Arklands Co., Ltd. Sumi DEPOT Shibata store will be reopened from November 10th (Thursday)

Arklands Co., Ltd.
Sumi DEPOT Shibata store will be reopened from November 10th (Thursday)
Arklands Co., Ltd. (President: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture) is pleased to announce that the Sumi DEPOT Shibata store (Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture) will be reopened on Thursday, November 10th.
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What is “Sumi DEPOT”?
This is a new concept shop of Musashipro (tools, building materials, materials, work clothing specialty store) + Ark Style (renovation specialty store). Based on the concept of a specialty store that can solve problems from products related to “housing” + simple repairs to full-scale renovations, we continue to evolve every day with the aim of being a store that can provide a place to solve problems for both professional and general customers.
Items handled
Building materials, lumber, tools, building hardware, electrical materials, water supplies, housing equipment, large machines, work supplies, paints, curing materials, etc.
Purpose of renewal
The Sumi DEPOT Shibata store opened in March 2018 under the trade name of TOOL & Reform “Sumi DEPOT”. In order to better meet the needs of local professionals who have patronized us for the past four years, we have introduced more specialized products to make shopping easier, while maintaining the standard product line-up needed at the site. Changed to layout.
Enhanced sales floor
■Tools, construction hardware, and work clothes section
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Example) Tool shop
At the power tools section, we have significantly increased the product lineup of the popular brands “Hikoki” and “Makita”, and at the construction hardware section, we have strengthened the product lineup related to mechanical nails and screws.
In addition, we increased the product lineup of popular brands such as “Battle” and “Toraichi” in the work clothing section, and “Asics”, “Mizuno”, and “Simon” in the safety shoes section.

■ Construction materials, lumber, housing-related materials sales floor [Image 4d82655-52-06e6ec8e4caeddc65360-13.jpg&s3=82655-52-e9774dc447dfc1794cde62e1ba4094e2-302x202.jpg
Example) Floor material sales floor
In addition to expanding interior materials such as floor materials and doors, we also increased our inventory of consumables such as plywood and square lumber to meet the needs of bulk purchases. In the housing equipment sales floor, we mainly strengthened water heaters, washing toilet seats, and washbasins, and expanded our lineup of water supplies to enable us to handle product sales and
construction work. In the electrical materials section, we expanded the parts for air conditioners and made it a product lineup
specializing in “Panasonic” wiring.

■ Expanded loading space
[Image 5d82655-52-b5b73ee90a983e70fbcb-15.jpg&s3=82655-52-6e3887576a6294ba8f2fd20b29826e4c-350x196.jpg
We have expanded the loading space where cars can be parked next to the store, making it possible to load efficiently.

Full service
[Image 6d82655-52-f026234a9fda00a3e1a9-16.jpg&s3=82655-52-21648653b26960c3bfd9ee9ea3f9fa46-430x306.jpg
■ Purchase and sales of second-hand electric tools
■ Repair of electric tools
■ Tool theft compensation
■ Battery regeneration for power tools
■ work clothes name
■ Hemming work pants
■ Helmet name case
■ Repair and maintenance of various machines
■ Wood and steel processing
■ 1-ton truck rental (90 minutes free)
■Early morning business (Open at 7:00 AM)

Sale information
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・ Target: PRO PREMIUM CARD members and customers who have registered as LINE friends (including enrollment on the day)
・ Period: 6 days from Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Tuesday, November 15, 2022 ・Benefits: 5% off the bill
store information
Store name: Sumi DEPOT Shibata store
Address: 3-6-28 Funairi-cho, Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture 957-0065 Phone number: 0254-23-6341
Business hours: 1.7:00-19:00, 2. Sundays only 9:00-19:00
Sales area: Approximately 3,818 square meters (approximately 1,157 tsubo) URL:
Company Profile
Arklands Co., Ltd. aims to be an industry-leading lifestyle value providing group with the slogan “Living, satisfying. Heart,
satisfying.” increase.
By continuing to evolve and change in our own way, we will pursue our expertise and respond to our customers’ desire to enrich their lives. Trade name: Arklands Co., Ltd.
Representative: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Representative Director
Location: 445 Kamisukoro, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture (〒955-8501) Founded: April 1, 1977
Business: Retail business, restaurant business, wholesale business, renovation business, fitness business, EC business, real estate business
Capital: 6,462 million yen
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