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AOKI Co., Ltd. Strengthening the development of ladies’ coats for full-scale winter! Peacoat is also a new lin eup! ~Keep warm with ORIHICA outerwear this winter~

AOKI Co., Ltd.
Strengthen development of women’s coats for full-scale winter! Peacoat is also a new lineup! ~Keep warm with ORIHICA outerwear this winter~
“ORIHICA” developed by AOKI Co., Ltd. (President: Hirotaka Mori) has strengthened the development of ladies’ coats in line with the arrival of winter. A new lineup of short pea coats and woolen collar coats will be available at all ORIHICA stores and ORIHICA online shop (
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■ Strengthen the lineup of courts
 ORIHICA’s coat is characterized by its high versatility that can be worn regardless of whether it is on or off.
This time, in addition to the classic Chester and woolen collar coats, we have newly developed a trendy short pea coat. In addition, down coats, which are popular for their warmth, will be updated with a hood and sold in response to requests from customers.
 ORIHICA will continue to develop and sell products that reflect customer needs. ORIHICA Ladies Coat Product Features
1. Strengthen the lineup
The lineup has been enriched with classic chester and stainless steel collars, warm down coats, and trendy pea coats.
2. Can be used both on and off
With a high blend of wool, it has a neat look that can be used for business, but it can also be used as a clean and casual look even when you are off. Ingenuity such as making it easy to pass through the sleeves even from the top of the suit is also given.
3. Keep warm
The high blend of wool keeps you warm, and it also has a brushed pocket. The down coat has a detachable hood, which has been highly requested, and the outer material has a water-repellent function, so it can withstand sudden bad weather.
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