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[YouTube Ranking] Weekly Video Views ~ Comdot “Yamato” Rental Video/Skypeace New Generation Collaboration ~ (November 14th)
This time, we will announce the top 10 weekly views ranking of the main videos released on YouTube from November 7th to November 13th. The target is videos longer than 1 minute, excluding videos published on corporate official channels (excluding news).
The 1st place is “MAPPA CHANNEL”, which released the 5th episode non-credit ending video of the animation “Chainsaw Man”, which shows high popularity.
2nd place is “Comdot (2nd place: 2.7 million views)”. A collaboration project video that lends the leader “Yamato” to a total of 15 YouTubers has been ranked. In addition, “Skypeace (6th place: 2.06 million views)” and “Tokai On Air (8th place: 1.95 million views / 10th place: 1.83 million views)” are ranked in, and YouTuber’s videos are attracting attention. I can see what you have collected. Also, this week, as a video related to the “total lunar eclipse” seen on the 8th, “Asahi Shimbun Space Department (3rd place: 2.67 million views)” and “National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (7th place: 2 million views)” ranked in two.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from November 7th to November 13th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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[Main video weekly playback number TOP 10]
[Image 1

YouTube Ranking [Main Story]
MAPPA CHANNEL (1st place)
The ending song for the 5th episode of the popular anime “Chainsaw Man”, which is currently airing, ranked first.
The song incorporates the sound of a “chainsaw” and a “beating heart”, and the song has a strong taste of the work.
The video is also an animation that shines with artistic depictions reminiscent of oil paintings and drawings.
Comdot (2nd place)
The second place was the rental project video of the leader “Yamato”. Last time, it was a rental project of “Hyuga”, but this time Yamato is rented out to a total of 15 popular creators, and each channel is challenging various projects.
The rented creators are “Atsuhiko Nakata”, “Kesuke (Espoir Tribe)”, “Road Silk”, “Banbanzai”, “Hajimeshacho”, “MasuoTV”, “Karma”, “Water Pool Bond”, “Sanno Monogatari”, “Rain z. ], “Seira”, “Sawayan”, “Kajisakku”, “Nakamachi Siblings”, and “Noa Kato”.
Asahi Shimbun Space Club (3rd place)
On November 8th, a total lunar eclipse was seen across Japan, where the full moon was hidden behind the shadow of the Earth. A 4-hour video live-streaming the state of the moon ranked in.
A total lunar eclipse will be seen in Japan for the first time in about a year and a half since May 2021. At 19:01, the brightness of the moon increases and the state of a partial lunar eclipse can be confirmed. In addition, you can see the moment of overlap with Uranus around 20:40.
Pokémon Official YouTube (4th place)
A teaser video of the latest series “Pokemon Scarlet Violet”, which will be released on November 18th.
Enjoy the scenery of the Pardea region, which is the stage of the game, with “Celestial” by “Ed Sheeran”, which is an insert song for the game.
It’s a video that makes you look forward to various new Pokemon and adventures to begin.
Mikuru Asakura (5th place)
“Serina” who participated in the audition for “Breaking Dowan 6” and won the All Japan Kyokushin Karate tournament, the European
international tournament for the second time in a row, and the US tournament.
In the first place, he happened to meet Asakura in the city and was invited by Asakura to hear about Serina’s achievements, and decided to participate in “Breaking Dowan 6”.
It is a report video that such Serina signed a contract with Asakura and raised him to be a player who will lead the women’s martial arts world in the future.
Sky Peace (6th)
The video that started with an apology and explanation for stopping video posting for a week without permission ranked 6th.
As for the reason for taking a break, he said that he could not publish it until the announcement of the cancellation of the event with “comdot” and other things were decided. In addition, it is said that this video was filmed on the premise of the new generation VS legend tournament that was originally decided, and there was a possibility that it was shelved, so you can see that it is a valuable video.
The main part is a video that excites the tournament as a new generation team with popular creators of “Comdot”, “Kraiji Magnet”, “Espoir Tribe” and “Banbanzai”. As a new-generation team with many women, women choose male members according to the theme.
Themes such as “fashionable”, “cool”, “stingy”, and “want to get married” are set, and it’s interesting to see the exchanges between the male members who are happy and sad about whether or not they will be selected as female members. Also, at the end of the video, the male member chooses the female member under the theme of “who wants to date”, so you can enjoy the reverse pattern.
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (7th)
“Total lunar eclipse” seen in various places on the night of November 8, 2022. Mr. Hitoshi Yamaoka (Associate Professor, National
Astronomical Observatory of Japan/Director, Public Relations Office, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) and Mr. Junichi Watanabe (Senior Professor, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) comment on this video.
Live distribution of “total lunar eclipse” from “Mitaka Campus” in Tokyo. Even in the comment section, many viewers enjoyed the two commentaries and the total lunar eclipse.
Tokai On Air (8th, 10th)
Taking advantage of the fact that “Magnifying Glass” was a former elementary school teacher, “Tetsuya”, “Shibayu”, “Toshimitsu”, and “Yumemaru” ranked 8th in a project to determine who worked for 10 to 60 minutes each.
I am challenging three events, “shooting game”, “crystal ball performance”, and “coin magic”, but I got only one correct answer, but there were some regrettable answers, and Shibayu’s hands are dexterous. It is a video that you can enjoy knowing about it.
The surprise video for “Shibayu” shot at the end of July ranked in 10th. At regular planning meetings, we are verifying how “Shibayu” will react when we propose other YouTuber’s projects.
It’s not a fictitious project, it’s actually entrusted with project proposals from “Lazy Lie Crazy”, “Orutana Channel”, and “Kakan”, and I want Shibayu to say, “It’s not like Tokai On Air.” The plan I hope. Contrary to their wishes, all the plans were adopted, and everyone wanted them to stop. .
Jani no Channel (9th place)
The ninth place was the video released on August 10th, where three people, “Kazuya Ninomiya”, “Yuichi Nakamaru” and “Fuma Kikuchi” visited a candy store and gave them a large amount of candy as a late summer greeting. A video that starts with the scene where is being sent.
The main story talks about member colors, and traces the trajectory from the days of seniors. Among them, “Snow Man” has unusual member colors of “white” and “black”. I’m asking directly about the penlight situation.
The black penlight of “Ren Meguro” is said to have been named “Meme Black”, a light color close to blue, and was used for the concert, and member “ Abe” put a lot of effort into preparing it.
[Short video TOP 10 ranking]
[Image 2

