Announcement of the results of the adoption of the 9th Small Business Sustainability Subsidy, and the subsidy support efforts of the certified support organization SoLabo

SoLabo Co., Ltd.
Announcement of the results of the adoption of the 9th Small Business Sustainability Subsidy, and the subsidy support efforts of the certified support organization SoLabo

On November 25, 2022, the results of the public offering for the 9th Small Business Sustainability Subsidy were announced, and it was announced that 7,344 out of 11,476 applications were selected. SoLabo Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hirokazu Tahara), an authorized support organization, provides application support and business plan creation for the 11th deadline for small business sustainability subsidies. .
For inquiries, please go to the free diagnosis from the subsidy guide on our website.
[Free diagnosis of subsidy guide]
Number of adoptions and adoption rate of the 9th open call for participants It was announced that 7,344 out of 11,476 applicants were selected for the 9th Small Business Sustainability Subsidy. The acceptance rate was 64%, slightly higher than the 8th call for proposals.
[Trends in the adoption rate of small business sustainability subsidies] [Image

Overview of Small Business Sustainability Subsidies
The small business sustainability subsidy is a subsidy that can be applied for by business owners with 20 or fewer employees (5 or fewer for commercial and service businesses). In the 2019 supplementary budget and 2021 supplementary budget, the subsidy amount is from 500,000 yen to a maximum of 2 million yen, and the range of subsidized expenses is wide, including store renovation, equipment funds such as kitchen equipment, website creation, etc. can be used for
For the 10th small business subsidy, the deadline for receiving business support plans is December 2nd (Friday), and the application deadline is December 9th (Friday). The changes in the 10th Call for Proposals are as follows.
・Even if you have submitted a business start notification to the tax office, if you have not started the business by the time of
application, you will not be eligible.
・Purchase of advertising materials produced by the franchise headquarters is not covered by public relations expenses.
・Consultation fees for specialists (tax accountants, certified public accountants, small and medium enterprise management consultants) for maintaining and expanding business partners for the invoice system are newly covered.
Application support for SoLabo for the 11th call for applications SoLabo provides application support such as document preparation for the 11th public offering of small business sustainability subsidies. If you are worried about preparing the documents for the 11th call for applications or are considering applying, please contact us using the free diagnosis form on our website.
[Free diagnostic form for small business sustainability subsidies (from SoLabo management site)]
11th Small Business Sustainability Subsidy
[Application deadline] Scheduled for late February 2023
[Deadline for receiving business support plan issuance] Scheduled for mid-February 2023
Subsidy support performance of SoLabo
Since the second half of 2021, SoLabo has strengthened its support for small business sustainability subsidy applications, and has responded to about 70 consultations every month.
In particular, we have had more opportunities to provide support for financing from small businesses in the founding period that are in demand, such as those who want to expand their sales channels. In addition, SoLabo operates the information dissemination site “Small Business Sustainability Subsidy Guide”, and actively disseminates and publishes information such as points to note in the application method and information on adoption.
[Subsidy Guide URL]
About SoLabo management support
[Activities in the area of ​​funding support]
As a certified support organization, SoLabo has supported business owners mainly in the field of loan support, and has responded to more than 1,000 inquiries on average every month. We have provided financing support for more than 4,500 cases.
From 2021, while strengthening subsidy application support projects such as small business sustainability subsidies, we will actively start supporting early management improvement plans and expand the range of funding support. I’m here.
In particular, in the adoption of business restructuring subsidies, in the 4th, 5th, and 6th public offerings, the number of support cases was the highest in Japan.
[Multi-faceted measures for manager support]
From September 2021, in order to contribute to the cost reduction of entrepreneurs, SoLabo has started its own operation of the coworking space / shared office “QUARTET WORKS”, which is the first attempt at SoLabo, in a corner of the Minatomirai Campus of Kanagawa University. Currently, it is used by various people such as startups, freelancers, side jobs, student entrepreneurs, and professionals, and we carry out plans and campaigns every month.
In 2022, we will strengthen cooperation with financial institutions, venture capital, companies that promote side business support, and joint seminar projects, etc. We will continue to expand the framework to support managers and respond to the growing demand for
consultation. I will come.
[SoLabo company profile]
Head office: Shin-Akihabara Building 7F, 1-18-19 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Store: Kanagawa University Minatomirai Campus 1F, 4-5-3 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Representative: Koichi Tahara, President and Representative Director Capital: 43.34 million yen
Date of establishment: December 11, 2015
Business description: Financing support service for managers, web marketing support business, coworking space management
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