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[YouTube Ranking] Weekly Video Views ~ Sky Dot 1st / Kisumai Top ~ (November 14th)

This time, we will announce the top 10 weekly views ranking of the main videos released on YouTube from November 14th to November 20th. The target is videos longer than 1 minute, excluding videos published on corporate official channels (excluding news).
“Skypeace”, which was conducting a collaboration week “Skydot” with “comdot”, released a medley of popular TikTok songs with comdot and won first place (3.3 million views) for the first time.
The 2nd place (3.14 million views) is the music video of the popular TikTok song “Kawaite Gomen” sung by the popular voice actress “Hayami Saori” who is in charge of the character voice of the anime. Both of the top two videos are popular songs on TikTok, and you can feel the momentum of TikTok.
Among Johnny’s, “Kis-My-Ft2” ranked 4th (2.22 million views), and “Jani no Channel” ranked 6th (2.04 million views).
“Hikakin” x “Until Homeless Become Millionaires. ] is also a must-see. (7th place: 2.04 million views)
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from November 14th to November 20th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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[Main video weekly playback number TOP 10]
[Image 1

YouTube Ranking [Main Story]
Sky Peace (1st place)
“Skypeace”, which is conducting a collaboration “Skydot Week” with “comdot”, released a medley of popular songs on TikTok on the 6th day of the collaboration week.
In addition to singing, TikTok’s unique choreography is finished like a music video.
A total of 31 songs have been recorded, and in the video summary column, it is written that it takes a lot of time and effort to start with song selection, video, audio, and telop, and you can feel the enthusiasm for this collaboration week. be done.
The video on the 5th day of “Skydot Week” features two “Skypeace” and “Yamato” and “Yuta” from “Comdot” participating in the “Uber Eats One Day Request” project.
In the meantime, there is also the customary “Ask the person who delivered Uber Eats” corner, “Yamato” to “Theo” “I want you to talk about comdot love”, “Yuta” ” You can get a glimpse of “Comdot” seeking love, such as “I want you to talk about Yuta’s love” for Jintan. This question corner is the real thrill of this project, and the appearance of popular YouTubers who talk passionately, which is not usually seen, is a heartwarming video.
It is also worth noting that the lunch delivered by Yamato to Jintan is a curve ball called “traditional Thai massage”.
HoneyWorks OFFICIAL (2nd place)
The third installment of the popular series “Confession Executive Committee ~ Love Series ~” of “HoneyWorks”, which is also very popular on TikTok, “Cute and sorry”, the anime “SPY x FAMILY” Yol and “Kimetsu no Yaiba” The role of Shinobu Kocho, “Heroine! ~Hateful Heroine and a Secret Job~” Released a video of the popular “Saori Hayami” singing, who plays the role of Chutan.
The cute and clear singing voice is irresistible to fans, and the work is finished with good compatibility with the animation.
Vaundy (3rd place)
“Vaundy”, which has worked on many tie-up songs and is popular among young people, has released a music video for the new song “Wasuremono” released on November 14th.
This song is also used in McDonald’s Japan’s commercial “Toki Kakeru Burger”. “Miyazaki Aoi” appears in the music video, and the scene where she sheds a single tear is impressive. In the summary column, comments from Miyazaki himself have also arrived.
In addition, from January 2023, the biggest arena tour of 10 performances in 5 major cities has been decided, and it seems that the attention will be further increased.
Kis-My-Ft2 (4th place)
The music video for “Rebirth Stage” included in the memorable 30th single “Souka” scheduled to be released on December 14th ranked 4th. This song is used in the drama “Couple Harmony Recipe-Do you want to exchange?” It is the ending theme song for “Ichinen dake~”, and it is a sharp hip hop song with a different taste from the delicate and magnificent ballad song “Souka”.
It’s a cool song with many English lyrics, fashion based on dark colors, and performance with a wired microphone.
Nintendo official channel (5th place)
“Splatoon 3” released on September 9, 2022 has released the video of the new season “2022 Winter Chill Season” from December 1st. Stages such as hot spring towns and housing complexes, gear brands are sponsored, and “X Matches” are held separately by region in “Group Yako” and “Group Arome”, and salmon live in the town where squid live. The lifting of the ban on the surging “Big Run” has been announced.
Jani no Channel (6th place)
A video where all the members of “Janino” gather for the first time in a long time and eat at Tsukiji.
The members chatted casually while enjoying sashimi and alfonsino. “Ryosuke Yamada” confirmed with the members of “Janino” that they were “friends, right?” You can see that they are on good terms.
In addition, there was a conversation that made me look forward to a collaboration with my junior “SixTONES”. “Ryosuke Yamada”, who is known to be bad at juniors, also said, “SixTONES is fine.” It is a video that will heal you with a relaxing atmosphere.
Hikakin TV (7th place)
A YouTuber aiming to return to society from the homeless “Until the homeless become millionaires. A collaboration video with “Nam-san” on the channel.
It is not just a collaboration, but a video that contains the passion of “Hikakin” that “I want to help the homeless”.
“Hikakin” who visited “Nam-san” who lives in the underpass presents “Louis Vuitton” sunglasses.
In addition, he was surprised and praised the enthusiasm of “Mr. Nam”, who made a “YouTube research note” and spent nearly five hours reading YouTube comments every day. “Nam-san” also returned praise such as “YouTube pioneer” and “Hikakin’s YouTube”, and asked the active “Hikakin” for advice on YouTube activities. Many surprised voices have been received in the comments on the unexpected collaboration video.
Mikuru Asakura (8th and 9th place)
The first part of the video, in which the “Pro Gamer Team” and the “Mirai Asakura Team” are divided into a survival game showdown, ranked 8th.
The professional gamer team consists of five members, Betty, Rou, Boru, Mini-hair, and Tsuru. Hito Niki and Satoru Kubota are
Both teams are divided into sets like a meeting room, and the two teams meet each other, but a heated battle like the “Breaking Down” audition begins.
Asakura laughed unintentionally at the easy-to-understand pro gamer team’s incitement.
Halfway through, the Asakura team bursts into the room on the pro gamer side and confronts them directly.
In the second part of the video that ranked 8th, the survival game confrontation practice version ranked 9th.
In the first game, “Komeo” sounded the gong of the enemy’s territory and raised the winning star.
Urita informs the members of the situation from a high place and moves, cooperative play is working.
Asakura laughed in amazement, saying, “You’re too weak, aren’t you?” In the second game, the pro gamer team defeated all of the Asakura team and won. It was a close battle, but the Asakura team won three times first, and the scene where the professional gamer team kneeled on the ground and begged for a special match was interesting.
[Short video TOP 10 ranking]
[Image 2

YouTube Ranking (Digital Creators) Short Video
“spider-maaaaaaan / Spider Mane” ranked first, boasting an
overwhelming number of views of 17.8 million views. In addition to this, it is ranked in 4 (2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th).
In addition, “Saito Saito” was ranked 4th (3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th), and these two channels were monopolized.
[All videos TOP 10 ranking]
[Image 3

YouTube ranking
“spider-maaaaaaan”, which ranked first in the short video ranking, won first place in the ranking for all videos, and nine other short videos were ranked, making short videos quite dominant. there is
Aside from short videos, the only commercial for “UNIQLO” ranked in at 8th place.
[Digital Creators] Weekly ranking of popular videos on YouTube. [Image 4

Digital Creators is a site where you can check the ranking data of YouTube’s popular channels and videos for free. We plan to release various data such as rankings by genre, as well as rankings by period such as weekly rankings, monthly rankings, and annual rankings. We also provide detailed data for a fee for advertising agencies and companies that want to use YouTube for promotion.
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