Aoyama Kadan Co., Ltd. Survey on the hardships and truths of active secretaries The most common answer was “I want to be the boss’s secretary even if I am reborn”! Implement a “respect” gift campaign in connection w ith the survey results

Aoyama Kadan Co., Ltd.
[Survey on the hardships and truths of active secretaries] The most common answer was “I want to be the boss’s secretary even if I am reborn”! Implement a “respect” gift campaign in connection with the survey results
-Some say that the gratitude and success of the boss is the motivation and driving force for being a secretary-

Aoyama Kadan Co., Ltd. (President: Naomi Sasaki, Minato-ku, Tokyo), whose concept is “a flower shop for secretaries,” operates the information site “Hisholio (R)” for secretaries. increase.
This time, we will promote understanding of the “secretary” whose actual situation is not well known, eliminate the prejudice against the secretary, be properly evaluated, change the standing position in the company, etc. The world where the understanding of secretarial work is progressing. Conducted a questionnaire on “hardships and truths of secretaries”. As a result of receiving responses from 162 active secretaries, it was found that the most common answer was, “Even if I am reborn, I still want to be my boss’s secretary.” Therefore, based on this result, with gratitude to Hisholio (R) members, a lottery will be held from secretaries who have registered as free members, including new registrants. A campaign to present a “flower box” with the image of a relationship of trust will start from November 29th.
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Topics: Most active secretaries want to be the same boss’s secretary even if they are reborn
The secretary’s work often requires close communication with the boss, so it is important to have a good relationship of trust with the boss. Meanwhile, in this survey, 42.6% of those who answered “Yes” to the question “Do you want to be your current boss’s secretary even if you are reborn?” 21.0%). From this result, it is thought that many secretaries have built a good relationship of trust with their superiors and take pride in their work.
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Free word answer result
Examples of responses to “rewarding and driving force as a secretary” include responses related to “relationships of trust with superiors” such as “respectable” and “helpful”, and “secretaries who are in charge of work related to company management”. There was also an answer that felt pride in the work.
-Question: Motivation and driving force as a secretary (free word answer/partial excerpt)-
・”I am currently working as the president’s secretary. I have a lot of respect for the president, and I think that the feeling of ‘for this person…!’ is the driving force.”
・”It’s a matter of course that my boss thanked me for the work I did. I’m happy that I can be of help.”
・”You can directly feel the direction of the company. It sounds like a ‘secretary’. The joy of being able to help a respected boss with his work. ”
・”I contribute to the management of the company by supporting the actions and decisions of officers.”
・”By working closely with people in the top management who cannot be involved on a daily basis, I can broaden my knowledge of management, management, etc.”
[Survey overview]
■ Hisholio (R) 1st Secretary Questionnaire Survey 2022
■Survey period: June 14, 2022 (Tuesday) to June 30, 2022 (Thursday) ■ Survey method: Internet survey (appeal through Hisholio (R) mail letter, website, etc.)
■ Number of valid responses: 162 (including 81 full-time secretaries and 81 part-time secretaries)
■ Research group: Hisholio (R) editorial department (Aoyama Kadan Co., Ltd.) ■ Reference URL:
* Click here for details on respondent attributes →
Support the active secretary who works hard! A lottery gift of flowers with the flower language “trust”
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Based on the results of this questionnaire, about 40% of secretaries who maintain a good relationship of trust with their superiors, we will treat secretaries who are struggling every day with a white rose with the flower language of “respect”. , We will carry out a campaign to present a “flower box” with the image of trust to 10 people by lottery.
[Outline of the flower language “respect” gift campaign]
■ Target: Secretary who has registered as a free member on the Hisholio (R) site during the period
Number of people: 10 people will be selected by a strict lottery ■ Period: November 29th to December 10th, 2022
■ Application URL:
■ How to apply
1. Register as a member on the Hisholio site
2. Please agree to the campaign terms and apply from the above application URL. [About Hisholio (R), “There is no correct answer for secretary work”] [Image 4

The work of a secretary is a job where there is no correct answer, and the approach differs depending on the company and the boss.
“There is no correct answer for secretary work”
This is the way of thinking that “Hisholio(R)” has been very important since its launch, and it is the starting point for everything. That’s why I’m confused. That’s why I worry.
Every day in secretarial work is a series of things that make me feel uneasy, thinking, “Is this all right?”
We at “Hisholio(R)” do our best to support the secretaries who face such work every day.
All secretaries work confidently and proudly, and work as partners to improve the work performance of their superiors.
As a result, the organization and the company will become stronger. Envisioning such a future, “Hisholio (R)” will move forward! [Image 5

[About Hishorio Editor-in-Chief Naomi Sasaki]
Based on my experience as a secretary at an IT company, I launched “Hisholio (R)” in 2019. When I was working, there was a time when I was the only secretary in the company, and I couldn’t ask anyone, and there was no information on the internet, so I struggled.
I hope that I can make use of such experiences to cheer up secretaries who struggle with loneliness like myself, and to conveniently obtain useful information for secretarial work. Through “Hisholio (R)”, we would like to create a world where secretaries can maximize their abilities and achievements and be more active. The secretary who is the boss’s partner makes the company stronger! I am drawing such a secretary image.
-About the operating company Aoyama Kadan Co., Ltd.-
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