APC Co., Ltd. Demonstration class of AI education course package “AI Minerva” started!

APC Co., Ltd.
Demonstration class of AI education course package “AI Minerva” started!
APC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Oita City, Representative Director: Takami Sato, hereinafter referred to as APC) has developed an AI education course package “AI Minerva” that utilizes “Chimera AI Evangelist” that enables easy AI concept proofs. Demonstration classes will be held in collaboration with Oita Prefectural Information Science High School (Principal: Takeharu Hashimoto, hereinafter Information Science High School).
The demonstration class has been adopted for the 2022 Advanced Technology Challenge Project Promotion Project (GPU utilization frame) sponsored by Oita Prefecture by the consortium of APC and Information Science High School.
In addition, the Oita AI Technology Center (Director: Norio Murakami, Chairman of the Institute for Hyper-Network Society, hereinafter referred to as the AI ​​Center) is participating in this demonstration class as a facilitator.
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■ [About demonstration class]
AI Minerva is an AI education course package classified into “Novice”, “Standard” and “Advanced” with the theme of “cultivating human resources who can utilize AI and develop business”.
“Novice” focuses on “accurately verbalizing one’s own opinions and thoughts and conveying them to others” by touching one of the advanced technologies of AI, and in the process of forming one’s opinions and thoughts The aim is to learn to collect and verify data correctly, including positive and negative opinions, and to acquire the habit of not being caught by “confirmation bias”.
In this demonstration class, we plan to conduct hands-on classes and group work on the content of “What is AI?”
The target students will be less than 10 students, including third-year commerce students from Information Science High School and interns from IVY Advanced Computer College.
■ [Implementation schedule]
7 classes from November 22, 2020 (Tuesday) to December 22, 2020 (Thursday) [Image 2

■ [Future plans]
Information Science High School will be the first information-related department in the prefecture to be newly established from April 2023, and the two industrial and commercial departments will be reorganized into the AI ​​Technology Department and the Business Solution Department. We are planning to implement AI Minerva for all first-year students, and aim to establish a continuous class. We will continue to conduct advanced collaborative classes with private companies that have various cutting-edge technologies, and establish our position as a model school in Oita Prefecture.
APC will expand the line-up of AI Minerva’s class content, and by combining classes, it will be possible to create a flexible class structure that matches the unique characteristics of the school. . In addition, “AI Minerva Professional” for the purpose of IT reskilling regardless of science, humanities, and vocational school students, and “AI Minerva Expert”, which is more specialized and specialized in programming only for science and vocational school students, are also planned. doing.
■ [About APC]
We are mainly engaged in information system business and semiconductor business. In the information system business, we specialize in FA-related and computer vision fields. We are developing “Takumi no AI”, which is a digitization solution for
In the semiconductor business, as a strategic partner in Japan for Lam Research, a major US semiconductor manufacturing equipment
manufacturer, we are engaged in new start-up, modification,
troubleshooting, and maintenance of Etch and CVD equipment.
In recent years, we have supported the activities of the Japan Deep Learning Association, which hosts G-tests and E-tests, as the only supporting member company in Oita Prefecture, and participated as a steering committee member of the Oita AI Technology Center in Oita Prefecture. .
By providing “Chimera AI Evangelist”, a tool that enables anyone to easily demonstrate AI concepts, to companies in Oita Prefecture, we are actively working to develop AI human resources, such as supporting the construction of a reskilling environment. increase.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Company name: APC Co., Ltd.
TEL: 097-573-6616
Person in charge: Goto
Company HP: https://www.oita-apc.co.jp
Organization name: Oita Prefectural Information Science High School TEL: 097‐553‐1212
Person in charge: Tsutsumi
Group HP: http://kou.oita-ed.jp/jouhoukagaku/
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