Animate Holdings Co., Ltd. Yofukashi Project 4th “Dectet of Hagumiya” released today, November 25 (Friday )

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
Yofukashi Project 4th “Dectet of the Ruins” released today, November 25th (Friday)
At the Game Market 2022 Autumn, the topical work “Hagumiya no Dectet”, which was immediately sold out for pre-sale, will be released today!
Volkars’ “I was game Masato Uesugi x Drossel Meyers Noriaki Watanabe” tag latest work! The scenario is Ichiro Okochi!
The fourth board game of the IP creation project “Yofukashi Project”, “Dectet of Hagumiya”, was released today, November 25th (Friday). [Image 1

“Hakyu ​​no Dectet” is a dungeon capture game with a cutting edge game system of “solo play + deck building + legacy elements”. At the largest analog game event in Japan, “Game Market 2022 Autumn” held on October 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), 2022, the pre-sale was immediately sold out.
In addition to the sophisticated game design by Masato Uesugi (I was game), it is the only game where you can experience the original story of Ichiro Okouchi (masterpiece: Code Geass, Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch) through gameplay that repeats important choices. Unique gameplay. It also supports two-player cooperative play, and after clearing it once (with legacy elements released), you can enjoy it repeatedly.
Please experience the new frontier of story-based board games directed by Drosselmeyers Noriaki Watanabe.
Yofukashi Project 4th “Dectet of Ruins”
10 students trapped in the academy aim to cross the labyrinth that spreads out in the basement of the academy at the risk of their lives. Friends who fall one by one.
Will they be able to defeat Tsukiyomi lurking in the deepest part of the labyrinth?
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■ Product name: Dectet of the Ruin
■ Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 8,800 yen (tax included) ■ Participating creators:
Game design: Masato Uesugi (I was game)
Setting/scenario draft: Ichiro Okouchi
Character design and illustration: Nmuri Kusaka
Direction: Noriaki Watanabe (Drossel Meyers)
[What is the Yofukashi Project?]
The Yofukashi Project is a media mix project aimed at IP creation. Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., Ocean Frontier Co., Ltd., an operating company of the Animate Group, and Drosselmeyer Shokai Co., Ltd. will jointly launch this project to develop various IPs based on board games. Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is in charge of project production, Ocean Frontier Co., Ltd. is in charge of planning and sales, and Drosselmeyer Shokai Co., Ltd. is in charge of game design.
<“Yofukashi Project” official website>
[Part 1]…Conversation communication game “Mapputa Two-tone Soul” (
[Part 2]…Deck Mixing Board Game “Maei Orthrus”
[3rd]…Murder Mystery “Killtime Killers” ( [4th] … Solo play + deck building + legacy type game “Dectet of Hagumiya” (
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(C) Konami Digital Entertainment
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