Aquastar Co., Ltd. Aiming to be “a happy place to live in Utsunomiya”. Start of the Super Smart City Utsun omiya Project. Aquastar is in charge of a special site and event where you can experience the future city

Aquastar Co., Ltd.
Aiming for “Utsunomiya where it’s fun to live”. Start of the Super Smart City Utsunomiya Project. Aquastar is in charge of a special site and event where you can experience the future city

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Aquastar Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyoshi Harada, hereinafter referred to as our company) has created a special experience-based site that widely disseminates the “Super Smart City” promoted by Utsunomiya City and promotes understanding of urban development. Also responsible for event planning and production. A super smart city is a vision of the future city that Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, which has a brand message of “Utsunomiya is a pleasant place to live”. Based on the “NCC (Network Compact City)”, the three societies of “Community Symbiotic Society”, “Regional Economy Recycling Society” and “Decarbonized Society” will utilize human resources development and digital technology. We are working on city development that can develop by and contribute to the achievement of SDGs.
Our company produced the “experience-based special site” based on the concept of creating a device that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Specifically, we have prepared a mechanism that changes the key visual according to the preferences of the person who visits the site. Also, on November 26th and 27th, NTT QONOQ Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiji Maruyama, hereinafter referred to as KonoQ) will provide the information, led by Utsunomiya City and our company, to further promote understanding. We will hold hands-on events that utilize digital technology, including the new sensory town play AR service “XR City”.
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Production content
This time, we have created a special website and digital content to promote citizens’ understanding of the super smart city promoted by Utsunomiya City.
In Utsunomiya City, the social environment is changing due to the declining population, declining birthrate and aging population, as well as the remarkable progress of digital technology.
Even in the midst of rapid change, we will solve these problems and create a super smart city as a future city around 2030 so that the citizens living now and the next generation living in the future can live happily. is up. In order to realize a super smart city, it is essential to have citizens’ understanding and empathy for community development.
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― About the special experience-based site
In order to make this site “communicable” to all citizens living in Utsunomiya City
This is an “experience-based special site” with a mechanism that changes the contents according to the taste and age of the visitor. On this site, you can change the design within the site according to your preferences.
There are four types of designs that can be changed, and we made use of our 30 years of illustration production know-how to create a taste that is highly compatible with each generation.
The characters that appear follow the settings of the four citizen models that appeared in the December 2021 issue of Public Relations Utsunomiya.
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In addition, we have introduced character diagnosis content so that you can enjoy viewing the site.
This character diagnosis content also incorporates a mechanism that changes the key visual according to your favorite touch.
After answering the questions, hero characters imitating each of the elements of the super smart city, “local symbiotic society”, “regional economic recycling society”, and “decarbonized society” will appear, and you will have fun while understanding the super smart city. We have configured the content as you see fit.
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In addition, a new Twitter account will be opened along with the opening of the special site, and a hashtag campaign will be held. In the hashtag campaign, a point gift will be given to 100 people by lottery from among the participants.
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-About real events that you can actually experience
On November 26th and 27th, we will hold a hands-on real event for the purpose of promoting understanding. At the event venue, we will also carry out a campaign to receive gifts limited to special site viewers. Experience-based content can be experienced at the Miya Mirai Exhibition held at Light Cube Utsunomiya and at each base in Utsunomiya City.
The Miya Mirai Exhibition will be held as part of the town opening event in the JR Utsunomiya Station East Exit area.
This time, we will develop four types of digital content in the corner of the Miyamirai exhibition.
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At various locations in Utsunomiya City, five types of content utilizing XR City provided by Konokyu will be developed in Utsunomiya City.
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In addition, an outdoor signage in Utsunomiya City will display a video promoting the Super Smart City.
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What is “XR City”?
“XR City” is a service that displays AR content that matches the location when customers hold up a smartphone that has downloaded the dedicated app “XR City” in the service area.
AR content creates new value in the provision area. For app users, we will provide an experience that makes going out more fun, convenient, and profitable. In addition, for corporate customers, by utilizing XR City, it will be possible to create a new digital city that has never existed before by combining XR content with real cities and places. As a result, we will revitalize the area, utilize new data, and provide opportunities for new business creation.
XR City Official Website:
XR City app download URL
-Android version- -iOS version-
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What is a super smart city?
The super smart city developed independently by Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, which has a brand message of “Utsunomiya is a pleasant place to live” The three societies of “local symbiotic society”, “regional economy recycling society”, and “decarbonized society” are “towns where dreams and hopes come true” that develop through efforts for “development of human resources” and utilization of “digital technology”.
Utsunomiya City aims to become a super smart city around 2030 that can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
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About Aquastar
Since its founding in 1991, Aquastar Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive production company with strengths in planning and producing
illustrations and digital content. After 2020, we are expanding our business not only in web illustration advertisements and game illustrations, but also in the digital domain such as AR and VR. Name: Aquastar Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Head Office 〒104-0045 29th Kowa Building 5F, 2-11-24 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Kansai Branch 702 Higobashi Ishikawa Building, 1-22-4 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0002
Representative: Hiroyoshi Harada, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: November 14, 1991
Official website:
Latest achievements: [Image 12d55500-44-f4d10cdc0ef908aefde5-11.png&s3=55500-44-4c4682f14da770724c20287c0de498a7-936x161.png

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