Arflex Tamagawa Private Property Series Helmut Newton x Nicholas Taylor Photo Exhibition “WAS HERE”

Arflex Japan Co., Ltd.
[Arflex Tamagawa] Private Property Series Helmut Newton x Nicholas Taylor Photo Exhibition “WAS HERE”
“LIFE with ART project” where you can meet art at Arflex. Unique art born from dialogue with space.

Arflex Tamagawa will exhibit and sell the works of legendary 20th century fashion photographer Helmut Newton and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s sworn friend Nicholas Taylor. Please enjoy the fusion of the powerful yet sophisticated black-and-white photographs and the interior space of Arflex Tamagawa.
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A powerful yet sophisticated black-and-white world expressed by two photographers
The LIFE with ART project proposes a comfortable relationship between art and interior design.
At Arflex Tamagawa, fashion photographer Helmut Newton, who has graced the covers of “VOGUE” and “PLAYBOY” magazines as a legendary photographer in the 20th century, and Nicholas Taylor, who was an ally of Jean-Michel Basquiat. We will exhibit and sell the works of Two people who cut out a moment and preserved that moment forever, giving the viewer infinite possibilities and freedom from the monochrome world. Please enjoy the fusion with the interior space of Arflex Tamagawa.
Overview of the event

[Image 2d28759-32-a2efc8add0594dfbf4d0-1.png&s3=28759-32-32d3c06435c5590266dc9cc54efd545d-1777x2700.png
“David Bowie, Monte Carlo Vogue Magazine, 1983” H.668xW.504mm Private Property Series Helmut Newton x Nicholas Taylor Photo Exhibition “WAS HERE”
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Monday, December 26, 2022 *Irregular holidays
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Venue: Arflex Tamagawa
free entrance
Exhibition information: Official Instagram:

[Image 3d28759-32-12f9d3a8255d1726628d-2.jpg&s3=28759-32-87091cdcda8dc2d78bf94ba143aaacb0-1824x2700.jpg
curated by
The Private Property Collection By INTERNATIONAL IMAGES. GALLERY
Representative of Nicholas Taylor Photography by mAtter
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the exhibition period, etc. may be changed suddenly. The latest information will be announced on the website. Please note.
Artist profile
Helmut Newton Helmut Newton
Born in 1920 in Berlin, Germany, into a wealthy Jewish family. In 1936, he began training under female photographer Iva (Else Simon). In 1938, he left Germany to escape the Nazis and stayed in Singapore. Became a member of the photography department of a newspaper company, but was fired after two weeks. Moved to Australia in 1940 and married actress June Brown (active as a photographer under the name of Alice Spring) in 1947. Moved to London and later to Paris. Active in fashion magazines such as “VOGUE”. First solo exhibition in Paris in 1975. Moved to Monte Carlo in 1981. He died in a car accident in Hollywood in 2004. 83 years old.
Nicholas Taylor
Known as a living legend in NY, he met Basquiat at MUDD CLUB, a legendary club in NY. The two hit it off, and the photo taken 15 minutes later is still used as a valuable resource at Basquiat exhibitions around the world. Working with Basquiat, Nicholas Taylor, Michael Holman, Shannon Dawson, Wayne Clifford, and Vincent Gallo, who was a member for a while, in a band called GRAY. Even after Basquiat’s death, GRAY is still based in NY with Nicholas Taylor and Michael Holman.
[Image 4d28759-32-fe8c820e7fdf4fbe51b9-3.jpg&s3=28759-32-75a8f160910169ae3705fac140341e87-1000x124.jpg
– LIFE with ART project – started in 2017 by Arflex together with Noie Curation & Creation (, which also has a face as a picture frame and frame shop. We want more people to experience the joy of decorating with art. We hold exhibition and sales events of various genres and expressions with common thoughts.
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