and Vet Co., Ltd. Total support for careers as veterinary nurses! National exam countermeasure application “Animal Nursing Portal” becomes even more powerful content

and Vet Co., Ltd.
Total support for the career of a veterinary nurse! National exam countermeasure application “Animal Nursing Portal” becomes even more powerful content
Large-scale update with class videos

and Vet Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Keito Yasuoka) and qnote Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Nobuyuki Tsuruta) will launch a national exam preparation app for veterinary nurses and veterinary nursing students from August 1, 2022. ” was released.
We are aiming to improve the quality of this app through regular updates, but in a major update from late September to early October, we have also added instructional videos for online mock exams that are linked.
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As the 1st Pet Animal Nursing National Examination approaches, examinees are busy selecting reference books and workbooks. Finally, a learning tool has been released that will answer the concerns of test takers. In just two months, the cumulative number of downloads (AppStore, Google Play) has exceeded 1,500, making it a new service that is rapidly gaining support among 20,000 veterinary nurses nationwide.
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Frequent functional expansion is also one of the features of this mobile app. < Update details >
It is now possible to review online mock exams (video lessons by popular instructors).
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You can review the problems of [Online mock exam for pet animal nurse national exam] operated by our company with this app. You can also work on iterative learning in the same way for the problems you challenged in the actual format.
In order to strongly support not only the output but also the input, the app is equipped with an explanation class video (100 general questions) of the online mock exam. One video is created for each question (about 5-10 minutes), so learners can focus on the questions they want to take and take the commentary class. Of course, you can also watch class videos for all problems.
Yohei Yamashita, a veterinarian who is in charge of the class, is a popular veterinarian who has been supporting candidates who want to take the national exam with online video classes.
(Click here for Dr. Yamashita’s online seminar site

1. Practicing questions anytime, anywhere
Approximately 700 questions based on the pet animal nurse national exam core curriculum are recorded (* At the time of release. Currently, 800 questions are recorded), and learners can easily practice questions from their smartphones at any time. Even busy veterinary nurses can take advantage of their free time to prepare for the national exam. All questions have detailed explanations, and reading the explanations for both correct and incorrect questions will lead to a deeper understanding.
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2. Overcome weak points with learning record & field-specific learning By keeping a daily learning record, you can not only manage your learning, but also help maintain your motivation. A system that becomes “perfect” by answering two times correctly, a mode in which you can practice only the wrong or unanswered questions, and field-specific learning and random questions are also possible, so you can practice problems according to your ability. , You can connect to overcome weaknesses.

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3. New questions added one after another
As a unique feature of the app’s problem collection, you can work on new problems one after another through regular updates. A number of problem collections can be substituted with one smartphone.
– App overview –
App name: Animal Nursing Portal
Animal nursing portal site;
Download “Animal Nursing Portal” from here!
◆Android ◆ iOS %E3%83%9D%E3%83%BC%E3%82%BF%E3%83%AB/id1628987767

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is said that one in four people now lives with animals, triggered by more time at home. It is also a fact that many problems such as abandonment of breeding and lives without a place to go are hidden behind such an
unprecedented pet boom.
[Image 6d103056-1-a6c85bf2fbab6c8126ca-5.jpg&s3=103056-1-35e643a9c9f7f2edc43a9efa24c08761-3703x2469.jpg
Bringing an animal into your home is a commitment to a precious life. Understanding it on the surface and experiencing it firsthand are two different things, and this is probably why there are so many farewells. When spending time with animals, the most important thing in any situation is to “know” the animals themselves. Even one of the seemingly incomprehensible behaviors that animals express has a reason as long as they are alive. As long as it is one animal species, it has characteristics as an animal. If you don’t know the reason, the mystery will remain the mystery, and if you don’t know the
characteristics, you won’t know how to train it. In order to aim for a better symbiosis between animals and humans, it is extremely important to have a deep understanding of their respective characteristics, and to have the opportunity to do so.
The profession of veterinary nurse is one of the ways to build a good relationship by intervening in the relationship between animals and their owners and providing necessary knowledge. By supporting veterinary nurses who are more familiar with the lives of animals, we aim to increase the number of animals and people who can lead happy lives as a matter of course, and to save more lives. .

In 2019, it was decided that the profession of veterinary nurses would be nationally certified as “pet animal nurses.” The first national exam will be held in February 2023 next year.
In order to aim for a new qualification as a pet nurse, it is necessary to study the designated learning content at a nationally designated educational facility for at least three years (*1). On the other hand, in order for those who are already working as veterinary nurses, or those who have already majored in veterinary nursing and are about to graduate, to acquire national qualifications, it is necessary to complete a course designated by the government during the designated transition period. It is necessary to take a meeting and a preliminary examination.
[Image 7d103056-1-9395a2bb8e295e343455-6.jpg&s3=103056-1-5e7530fd46f9f836e54e6a0063bd2497-3900x2600.jpg
Decisions on these matters have been made one after another since the “Pet Animal Nurse Act” came into effect on May 1, 2022. In addition to the newly created curriculum and the examination system that has just started, the current veterinary nurses have to prepare for the examination while on duty.
The newly released app “Animal Nursing Portal” supports daily learning management and preparation for national exams by practicing questions, visualizing and reviewing weak areas.
*1 Excludes those who have acquired knowledge equivalent to that of a pet nurse in a foreign country.

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