Announcement of Apex Legends Event License Agreement

LeGAME Co., Ltd.
Announcement of Apex Legends Event License Agreement

Electronic Arts and LeGAME Co., Ltd. (Saitama City, Saitama
Prefecture, CEO/Director: Yuji Kadono) have signed an event license agreement for “Apex Legends” on August 15, 2022.

“Apex Legends” is a popular FPS game (first-person shooter) developed by Respawn Entertainment, distributed by Electronic Arts in February 2019, and has surpassed 100 million players.
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Electronic Arts and LeGAME, Inc. have entered into an event licensing agreement that has been lifted from the official Apex Legends tournament guidelines.
I will explain some of the contents below.
Official guidelines: (Removal from above guidelines)
1. Maximum prize pool: 600,000 dollars (USA dollars)
*If the official tournament is held on the same day, consult separately 3. Granting rights and licenses to use, such as names, descriptions, cover art and other promotional materials provided by Electronic Arts to LeGAME;
(Partial excerpt from contract)
From now on, LeGAME Co., Ltd. will strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy “Apex Legends”. We also hope to host a number of esports events and tournaments. This time, due to the lack of explanation, we have caused speculation to various people, and we have caused you a lot of trouble. Thank you for your continued support of LeGAME Co., Ltd. and “Apex Legends”.
-Game Overview-
Apex Legends
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– Company Profile –
Company name: LeGAME Co., Ltd.
Location: 4-3-14 Minamihatogaya, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 334-0013 (Headquarters: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture)
Representative: Yudai Mukai, Representative Director
Established: 25th September 2009
Established e-sports business: January 17, 2022
Capital: 50 million
◆ Official website:
◆ Facebook:
◆ Twitter:
◎Please feel free to contact us by email for any questions or requests. ◆ Email:
Details about this release:


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