Anti Rosa Co., Ltd. The sustainable fashion brand “CEL ANSWER” will be launched in the fall of 2022.

Anti Rosa Co., Ltd.
The sustainable fashion brand “CEL ANSWER” will launch in the fall of 2022. All 11 types of the first collection started at the online shop. 2022 Autumn Look is now available.

“CEL ANSWER”, a sustainable fashion brand operated by Antirosa Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yuji Fujita, Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), will be launched in the fall of 2022.
ARISA (instagram account: @i_am_arinko), who is not only a fashion influencer but also attracts attention for dissemination of
sustainable, organic, and lifestyle, has been appointed as creative director.
We develop items that are close to the wardrobe of adults who are particular about not only the design but also the materials and production background.
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The brand concept is “Slow Down”
Through fashion, we propose to relax one’s mind, work on one thing over time, and relax the cycle.
In the process of manufacturing, we always keep environmental considerations (sustainable) in mind, and by selecting materials, we nurture the mindset of lovingly using things with particular attention for a long time. Taking advantage of each person’s body line, we express a clean style that is chic yet allows you to feel the quality of the material.
1.Careful and polite manufacturing
From the design of the design to the completion of the product, we are trying to create products that have been carefully selected, from the details of the sewing to the details.
By reducing the number of product types, we will sell only a few types of products that we really want to deliver each month, and practice a production flow that delivers only the required amount to those who need it.
2.Environmental consideration
It is a sustainable brand that tackles issues in the fashion industry by using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, not only for products, but also for secondary materials such as tags and hangtags. 3. Item lineup that harmonizes with existing clothes
When you add “CEL ANSWER” items to your wardrobe, you will be familiar with them, and once you brush up your style, we will propose items that you will love for years to come and how to wear them every day. ■2022 1st collection pick up items
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I line satin long skirt
price: 19,800 yen (with tax)
color: Black / Beige
size: S/F
A satin long skirt with a silky sheen and color development that is beautiful and supple is an excellent item that will make your legs look beautiful just by wearing it.
Because it uses a plant-derived fiber called diaacetate, it is an environmentally friendly item that can be biodegraded in environments such as soil and rivers. Realize comfort.
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volume sleeve cardigan
price: 19,800 yen (with tax)
color: Black / Gray / Navy
size: F
A ribbed cardigan with a structured silhouette such as a shaped waistline and voluminous sleeves.
The front design has a minimal and clean impression by incorporating a front hook instead of a button.
The material is recycled polyester made from resources collected from PET bottles and clothing product waste, making it an environmentally friendly item.
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back long vest
price: 19,800 yen (with tax)
color: Black / Gray
size: F
A vest jacket with an eye-catching collar design and a different length between the front and back.
Functional material with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying that incorporates recycled raw materials is used.
In addition, the anti-pilling treatment makes it easy to care for, and the beautiful fabric can be used for a long time.
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high waist flared denim
price: 27,500 yen (with tax)
color: Blue / Navy
size: S/M
Denim flare pants with moderate stretch and a soft texture that makes you feel like you’re used to wearing them.
The high waist design around the waist and the natural and gentle flared curve from the knee to the hem make the legs look long and beautiful.
One of the attractions is that you can enjoy the change in texture and color over time as you wear it with a design that is conscious of a vintage atmosphere.
Considering the sustainability of the material, 100% organic cotton is used for the warp.
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Flare long knit dress
price: 24,200 yen (with tax)
color: Black / Green
size: S/M
A long rib-knit dress with a richly expressive finish by adding variations to the knitted fabric.
It has just the right amount of fit to the bottom of the hips, and the flared silhouette from above the knee to the hem sways lightly with every step, giving it a feminine impression.
The material used is ethical wool that has received RWS (responsible wool standard) certification, which proves the traceability of whether sheep and land are used and managed correctly. In addition, because it uses extra-fine merino wool, which has a good texture among wool, it is thin, supple and very comfortable to wear.
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■ Comment from Creative Director ARISA
The spread of new pneumonia in 2020 forced a major change in lifestyle. And the issuance of the declaration of emergency.
Having put myself in the fashion industry and continuing to run without knowing right or left, I was able to take a moment to stop and reflect on myself.
I keenly felt that we are in an era where we have to think about the responsibility of creating things as a matter of course, and that we must keep our eyes firmly on the cyclical future while enjoying fashion purely.
With a focus on chic and clean designs that you will never get tired of, I aim to create clothes that many people will enjoy, and I hope that I can grow with this brand.
Brand name: CEL ANSWER
Business location: 7-22-17 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031 TOC Building 7F No. 5
[Image 9d76985-11-4f8d7fceddea82ddcc8c-20.jpg&s3=76985-11-502691687af6d89882b8c79ec6c91037-1649x1943.jpg
Instagram: @i_am_arinko
Born in 1989, from Aichi Prefecture.
Since 2012, he has been in the fashion industry and worked as a visual staff for a famous apparel brand store.
In April 2019, he became the creative director of a DtoC ladies apparel brand targeting women of the same generation. At the same time, he often appears in many women’s magazines and gains the support of women in their 20s and 30s. Retired from the same position in February 2022.
In August 2022, Anti Rosa Co., Ltd. launched the sustainable brand “CEL ANSWER” with the concept of consideration and circulation for the environment.
CEL ANSWER official instagram
■ CEL ANSWER website
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