Anchorman Co., Ltd. From November 15th (Tuesday), we will start recruiting 5 “subsidy application free monit ors” limited to liquor makers and liquor stores! Opportunity to experience the benefits of “application support” by pr ofessional consultants

Anchorman Co., Ltd.
From November 15th (Tuesday), we will start recruiting 5 “subsidy application free monitors” limited to sake makers and liquor stores! Opportunity to experience the benefits of “application support” by professional consultants!
By answering the questionnaire, we will provide free support for beginners applying for subsidies for only 5 companies!

Anchorman Co., Ltd. (, which has a track record of supporting more than 160 companies in the sake brewing industry, will start from November 2022 in order to help sake breweries and liquor stores that are unable to easily take steps to request subsidy application support. For a limited time only from Tuesday, December 15, 2022 to Thursday, December 1, 2022, “Free subsidy application” for businesses that have never received Anchorman’s subsidy support in the liquor industry / liquor store We are looking for a monitor. For monitor winners, we will support the application at the time of public recruitment for free!
Anchorman Co., Ltd. has so far raised funds through subsidies to launch new businesses in the sake brewing industry, including more than 160 sake breweries and shochu breweries nationwide, and management through productivity improvements. I have been supporting. [Image 1

However, the alcoholic beverage industry is now in a tough situation that it has never experienced before. The idea that “I can drink alcohol but I don’t dare to drink” and “It’s cooler not to drink” (= sobercurious) has spread not only in Japan but also worldwide. Shipments of all beverages are steadily declining. As a result of the successive restrictions on restaurants caused by the corona disaster, the consumption of Japanese alcoholic beverages in Japan and overseas has decreased further. Even now, when the corona crisis is converging, many alcoholic beverage businesses have not fully recovered from the damage.
Despite such a crisis situation, breweries and liquor stores that are hesitant to support subsidy applications for various reasons, such as concerns about costs, the hassle of application procedures, the impact on their main business, and distrust of the application agency. Many shops still exist.
In order to help such people take the first step, we will start recruiting “free subsidy application monitors” who can receive Anchorman’s subsidy application support free of charge.
[Image 2

Click here for details ▶ Business owners of sake breweries and liquor stores who have never received Anchorman’s subsidy support will receive Anchorman’s subsidy application support as a monitor and experience stepping up their business with subsidies. I have given you the opportunity to do so. For the application procedure, all you have to do is fill in the dedicated form. Please take advantage of this big chance! !
[Table 3: ]
[Subsidies for which application support is possible]
“Manufacturing Subsidy” “Business Restructuring Subsidy”
[Monitor flow]
◎ Monitor recruitment period November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) to December 1, 2022 (Thursday) 23:59
◎ Application: Fill in the preliminary hearing sheet and free monitor application form
◎ Winning notification: Scheduled for mid-December 2022
◎ Monitoring period: From completion of subsidy application, announcement of acceptance, application for grant, decision to grant (conduct a questionnaire as needed at the application milestone) ◎ Monitor target: Limited to domestic businesses that have requested subsidy application support from Anchorman Co., Ltd. for the first time
◎ Monitor content: Free support when applying for public offering of desired subsidies
◎ Winning: 5 monitor companies will be selected by lottery, and only the winners will be contacted by email or phone.
For details on the “Subsidy Application Free Monitor”, please check the application requirements for the “Subsidy Application Free Monitor” official website of Anchorman Co., Ltd.
[Subsidy application free monitor application requirements]
[Table 4: ]
Anchorman Co., Ltd. has a mission to “stimulate Japan through traditional culture”, and has a “Challenge First” action guideline. We provide careful support that is close to
[Image 3d12832-2-e3651875f06f91637112-1.jpg&s3=12832-2-3d09c94d49881b69e077061c1e231efe-1183x524.jpg
We have supported more than 160 companies nationwide so far. In particular, the subsidy application support is a complete success fee system, and the anchorman handles all the troublesome application procedures such as creating documents until the subsidy is received, and the client can concentrate on sake brewing and alcohol sales as usual. .

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