AppBrew Co., Ltd. Beauty platform “LIPS” releases personal color diagnosis function using AR technology

AppBrew Inc.
Beauty platform “LIPS” releases personal color diagnosis function using AR technology
Under the full supervision of Juri Watanabe, a color and cosmetics consultant, real results close to offline diagnosis are realized.
AppBrew Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuta Fukasawa, hereinafter AppBrew), which operates one of Japan’s largest (* 1) beauty platforms “LIPS”, supervised color and cosmetics consultant Juri Watanabe, AR The “Personal Color Diagnosis Function” utilizing technology was released on November 24, 2022 (Thursday). (* 1: “No. 1 download number of cosmetics and makeup word-of-mouth search apps” Source: App Annie Japan iOS & Android, total: January to December 2021)
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Potentially, many people feel that they want to know their personal color According to the survey results of “LIPS labo” (* 2), about half of LIPS users know their personal color, and about 90% of those who do not know want to know their “personal color”. doing.
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In addition, the same survey found that about 60% of users who knew personal colors made diagnoses based on self-judgment.
Personal color is now recognized by a wide range of ages, but there are also voices such as “If you do a self-diagnosis, you don’t know if it really suits you” or “I want to have a professional diagnosis, but I can’t make an appointment.” In response to such voices, we will release the “Personal Color Diagnosis” function that can be
experienced in the app, which we have been considering implementing for some time.

Professional full supervision x AR function utilization. “Personal color diagnosis” that makes makeup and beauty more fun

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On November 24, 2022 (Thursday), the “Personal Color Diagnosis” function that can be used with a smartphone app will be released. By using AR technology instead of text-based, we have realized a realistic diagnostic experience that is easy to understand visually and intuitively.
In addition, under the supervision of Ms. Juri Watanabe, a color and cosmetics consultant who has become a hot topic on social media, we have built a process that allows for offline personal color diagnosis. Diagnosis results are also diverse with 40 patterns, and on the result page, we will pick up recommended cosmetics for each pattern and introduce them.
1. Realize the real quality of professional diagnosis online. Supervised by Juri Watanabe, a color and cosmetics consultant Completely supervised by Juri Watanabe, who runs the image consulting salon “jewelblooming”, which is visited by many idols, models, and celebrities. Salon-quality diagnosis, which is inundated with reservations, can now be experienced with LIPS.
2. Equipped with AR technology that uses Perfect Corp. Just choose a lipstick that suits you

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LIPS’s “Personal Color Diagnosis” function uses AR technology provided by Perfect Co., Ltd., which is used by many cosmetic brands. Using AR technology, you can choose a lip color that suits you 6 to 7 times. Mr. Watanabe also supervised the texture because he wanted people to pay attention to the color of the lip color. In order to ensure that there is no sense of incongruity when the color is applied to the lips, we have created a product that is particular about the exquisite luster.
The point is that even those who are making a diagnosis for the first time can choose without hesitation.
3. In addition to the diagnosis results of 40 patterns, recommend a wide range of recommended cosmetics for each pattern.
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A total of 40 patterns are covered, not only the combination of first color × second color, which is represented by personal color diagnosis, but also the ratio of “saturation, brightness, and turbidity”.
Recommended cosmetic items are recommended in the category of “Eyeshadow, Cheek, Lip, Nail, Color Contact” for every 40 patterns. Items are picked up from among the top items in the LIPS ranking, All Mr. Watanabe’s recommended colors are selected.
In addition, Mr. Watanabe also supervised and introduced recommended accessories and small items such as masks, based on the common desire of LIPS and Mr. Watanabe to have more fun with makeup and beauty by knowing their personal colors.

Message from supervising Juri Watanabe
There is always a “color that suits you”.
The best color that appears in the results of many personal color diagnosis is often the so-called typical color, and I have seen many people who feel uncomfortable with the diagnosis result, saying, “Even though it is the same type, it does not fit well.” did.
This time, we have prepared 40 patterns of diagnosis results for LIPS’ personal color diagnosis, so that even those who say “I don’t have a color that suits me” or “I feel uncomfortable with the results of the diagnosis so far” We want you to know that color can be fun. In fact, the app allows you to experience results that are close to the results of the diagnosis I make at the salon.
By knowing the range of colors that you are good at, I would like you to experience the fun of choosing cosmetic colors.
And more and more, I want you to enjoy makeup and beauty.
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Color & Cosmetic Consultant Juri Watanabe
Operates the image consulting salon “jewelblooming” in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Based on not only personal color diagnosis, but also bone structure diagnosis and face type diagnosis, we provide comprehensive image consulting based on the concept of knowing your “strength” and mastering your “likes”.
In a recent book, “Personal Color x Skeleton x Face Type Diagnosis (R)︎ Understands! A stylish textbook that doesn’t require sense” (published by KADOKAWA)
■Please also check the following for LIPS “Personal Color Diagnosis”.
About LIPS
The service will be launched in January 2017, and in 2021, the number one downloaded app for searching reviews of cosmetics and makeup (Source: App Annie in Japan iOS & Android, total: January to December 2021). record. In December 2021, the EC function “LIPS Shopping” will be released. Now you can provide a seamless experience from
discovering a product to buying it and writing a review. Furthermore, in October 2022, the logo will be redesigned to embody the concept of “Being who you want to be, more freely.” We aim to be a platform where individuals can freely pursue their “happiness” and “desired appearance” through makeup and beauty, regardless of gender or generation. Various functions and contents such as product reviews on makeup and skin care, communication between users, popularity rankings, new product information and gift planning are provided free of charge.
Company Profile
Company name: AppBrew Inc.
Location: 1-11-6 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Totsuku Hongo Building 4F Representative Director: Yuta Fukasawa
Business: Planning, development, and operation of the beauty platform app “LIPS” LIPS (iOS):
LIPS (Android):

Details about this release:


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