AP Holdings Co., Ltd. Notice of Change of Representative Director, President and CEO

AP Holdings Co., Ltd. Notice of Change of Representative Director, President and CEO

AP Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo) announced that Hisashi Yoneyama, Representative Director, President and CEO, will retire on November 15, 2022, and Shusaku Nomoto will be appointed as his successor. I will.
Along with this, Hisashi Yoneyama will be appointed Chairman and Founder, and the Company will have two representatives as of the same date.
Yoneyama will continue to promote human capital management, which is the core of APHD’s management strategy. I will come.
AP Holdings Co., Ltd., which will be under a new structure from now on, will continue to provide new value to the world together with producers, and will continue to be a company that can greatly change the food service industry. As stated, we will continue to “pursue the ideal form of food”, so please continue to support us in the future. [Image 1

Details of the change
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Chairman and Founder, Hisashi Yoneyama Explanation of the background of the change and greetings
[Image 2d4635-411-3a6787002cd8cf823444-2.jpg&s3=4635-411-0dc3c42c9581c9f292fe691e2b888ec4-2334x2700.jpg
In order to enhance corporate governance and separate ownership and management, the Company has long sought a successor candidate for myself as the founder, president, and CEO. We have been hiring, and in light of his past achievements at the Company and the evaluation he received from employees, we have nominated Mr. Nomoto, Director, Senior Executive Officer and COO, as his successor.
In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, which forced the entire company to come together to take countermeasures, Nomoto’s business promotion and performance management skills were a great support for both me and our company in finding hope. In fact, the meticulous efforts and measures that have been accumulated and promoted during this period have been successful, and since August 2022, when the impact of the 7th wave has begun to wane, sales are on a recovery trend week by week.
In order to quickly return to profitability in the after-corona era and to strongly promote the subsequent growth strategy, it is necessary to create a system that maximizes Nomoto’s strengths as a driving force for the company going forward, and right now is the successor plan. As soon as I decided it was time to move on. In addition, we underwrote a large third-party allotment of new shares in order to strengthen our capital during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the voting rights ratio, including myself and the asset management company that I own 100% of, was 58.2% (as of the end of September 2022). For this reason, we believe that separating ownership and management is important for strengthening corporate governance. Impressed by the deliciousness of free-range chicken, co-creation between producers and sellers, we pursued the ideal form of food, and envisioned a bright future for the Japanese food industry. was able to pass.
From now on, I will be the chairman and founder of the company, but I will continue to focus strongly on the “ideal form of food” that I have been aiming for, and while supporting Nomoto, I will focus on improving the corporate value of AP Holdings Co., Ltd. is.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the producers who have cooperated so far, and we would like to ask for your continued support.

Greetings from President and CEO Shusaku Nomoto
“APHD will once again change the restaurant industry and the food industry” [Image 3d4635-411-b7ddfa6b5cff2d54d3c2-3.jpg&s3=4635-411-12556143ec06218b0a933e1efd8a98d8-2026x2700.jpg
The first time I went to our store was in the fall of 2016, when a colleague from the company at the time took me to Tsukada Farm. While my colleagues who were used to going there were fascinated by the staff’s friendly communication, I ate alone, “It’s an ordinary izakaya, but it’s really delicious.” I was astonished though. After that, I joined the company in August 2018 as an executive officer in charge of overseas business and new domestic business, and I learned two things while solving various problems.
The first is our corporate philosophy, which includes a deep understanding of production areas and ingredients, an uncompromising commitment to deliciousness, a strong desire to provide customers with a wonderful dining experience, and many colleagues inside and outside the company who agree with this idea. We have the unique strength of our company, which is a high energy and a lot of resources for pursuing the ideal form of food.
The second is that as a result of being strongly oriented toward growth after going public, it was unable to respond to the expansion of the number of stores, the regions where it operates, and the number of business categories, etc., and it was unable to fully utilize those strengths, resulting in poor performance. strengths have not been lost.
By knowing these things, I was convinced that this company would be able to recover without fail, and I have been working on solving various problems.
On the other hand, the environment surrounding the restaurant industry, which is our main battlefield, has changed significantly through the corona disaster.
Decrease in company drinking parties due to the establishment of remote work, expansion of the market for home-cooked meals and ready-made meals due to delivery and ordering, further polarization of price ranges, shift in purchasing behavior to smartphones, and accompanying purchase selection behavior that transcends categories Acceleration of business development, progress in digitization due to the emergence of various tools and services, and further
diversification of means of attracting customers. We have become a world where we cannot survive unless we show ourselves.
If it is normal, you may be at a loss. However, as I mentioned earlier, we have strengths that we have cultivated based on our corporate philosophy, and I am convinced that leveraging those strengths will provide an opportunity for change.
In the changed environment, we will find opportunities and chances to create value by leveraging our strengths, and draw and realize the “ideal form of food” that fits the new world.
Yoneyama, the new chairman and founder of the company, and I, who have clearly different strengths, will work together to achieve this. We, AP Holdings, which has greatly changed the restaurant industry as a pioneer of “directly connected to the production area” and “sixth industry”, are now going to change not only the restaurant industry but also the food industry and the world in a big way after COVID-19. We will continue to work diligently under the new system so that we can continue to exist.
Shusaku Nomoto Biography
Date of birth January 13, 1978 (44 years old)
April 2001 Joined Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. (currently Panasonic Corporation)
June 2011 Joined Roland Berger Co., Ltd.
September 2013 Joined Positive Dream Persons Co., Ltd.
November 2016 Executive Officer of the company
June 2017 Joined Decollete Co., Ltd. (currently Decollete Holdings Co., Ltd.) August 2018 Joined the Company Executive Officer General Manager of Overseas and New Business Headquarters
August 2018 Executive Officer, General Manager of Overseas and New Business Headquarters and General Manager of Production and
Distribution Management Headquarters of the Company
January 2020 Executive Officer, Head of Kyushu Tsukada Farm Business Headquarters, Head of Overseas and New Business Headquarters, Head of Production and Distribution Management Headquarters
June 2020 Director, Executive Officer and COO of the Company June 2022 Director, Senior Executive Officer and COO of the Company (current position)

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