AnyMind Group’s EC management platform “AnyX” starts offering inventory analysis, inventory linkage, and chat-based customer support functions

AnyMind Group Co., Ltd.
AnyMind Group’s EC management platform “AnyX” starts offering inventory analysis, inventory linkage, and chat-based customer support functions
Functional integration with two platforms: AnyLogi (logistics management) and AnyChat (conversational commerce)

AnyMind Group Co., Ltd. (reading: Anymind Group, CEO: Kosuke Sogawa, hereinafter “our company”) will start providing EC management platform “AnyX” with inventory analysis / inventory linkage, customer support function by chat, etc. .
At the start of the provision of this function, the logistics management platform “AnyLogi” and the conversational commerce platform “AnyChat” have been integrated, and each function of both platforms can be used directly from “AnyX”.
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Background of the launch of this function
The EC market continues to grow rapidly worldwide, and at the same time consumer preferences are diversifying. Therefore, in future EC operations, it is becoming necessary to use multiple sales channels, from in-house EC sites to EC malls, according to user needs. While the number of companies utilizing multiple sales channels is increasing, they are facing problems such as “logging in to different platforms for different purposes is cumbersome” and “man-hours are required to update and integrate data from different platforms”. There has also been an increase in the number of companies
In response to this background, we have implemented and started providing the integration of functions that we have been developing for some time. Going forward, we will continue to support the optimization of EC operations, including improving sales and improving operational efficiency, in EC businesses for brand companies and individuals such as creators and influencers.
Features available with this AnyX integration
-AnyLogi linkage-
・Automatically calculate the estimated number of days sold out Acquire the actual inventory from the warehouse and automatically calculate the estimated number of days to sell out based on past sales. By performing product sales analysis and inventory analysis on one report, it is possible to build an appropriate sales strategy for each product.
・Real-time linkage of inventory on own EC sites and EC malls Reflect the latest inventory on multiple EC channels based on the actual inventory count updated in real time from the warehouse. There is no need to update manually, and it is possible to prevent lost opportunities and over-orders due to shortages.
-AnyChat cooperation-
・Provision of customer service experience through real-time chat Through chat communication similar to shopping at a physical store, customers’ latent needs are derived and support is provided to improve their willingness to purchase.
・Chat and system cooperation such as EC sites and Instagram / LINE By linking customer information and purchase information on EC sites, and linking with Instagram and LINE, it is possible to provide an experience that matches the brand.
■ EC management platform “AnyX”
[Image 2d18392-224-6d480bf1c9badada0bd6-4.png&s3=18392-224-8a9164aa0b37f46b5969b6740c6c48d2-1072x275.png
“AnyX” is an EC management platform that supports EC operations by centrally managing multiple sales channels such as EC malls and own EC sites. We provide a wide range of solutions for the growth of e-commerce business, from operational efficiency x data utilization, operational support based on our extensive experience, to cross-border development and overseas sales utilizing local knowledge of each country and market.
■ Logistics management platform “AnyLogi”
[Image 3d18392-224-0c65dbd9cb1698d4609b-2.png&s3=18392-224-bfb4e59f26e2fb8b7837552c015d9f71-475x104.png
AnyLogi is a logistics management platform that enables integrated management of product management, payment confirmation, warehousing, storage, shipping, and delivery by networking domestic and overseas EC carts and logistics partners. By providing functions based on the three points of order reception, inventory, and delivery, we provide flexible and multifaceted support for all individuals and corporations to develop EC.
■ Conversational commerce platform “AnyChat”
[Image 4d18392-224-1b72a03329c5c1a407a5-3.png&s3=18392-224-53fd83e62eee30b30cc3177d011262ed-1206x231.png
AnyChat is a conversational commerce platform that provides a real-time chat experience and customer support. In addition to distribution triggered by purchases and product shipments in cooperation with EC sites, we maximize the value of customer experience through the collection, analysis, and utilization of data related to purchases.
■About AnyMind Group
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Company name: AnyMind Group Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2016
Location: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 31F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kosuke Sogo, Representative Director and CEO Bases: Japan (Tokyo, Saga), Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok: 2 bases), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi), India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore), Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates United States, Shanghai, Shenzhen
Business summary:
Brand commerce business
A platform that provides one-stop support for brand companies and individuals such as influencers and creators, from brand design and planning centered on the EC and D2C areas, to production management, EC site construction and operation, marketing, and logistics management. Developed and provided.
Partner growth business
We provide support services for monetization and brand growth using our own platform for publishers and creators who operate web media and apps.
Details about this release:


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