Apparel Web Co., Ltd. Notice of launching Web marketing e-learning service “AMA” service Apparel Web Co., Ltd.

Apparel Web Co., Ltd.
Web marketing e-learning service “AMA” service start announcement [Apparel Web Co., Ltd.]

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Apparel Web Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenji Senkinraku) will start providing “AMA (ApparelWeb Marketing Academia)”, an e-learning service related to the field of web marketing.
The introduction and utilization of digital tools such as EC site operation, web advertising, and SNS has become one of the very important measures that are now indispensable for companies. However, the reality is that the training of digital marketing personnel cannot keep up with the rapid increase in demand, resulting in a chronic labor shortage.
“AMA”, which will start this time, is an e-learning service that not only allows you to take all about 300 digital marketing-related video teaching materials, but also has a test function that allows you to check your learning progress and understanding. We will help you solve the problems related to digital marketing human resource development that many companies have.
About AMA (Apparel Web Marketing Academia)
An e-learning service with unlimited access to approximately 300 web marketing-related video teaching materials. In addition to video teaching materials and comprehension tests, it also has a function to manage student learning progress and test results.
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■ Contents of video teaching materials (partial excerpt)
● Web marketing basics
・Mechanism of the website
・Customer journey and persona
・Management of EC site
・MA, SFA, CRM, etc.
・Overview of Google Analytics
  ・Settings for utilizing Google Analytics
· GA4 initial settings
・Analysis basics for GA4, etc.
Attracting customers
・Basics of listing advertisement
・Fundamentals of display advertising
· SEO basics, etc.
● EC site related
・Improved page elements and design
・Measures to prevent cart abandonment
・Email marketing, etc.
Please inquire for detailed functions and costs from the following.
■ About Apparel Web Co., Ltd.
A one-of-a-kind company that provides specialized services for the apparel and fashion industries. We create sites and apps, data analysis, owned media, content construction, SNS operation support, support for overseas expansion, etc. We aim to revitalize the entire apparel and fashion industry with an appropriate approach that matches the changing times.
[Apparel Web Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name Apparel Web Co., Ltd.
Location: Nihonbashi Honcho 1-chome Building 5F, 1-9-13 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative CEO Kenji Senkinraku
Capital: 100,000,000 yen
Business content Solution business, platform business, overseas business, etc. Company URL

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