YouTube Ranking [Short]
“spider-maaaaaaan / Spider Mane” ranked first, boasting an
overwhelming number of views of 39.6 million views.
Ranking regulars “ISSEI / Issei (2nd: 4.53 million views)”, “Sagawa / Sagawa (9th: 2.8 million views)”, “sushi ninja / Sushi Ninja (6th: 2.95 million views)” and “Naga President’s Happy Channel (7th place: 2.91 million views)” is also ranked.
[All videos TOP 10 ranking]
[Image 3

YouTube ranking [all videos]
“spider-maaaaaaan / Spider Mane”, which ranked first in the short video ranking, won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th in the ranking for all videos, boasting an overwhelming number of views.
In addition, the video of “MAPPA CHANNEL”, which won first place in the main video ranking, is ranked eighth.
In addition, the CM of “Canon Marketing Japan” is ranked 5th. [Digital Creators] Weekly ranking of popular videos on YouTube. [Image 4

Digital Creators is a site where you can check the ranking data of YouTube’s popular channels and videos for free. We plan to release various data such as rankings by genre, as well as rankings by period such as weekly rankings, monthly rankings, and annual rankings. We also provide detailed data for a fee for advertising agencies and companies that want to use YouTube for promotion.
*A separate press release for DigitalCreators is planned.
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