Applications for the 2023 Management System Performance Course (MSP Course) are now open!

Perry Johnson Holding Co., Ltd.
Applications for the 2023 Management System Performance Course (MSP Course) are now open!
Would you like to work with us to spread and establish the ideal management system?

Perry Johnson Holding Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuko Seto) aims to spread and establish the ideal management system. ” and “EMS & Sustainability Management Course” will be held in the morning and afternoon on the same day.
In the “QMS & Management Practical Course”, students mainly study the requirements of the ISO: 9001 standard and aim to be able to carry out practical activities based on actual examples of meeting the requirements. In addition, by learning the quality management principles (7 principles) described in ISO:9000, you will gain a deeper understanding and enable more effective operation.
In the EMS & Sustainability Management Course, in recent years, as the social environment has matured, values ​​have changed significantly. We are forced to respond. In this course, you will learn about the ISO:14001 standard requirements, how to effectively utilize the environmental management system, and how to balance the three pillars of “society,” “environment,” and “economy.” I can.
In addition to real-time viewing that allows you to ask questions via web distribution, and lectures that you can watch recordings at any time, it consists of “follow-up seminars” that are held locally once every two months in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.
~Click here to apply~
● “QMS & Management Practical Course” Participation fee is free *Separate text required
 15 times in total, 1 lecture 80 minutes (in principle: 2 lectures are held on Saturday morning)
● “EMS & Sustainability Management Course” participation fee is free *Separate text required
 8 times in total, 1 lecture 120 minutes (principle: 1 lecture a day on Saturday afternoon)
Those who want to utilize a certified management system to improve the performance of corporate activities, those who want to utilize a certified management system for “sustainability management”, “SDGs”, etc.
Those who work for a company that is considering obtaining ISO certification Those who want to work as an auditor or consultant in the future Those who work at a consulting firm
Those working as consultants
~Contents that can be learned in the “QMS & Management Practical Course”~ A management system that is useful for management and appreciated by business partners
Currently, the management system operation attitude of organizations in Japan is divided into two types: those who say “just need a registration certificate” and those who say “I want not only a registration certificate but also operational results such as improved business performance”. . At Perry Johnson Holdings, we are working to deepen our learning with everyone in order to pursue the ideal management system, increase its effectiveness, and demonstrate better performance.
-Contents that can be learned in the EMS & Sustainability Management Course- To meet the needs and rules of a new society!
We, Perry Johnson Holdings, pursue the ideal management system, effectively utilize the environmental management system, and focus on methods to balance these three pillars of “society”, “environment” and “economy”. This “EMS & Sustainability Management Course” will be held. This EMS & Sustainability Management Course, which is offered in line with the needs of the times, is based on a total of 8 sessions, each session lasting 120 minutes and one session per day.
~Contents that can be acquired in both courses~
 Original program by the chief judge
This program was developed by a team of lecturers who have a wealth of judging experience as lead judges for the Perry Johnson Registrar and are also active as business consultants. Since 2014, more than 1,000 people have completed the QMS & Management Practical Course. Many of them are active as ISO auditors and consultants as a result of this. This is an original program that allows you to systematically master management systems, rather than merely learning standard requirements. For deeper learning with this course + follow-up seminar
In addition to this course, which allows real-time viewing and recording viewing via web distribution, follow-up seminars will be held once every two months in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. The follow-up seminars, which are participatory seminars (question-and-answer sessions and exercises), are particularly popular. Improve your understanding with performance improvement seminars + exercises + Q&A! ■ Seminar details
“QMS & Management Practical Course”
Web delivery course that can be viewed in real time and recorded according to your convenience
15 sessions in total, 80 minutes per session (in principle: 2 sessions per day on Saturday morning)
Focusing on the ISO 9000/9001 standards, we aim to gain a deep understanding of the requirements.
For those who want to improve the performance of their business, not just decorate their registration certificate!
It is possible to retake the course for those who have taken the course before. *It is also possible to participate in the “EMS Sustainability Management Course” held in the afternoon on the same day.
[Image 1

After completing all 15 classes, those who pass the final exam will be issued a certificate of completion from a dedicated platform. If you would like the instructor to sign the documents prepared by your organization, please contact the MSP secretariat ( -What to prepare for the course-
[Table 4: ]

“EMS & Sustainability Management Course”
Web delivery course that can be viewed in real time and recorded according to your convenience
8 times in total, 1 lecture 120 minutes (principle: 1 lecture a day on Saturday afternoon)
Focusing on the ISO14001 standard, we aim to gain a deep understanding of the requirements.
If you feel that “sustainability” and “SDGs” are keywords, please It is also possible for those who have already taken the course to retake the course.
*It is also possible to participate in the “QMS & Management System Practical Course” held in the morning on the same day.
[Image 2

After completing all 8 classes, those who pass the final exam will be issued a certificate from a dedicated platform. Please contact the MSP secretariat ( if you would like the instructor to sign the documents prepared by your organization.
-What to prepare for the course-
[Table 5: ]
*Regarding the purchase of each standard
・For those who wish to purchase, please contact the seminar management office (
・Applications for specifications will be accepted until the end of February. If you are going to participate after that, please prepare the standard by yourself.
・Students who have applied before the start of the first class can purchase the standard at a special discount price. For details, please contact the Seminar Management Bureau (
・Prepare a non-pocket version
・The payment method for the specification fee is bank transfer. (Details will be announced separately).
・A guide email will be sent to the registered address.
・If you wish to cancel after completing the application, please contact the MSP Secretariat ( immediately.
・Please let us know in advance if you do not wish to be posted on SNS etc.

Click here for the introduction video of the MSP course
[Video 2:] [Online seminar notes]
・Lectures will be accepted from 15 minutes before delivery
・Unauthorized sharing of video URLs and video recordings of this seminar is prohibited.
・Only the applicant can participate and watch
・You may not be able to participate in the online seminar due to connection problems. Please note
[Follow-up seminar notes]
・Since the course is self-organized, we may ask for your cooperation in reception, venue setup, cleanup, etc.
・After the seminar, an information exchange meeting (17:00-19:00) hosted by the MSP Study Group is scheduled. We will contact you about one week before the scheduled seminar date to confirm your attendance. ・If you suddenly miss a follow-up seminar, please call your local MSP sales representative. We may not be able to confirm by email. ◆ What is “MSP Study Group”?
It is a practical study group for the purpose of interaction, information exchange, and business matching among members. Each region has its own characteristics, and each subcommittee decides its own theme and deepens learning about how to improve the performance of management systems through discussions and presentations.
Completion ceremony (Tokyo: December 9, Nagoya: December 2, Osaka: December 23) We will hold a graduation ceremony. A special session of the MSP Study Group will also be held on the same day.
How to use the online seminar (viewing environment)
[Image 3

Until the end Thank you for reading.
If you are interested, please apply here.
■ “QMS & Management Practical Course”
■ “EMS & Sustainability Management Course”
If you have any questions, please contact “”.
We are looking forward to your application.
【Company Profile】
[Table 6: ]

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