[Ark Games Global Pte. 2nd CBT implementation decision! Reservation top 10 reservation limited gacha is also being held! The first CBT was successfully completed. Thank you for your participation!

Ark Games Global Pte.
The number of pre-registrants for the natural fantasy RPG “The Legend of Kabbalah” exceeded 1 million! 2nd CBT implementation decision! Reservation top 10 reservation limited gacha is also being held! The first CBT was successfully completed. Thank you for your

The number of pre-registrants for the new smartphone RPG “The Legend of Kabbalah” scheduled to be released from Ark Games on Wednesday, December 14 has exceeded 1 million! The first CBT was successfully completed. Thank you for all the applications!
Pre-order gacha limited to reservation top 10 is still being held! Over 1 million pre-registered users! ! !
[Image 1

The number of pre-registered users has exceeded 1 million! Thank you for all your registrations! The release date is Wednesday, December 14th. All the flower spirits are looking forward to meeting you. 1st CBT completed successfully. Thank you for your participation! [Image 2

On November 15th (Tuesday), the first CBT was successfully completed. Based on this result, we will continue to make improvements so that everyone can enjoy it even more.
2nd CBT implementation decision! Recruitment starts on Monday, November 21st! [Image 3

We have decided to implement the second CBT! We will wait for the application of everybody!
[Second CBT details]
・ Recruitment number: 1000 people
* Those who participated in the first closed beta test will be preferentially selected.
・ Recruitment period: November 21, 2022 (Monday) to November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) ・ Winning announcement: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday)
・ Period (provisional): December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 08, 2022 (Thursday)
*Winners will be contacted by their registered email address after 10:00. ・Recommended operating environment
iOS: 13.0 or later iPhone 8 or later (system memory 2GB or more) Those who have a device with Android version 7.0+ or ​​higher (system memory 4GB or higher)
Those who have a Google account and an email address associated with it * When applying, please enter the email address that corresponds to the above. Click here to apply for the second CBT!
* This URL can be used from November 21 (Monday) when the second CBT recruitment starts.
[CBT Bonus]
Participate in the 1st CBT and get a summoning seed * 1500
Participate in the 2nd CBT and get a summoning seed * 1500
If you participate in the 1st CBT and the 2nd CBT at the same time and reach level 90 in the 2nd CBT
Acquire the title “The Beta Tester”
Get the 6 rare flower spirits that can be used immediately after release with the “Reservation Top 10” advance gacha limited to those who have reserved!
[Image 4

On the official website of “Reservation Top 10”, a free advance gacha limited to those who have reserved is now available!
A great chance to draw gacha up to 40 times a day!
[People who got ★ 6 rare with “rare flower spirit selection gift” one after another! ]
★ A big chance to get a gift that can be obtained by choosing one of the 6 rare flower spirits (water lily, sasanqua, izayoi, tsukimisou)! ★ 6 rares are already appearing one after another! Rare characters that can be used immediately after release make the game more interesting! Don’t miss this chance!
[★ 6 rares appearing 86 times! ] * As of 10:00 am on Friday, November 18 Check here for the latest appearances!
Reservation Top 10: https://yoyaku-top10.jp/pc/gacha/Nzc1
[Image 5

* After the app is released, you can check the privilege ID etc. in the smartphone version reservation top 10. After launching the app, if you enter the gacha privilege ID from “Exchange code” on the personal screen of the settings, the gacha privilege will be given to the bag. * Gacha privilege ID can only be used once per person.
Click here for details on advance gacha for reservation only! Reservation Top 10: https://yoyaku-top10.jp/pc/gacha/Nzc1
Pre-registration commemorative campaign is still being held
[Image 6

At the same time, we are holding a commemorative campaign that changes the in-game rewards distributed after the official release according to the number of pre-registration targets achieved. Achieving 1,000,000 people will definitely give you 500 Summon Seeds, 100 Skill Books, and 200,000 Gold! The start dash at the time of release is getting more and more gorgeous! Invite more friends and get even more gorgeous items!
[Pre-registration commemorative campaign goal achievement item reward] 500,000 people achieved: 300 summon seeds 100,000 gold [Achievement] Achieved 1 million people: 500 summoning seeds, 100 skill books, 200,000 gold [Achievement]
Reached 1.3 million people: 800 summoning seeds, 200 elementary weapon enhancement powders, 300,000 gold
Achieved 1.6 million people: 1200 summoning seeds, 300 elementary armor strengthening powder, 400,000 gold
Achieved 1.8 million people: Japanese-style set equipment (class a) 1-day pet trial ticket
Achieved 2 million people: Element 10 times gacha card gold 500,000 About The Legend of Kabbalah
I want to protect this world of flowers and trees.
In addition to choosing a partner from among many flower spirits to fight with, you can also customize your own way of enjoying with a variety of jobs and avatars. A natural fantasy RPG with plenty of mini-games and plenty of replay elements. Please experience the vast world view, the bond with the flower spirit, and the thrilling battle. Official site: https://cabala.arkgames.com/?from=pr3
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cabala_JP
Genre: RPG
Delivery time (scheduled delivery): December 14, 2022
Price: Basic play free (some items are charged)
Apple Store: http://bit.ly/3tyeGuC
Google Play: http://bit.ly/3hJ5Ves
iOS recommended environment: iphone6s or higher, ipad2017 or higher, IOS 9 or higher
Recommended Android environment: Android 4.3 or higher, CPU (Qualcomm Snapdragon) 800 or higher, memory 3GB or higher
(C) Ark Games
Details about this release:


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