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Arklands Co., Ltd. Arklands will hold Team Eco Work at Mizubering Sanjo on Saturday, November 5th

Arklands Co., Ltd.
Arklands Team Eco Work will be held at Mizubering Sanjo on Saturday, November 5th
~ Approximately 100 people participated in greening work together with citizens ~

Arklands Co., Ltd. (President: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture) will hold the eco event “Team Eco Work” of the
environmental project Team ECO (Team Eco) hosted by UX Niigata Television 21, which is sponsored by our company, on November 5th ( It was held on Saturday at Mizubering Sanjo in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. On the day of the event, approximately 100 people, including our staff, participated in the greening work.
[Image 1d82655-57-d2a34f2e2d49d7ae2e67-0.jpg&s3=82655-57-0dd44f10aeb0aa4a9806f34223e69e4f-465x349.jpg
[Image 2d82655-57-ac86634adf0824e2ef8c-1.jpg&s3=82655-57-c57db824c56b47de28596abd3893e214-711x533.jpg

“Team Eco Work” works with citizens to green the natural environment in various places in Niigata Prefecture. This time, we carried out greening work to make Mizubering Sanjo, which is loved by many people as a place of relaxation representing the central district of the prefecture, even more attractive.
Date: Saturday, November 5, 2022
Implementation details: 1. Greening work (planting bulbs) 2. Game events and exhibitions using our new products
Opening ceremony
[Image 3d82655-57-8e2a55df728d3e297892-2.jpg&s3=82655-57-7c01c5965d7aa5719ac06ad21119bf6f-800x533.jpg
Opening ceremony
[Image 4d82655-57-1a9cd68f3a6b497f7d1c-3.jpg&s3=82655-57-706e2b9308434e231359d0134db2e466-648x419.jpg
Greetings from Mitsuaki Shida, Managing Director of Arklands Co., Ltd.

Greening work
Planted over 2,000 tulip bulbs. You can expect to enjoy a lot of tulips next spring.
[Image 5d82655-57-2529187e2d5bbaaa1897-4.jpg&s3=82655-57-df3c2ffcf6195c9ba283e78c5b526f4b-800x533.jpg
[Image 6d82655-57-8212f31d52969adc9fe1-5.jpg&s3=82655-57-be6b5c7c9516fce36ebd4e464c500abf-800x533.jpg

We also held a game event and exhibition using our new products. [Image 7d82655-57-28e708f6b59934a78a7e-6.jpg&s3=82655-57-e7bcdf49981f5fd044566a2b6edb092b-800x533.jpg
Hold new product exhibition and games
[Image 8d82655-57-23140db76d7e039f82ec-7.jpg&s3=82655-57-d2d87774e1972536fa017db419604846-800x533.jpg
A target-hitting game using a blower

Arklands will continue to think about what we can do for the global environment. Company Profile
Arklands Co., Ltd. aims to be an industry-leading lifestyle value providing group with the slogan “Living, satisfying. Heart,
satisfying.” increase.
By continuing to evolve and change in our own way, we will pursue our expertise and respond to our customers’ desire to enrich their lives. Trade name: Arklands Co., Ltd.
Representative: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Representative Director
Location: 445 Kamisukoro, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture (〒955-8501) Founded: April 1, 1977
Business: Retail business, restaurant business, wholesale business, renovation business, fitness business, EC business, real estate business
Capital: 6,462 million yen
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