Anastasia Miare Co., Ltd. Your individuality, “eyebrows” may stand out! ? The eyebrow salon “Anastasia Mia re” launches the second “LIKE ME #100 people 100 eyebrows project” The theme is

Anastasia Miare Co., Ltd.
Your personality, “eyebrows” might stand out! ? The eyebrow salon “Anastasia Miare” launches the second installment of the “LIKE ME #100 People 100 Eyebrows Project” The theme is – discovering oneself through eyebrows –
On November 17th (Thursday), the “transformation video” of the trial members will be released on the special site.

The eyebrow specialty salon “Anastasia Miare” developed by Anastasia Miare Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Isao Senoo) will launch the second “LIKE ME # 100 people 100 eyebrow project” in August 2022. Start. On November 17th (Thursday), the “transformation video” of 8 eyebrow treatment experience members was released on the special site. We will continue to post before and after of other members on the official Instagram.
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Background of project implementation
This project was launched in June 2009 with the hope that “By changing your eyebrows, you can gain confidence in yourself.” .
This year, which will be the second installment, started with the idea that “by changing the eyebrows, I want people to notice their own personality.” At Anastasia Miare, we identify the skeleton, muscles, and face balance that affect the eyebrows, and propose the best eyebrows that make the most of your own eyebrows. As a result, by changing the eyebrows, the impression of the entire face changes, so that the original charm and individuality of the person will naturally stand out. At Anastasia Miale, we believe that becoming aware of your uniqueness will lead to positive feelings and actions, and we support that step with our eyebrows.
Changes in eyebrows – changes in appearance – and – changes in feelings – Changing my eyebrows not only solved my eyebrow problems, but also changed the overall impression of my face. In the video, we introduce not only the front view, but also the changes captured in 3D by rotating it 180 degrees. The moment they look in the mirror, all the participating members smile, and you can see the positive changes in their feelings as a result of changing their eyebrows.
[Image 3d81794-3-f7ab070c4bfcfb2cdde3-0.jpg&s3=81794-3-2d6a8787ba6faa219248e2f04aea357f-646x645.jpg
[Image 4d81794-3-cc3ca1364b3ec4fb5dda-1.jpg&s3=81794-3-2167bfff8b021eb4b7cbf600cb1e93c9-640x626.jpg
[Image 5d81794-3-290e0452edbab290bf88-3.jpg&s3=81794-3-8b14600a0ddfceed995a1e00475e8e79-643x615.jpg

[Image 6d81794-3-2a3dd7a697426112bc35-4.jpg&s3=81794-3-04b70f53df3bbd8f322f3568955c1dbc-457x468.jpg

About Anastasia Miale
[Image 7d81794-3-727f625e16ad5afabc74-6.jpg&s3=81794-3-b96526d3e8ee515571ff52e1761a5777-1290x1825.jpg
“Ascertaining the skeleton, muscles, and face balance, making the most of your own eyebrows, and creating eyebrows that are unique to you.” We propose eyebrows that maximize beauty.
Company name: Anastasia Miare Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-19-3 Toyosaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Business: Salon business (managed by Anastasia Miare), cosmetics sales

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