Announcement of the judges for the VR world fashion contest “Avatar Award 2022” Ayumi Gunji from the fashion industry, Kannon Yoshizaki and Kazuma Miki from the content industry will participate!

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Announcement of the judges for the VR world fashion contest “Avatar Award 2022” Ayumi Gunji from the fashion industry, Kannon Yoshizaki and Kazuma Miki from the content industry will participate!
~Recruiting avatar works until 11/20~

General Incorporated Association VRM Consortium (Representative Director: Yohei Ishii, Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Dwango Co., Ltd. is a member) is a judge of the “Avatar Award 2022” that examines and awards your own alter ego “Avatar” in virtual space. announced. [Image 1

Prominent creators from the fashion and content industries judge avatar works from a professional perspective
The “Avatar Award” is an award that recognizes excellent works by soliciting 3D avatar works from a wider range of people than the general public, with the aim of promoting the creative and evolving avatar culture and improving the social recognition of creators. The 3rd “Avatar Awards 2022” will be held from October 24th (Monday) to November 20th (Sunday), and the selected excellent works will be held on December 22nd (Thursday). We will introduce and award on the virtual runway of the live broadcast of the “Avatar Awards 2022 Award Ceremony”.
The judges are fashion creative director Ayumi Gunchi, who has worked on numerous magazines such as the popular fashion magazine ViVi, the original author of Sergeant Keroro, and the concept designer of Kemono Friends. Creators active at the forefront of various fields, such as Mr. Kannon Yoshizaki, who is known for his work, and Mr. Kazuma Miki, who is known as the editor who produced million-sellers such as Dengeki Bunko’s “Sword Art Online (SAO)”, participated. increase. We plan to add more prominent fashion designers to the jury in the future. In the judging, we will evaluate the character, fashion, and innovation of the avatar work and make a selection. In addition, Naoki Yoshida, an announcer of Nippon Broadcasting System, will serve as MC at the award ceremony.
“Avatar Award 2022” judge profile
・Yoshizaki Kannon
[Image 2

Born in Kyushu. Debuted in 1989 as an honorable mention at the Shogakukan Rookie Comic Awards. Active in a wide range of fields, including manga, illustration, and character design. In 1998, the one-shot “Keroro Gunso” was announced. From February 1999, the serialization of “Keroro Gunso” started in “Monthly Shonen Ace”. In 2005, “Keroro Gunso” won the 50th Shogakukan Manga Award for children. Representative works “Kemono Friends” “Space Jubei” “Arcade Gamer Fubuki” “Dragon Quest Monsters +” and many others.
・Army bow
[Image 3

Editor/fashion creative director. Worked as a freelance writer at Kodansha’s “ViVi” editorial department. After that, he worked hard to launch “GLAMOROUS”. Joined the current Condé Nast Japan in 2008. As a creative director, he was involved in the launch and management of “VOGUE GIRL”. Established gumi-gumi Co., Ltd. in 2014. Wide range of activities, including editorial advisor for “Numero TOKYO”, fashion supervision for the drama “First Class” (Fuji TV) and movies, fashion supervisor for the Netflix drama “Followers”, and corporate
・ Kazuma Miki
[Image 4

Light novel editor. Former chief editor of Dengeki Bunko. Currently CEO of Straight Edge Co., Ltd. His major works include “Sword Art Online”, “The Irregular at Magic High School”, and “A Certain Magical Index”. In his own book, “Anything is possible as long as it is interesting. Cumulative publication of 60 million copies – A certain editorial work list”. In recent years, he has written his own light novel “Cheat King” and published it on the web
“Avatar Awards 2022 Awards Ceremony” MC
・Naoki Yoshida
[Image 5

Born in Tokyo in 1975. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Letters. Nippon Broadcasting announcer. In addition to being a personality on radio programs, he is also active in a wide range of activities such as hosting TV programs and events. In addition, he is well versed in manga, anime, idols, and digital, and continues his activities without being bound by the framework of an announcer, such as being the founder of the “Manga Taisho”. In 2012, he won the 49th Galaxy Awards DJ Personality Award. His books include “Why is it easier to talk to this person?” (Twitter account @yoshidahisanori) “Avatar Award 2022” Overview
[Organizer] General Incorporated Association VRM Consortium
[Executive Committee Chair] Hiroki Ohmae (VRM Consortium Director, External Relations Committee Chair / Unity Technologies Japan Japan Representative Director)
-Application requirements-
Application period: October 24, 2022 (Monday) to November 20, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59
Application method: Follow the VRM Consortium Secretariat
( on Twitter, [1. Avatar category] Attach the best shot of your own avatar, an image that shows the whole body, and use the hashtag “# Please post with “Avatar Award 2022”. [2. Avatar Life Category] Please post on Twitter with the hashtag “#AvatarAward2022” and “#AvatarLife”, attaching an image that conveys interactions between avatars and activities unique to avatars. ◆Avatar creation method: If it is fbx, vrm format, the creation method is free. You can also use a commercially available avatar creation app.
◆ Final selection: If you are nominated, you will be contacted by DM from the VRM Consortium Secretariat. In the case of [1. Avatar category], please provide avatar data for runway shooting (fbx, vrm format). For other details, please check the application requirements on the official website.
◆ Award ceremony live broadcast: December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 20: 00 ~ ◆ Official website URL: [About VRM Consortium]
A general incorporated association for the purpose of formulating and disseminating the file format “VRM” for 3D avatars. For details, please visit the following website.
■ Official website:

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