Anabuki Housing Service Co., Ltd. Two companies started using “Suguhenge”, a health management support ser vice for corporations

Anabuki Housing Service Co., Ltd.
Two companies started using “Suguhenge”, a health management support service for corporations

Anabuki Housing Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture / President Akihiro Shingu: hereinafter “our company”), a comprehensive real estate management company, will provide “Suguhenge”, a corporate health management support service, from October 1, 2022. have started.
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[Service overview]
“Suguhenge” is a healthcare service that helps employees improve their lifestyle habits and create a healthy daily life. Aiming to realize a “home where you can be healthy just by spending your daily life”, we will manage your exercise, diet, and vital data to improve your lifestyle.
1. Healthy life through exercise and diet
By lending fitness bikes and yoga mats and providing healthy lunches, we are able to lead a healthy life in terms of exercise and diet. In particular, fitness bikes are equipped with FITBOX(TM), which allows you to enjoy watching lessons by professional trainers and video content such as animations and movies on the attached display, so that you can enjoy exercising every day.
2. Life management with a dedicated app
You can manage your exercise, diet, weight, and blood pressure data through the dedicated app for the service.
In addition, the burden on users can be reduced by linking with measuring equipment to automatically acquire data, and in particular, by utilizing the image analysis technology of “Caromil” for meals, it is possible to know the calorie intake simply by taking a picture. has become
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3. Healthcare Professional Advice
For four weeks, medical professionals will always accompany you and provide daily online guidance to improve your lifestyle.
It is characterized by being able to provide accurate guidance tailored to the user because it provides guidance while observing the data accumulated in the app on the monitor.
      like online instruction
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[Available plans]
1. Serviced apartment plan
This is a plan to stay in a comfortable serviced apartment room with furniture and home appliances and front desk service.
2. Home plan
It is a plan that delivers a set of equipment to your home and uses it at your home.
[Test results]
In a demonstration experiment targeting Group employees from March to July 2021, all subjects showed improvement in some items after four weeks of living.
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In recent years, there has been growing interest in corporate health management and health investment. Against the backdrop of labor shortages and other factors, preventing the outflow of employees due to health-related diseases such as lifestyle-related diseases is an important issue for companies, and an increasing number of companies are investing in maintaining and improving the health of their employees.
Since December 2018, we have been participating in the activities of the COI Tohoku base, which aims to realize “casual sensing and daily medical checkups,” and have been developing a business model that combines living spaces and healthcare services. From March to July 2021, we conducted a demonstration experiment of a service that encourages group employees to improve their lifestyle habits, leading to this commercialization.
Through Suguhenge, we will contribute to preventing loss of human resources, revitalizing the company, and improving productivity by creating a healthy daily life for our precious employees.
Service introduction site URL: [Company overview]
■ Company name: Anabuki Housing Service Co., Ltd.
■Head office: 3-6 Konya-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 760-0027 TEL/087-822-3110 FAX/087-822-8823
■Established: November 28, 1983
■ Capital: 100 million yen
■ Representative: Akihiro Shingu, President and CEO
■Business description: ・Building management business for condominiums, etc. ・Rental brokerage ・Rental management business ・Parking business, etc.
■ URL:

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