Announcement of ranking of Japanese fashion magazines Takarajimasha is No. 1 in fashion magazine share for 12 years in a row!

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.
[Announcement of ranking of Japanese fashion magazines] Takarajimasha is No. 1 in fashion magazine share for 12 years in a row!
Significant increase in growth rate compared to last year! “mini” 153% “that wonderful person” 138%

[Image 1d5069-1666-ecf2c3ae272a32b66dd3-0.jpg&s3=5069-1666-60b51ce8d8e4f6b40aea8b0064629ab0-2000x2528.jpg
“GLOW” December issue (Takarajimasha)
The Japan ABC Association announced on November 11, 2022 (Friday) the number of magazine sales for the first half of 2022 (January to June). GLOW, published by Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiichi Hasumi), is the monthly average sales volume ( *1) 136,662) was ranked first. Among the top 10, there are 5 fashion magazines from Takarajimasha, 3rd place “Linen” (93,872 copies), 6th place “mini” (71,772 copies), 8th place “Otona no Oshare Techo” (65,600 copies). , 10th place “sweet” (58,522 copies). The market share of fashion magazines reached 31%, the top share for the 12th consecutive year. (*2)
Compared to last year (January to June 2021), the highest growth rate was 153% for the fashion magazine “mini” for women in their 20s, followed by the fashion magazine for women in their 60s “Wonderful person” with 138%. was extended.
In addition, the monomagazine “MonoMax” (55,482 copies) ranked first in the mono/trend information magazine category and continues to perform well.
Since 2010, Takarajimasha has published 7 titles: “Linen”, “GLOW”, “otona MUSE”, “Otona no Oshare Techo”, “& ROSY”, “MonoMaster”, and “Wonderful That Person”. magazine. As a leading magazine publishing company, we will continue to do our best to revitalize the industry. *1 Including sales on our own EC site
*2 From the Japan ABC Association magazine publisher report for the first half of 2022 (January to June)
[Image 2d5069-1666-170c04a70bb7c29ee99e-3.jpg&s3=5069-1666-09c0febc413e867207446e276527833e-1792x423.jpg

Elongation rate 153%! What is “mini”
[Image 3d5069-1666-8cfed94f6f589292d75b-1.jpg&s3=5069-1666-61fc41cd45ca448dd0e55cc7380db7e6-2000x2527.jpg
“mini” December issue (Takarajimasha)
“mini” is a street fashion magazine launched in 2000 as a girlfriend version of the men’s fashion magazine “smart”. With “T-shirts,” “denim,” and “sneakers” as the three sacred treasures, the magazine captures trends in street fashion and has gained support from a wide range of readers in their teens to 30s. Last year, he launched a “gender-free declaration” and appointed unisex brands and men’s models. Coordination where men and women share clothes, men’s makeup & nail pages, etc. are also posted.

Elongation rate 138%! What is “that wonderful person”?
[Image 4d5069-1666-1b0055c79621660ed3ba-2.jpg&s3=5069-1666-6a87e6c8d36319827dfc360f4230f43e-2000x2527.jpg
“That wonderful person” December issue (Takarajimasha)
It is Japan’s first fashion magazine for women in their 60s, launched monthly in September 2019. We have visualized the fashion and lifestyle demand of people in their 60s, which was not considered to be the main consumption target until now. From this year, the editorial department blog “Sutei Soken” was opened. Editor-in-chief Keiko Kanshita answers questions that could not be conveyed in the magazine and answers to questions from readers. Furthermore, about once a month, we conduct a market survey of women in their 60s and announce it in a newsletter. We also deliver real information that is useful for marketing in your 60s.

Data is from the first half of 2022 (January to June) from the Japan ABC Association magazine publisher report. The number of copies announced by the Japan ABC Association is the number of actual sales, not the number of publications.
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