
[Tour Point]
1 You can choose the transportation between the airport and the hotel according to your needs!
For Taiwan: You can choose from “No pick-up”, “Round-trip or outbound only private car”, “Round-trip or outbound only shared ride”. For South Korea: You can choose from “No pick-up” or “Round-trip or outbound only car”.
*Additional charge is required for “with pick-up service”.
2 Advance seat selection is possible for ANA international flights!  For round-trip ANA international flights, you can select your seat at the same time as making your reservation. *Seats that can be reserved in advance are limited. Advance seat selection service may not be available due to congestion or other circumstances.
3 You can reserve a variety of options with ANA Beltra!
Optional tours can be reserved through ANA VELTRA. You can also purchase with ANA miles and earn more miles.
[Taiwan product URL] [Korean product URL] *The above URL is a link destination of VELTRA (external site), and the website terms of use and privacy policy shall comply with VELTRA’s policies. Arrangements and terms of use for the optional tour products posted are established between the customer and VELTRA. Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles or damages related to use.
■ Resume domestic flight transfer plan
With the ANA Travelers Dynamic Package, we have relaunched the “Domestic Transit Plan”, which allows you to depart from all over Japan to overseas at a discounted rate. Please select your domestic flight connection at the same time you apply for your trip. You can choose from the departure airport.
[Detailed URL] [Various information]
Click here for information and reservations for ANA Travelers products [Release information URL]
ANA Travelers Anshin no Promise About measures against the new coronavirus infection
[Detailed URL] About ANA’s efforts to prevent infection with the new coronavirus and immigration information for each country (ANACarePromise)
[Detailed URL] ■Taiwan entry requirements
As of November 17, 2022, Taiwan has the following entry requirements when entering the country. Please make a reservation and depart after confirming and acknowledging the contents.
1 Voluntary quarantine 7 nights required
*Even during the self-quarantine period, you can return to your country if you have a negative result with a simple test kit within 2 days of your scheduled return date.
(You can stay at a general hotel during the above period)
In principle, one room per person
*Customers on the same flight and in the same group can stay in the same room. 2. At the time of entry, a simple test kit for 4 times will be distributed, and you will need to test yourself.
・ Day 0 (arrival date) or Day 1 (next day)
・Before going out (a simple test will be carried out within 2 days before going out, and if it is negative, you can go out)
・Do not go out if you have symptoms
*If you have symptoms when you arrive at the airport, you need to take a PCR test at the airport.
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