Arklands Co., Ltd. “WIZ’A Premium” 9 items of 18V common battery electric tools will be on sale at Home Center Musashi and Super Viva Home from November 16th (Wednesday)

Arklands Co., Ltd.
“WIZ’A Premium” 9 items of 18V common battery electric tools will be on sale at Home Center Musashi and Super Viva Home from November 16th (Wednesday)
The first series of Arklands’ private brand “WIZ’A Premium”

Arklands Co., Ltd. (President: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture) will sell 9 items of 18V common battery electric tools of the private brand “WIZ’A Premium” from Wednesday, November 16th at Home Center Musashi and Super Viva Home. We will start.
What is “WIZ’A”?
“WIZ’A” is Arklands’ private brand. Combining WIZ (abbreviation of WITH) and the initial A of our company name, we named it with the image that ARCLANDS always has the thoughts of ARCLANDS near the tool itself and the scene where the tool is used. We propose valuable products that are useful for daily life based on the concept of being easier to use and easier to pick up.
In the future, the private brand products of Arklands, which will be developed at home center Musashi and Viva Home, will be unified into “WIZ’A”, standard products will be “WIZ’A”, and products with added value and functions will be “WIZ’A Premium”. will be sold as

Product introduction of 18V common battery electric tools
[Image 1d82655-47-a14542c078ac1e818f06-22.jpg&s3=82655-47-247a7fbadb853d9ab6b1f6b5d56b92e7-1241x898.jpg
The 18V common battery series can use 9 types of tools such as impact drivers, drills and drivers, circular saws, saws, jigsaws, disc grinders, blowers, hedge trimmers, and hair clippers with one common detachable rechargeable battery.
If you have a battery and a charger, you can increase the number of tools just by purchasing the main unit, so it is economical. It’s cordless and hassle-free, and the 18V high output type is suitable for a wide range of DIY beginners to advanced users.
Product lineup
1.18V rechargeable impact driver (battery and charger set)
[Image 2d82655-47-bdabd37cfbaf6c244421-1.jpg&s3=82655-47-a0bcc7e5ab259c8c0e240c4d3fea157d-665x406.jpg
[Image 3d82655-47-e37b52786ce33601b845-0.jpg&s3=82655-47-e19a5d274391c79dea97beef48cf637e-675x407.jpg

2.18V rechargeable drill & driver (main unit only)
[Image 4d82655-47-7fec0a0b28bd72deb622-3.jpg&s3=82655-47-20fb78626d7be6859fd8ee27b609428a-665x403.jpg
[Image 5d82655-47-ade1e5fca7fb7961df27-18.jpg&s3=82655-47-1883815816de54198f3f383cdb56bbc6-675x407.jpg

3.18V rechargeable circular saw 125mm (body only)
[Image 6d82655-47-3298ef979ea5158dc97f-5.jpg&s3=82655-47-7b8a83dd8d820e68d2656f24cc4b9ccc-665x412.jpg
[Image 7d82655-47-c5a67e127830a40ec3f2-4.jpg&s3=82655-47-d4756dbd5fa787570df189b6f9cd0cd6-675x407.jpg

4.18V rechargeable jigsaw (body only)
[Image 8d82655-47-8815984d7f8fe344b2b0-7.jpg&s3=82655-47-659f391ebe51c16a39a1d5647cea6aa3-665x403.jpg
[Image 9d82655-47-6fae90981f8e44de4a45-6.jpg&s3=82655-47-95349458db6684c0d0a52f68a5ccc948-675x407.jpg

5.18V rechargeable disc grinder (main unit only)
[Image 10d82655-47-a6810f156085b56ae9ae-9.jpg&s3=82655-47-c30f83eab14ce5fb4b1d19ca404e5bf3-665x409.jpg
[Image 11d82655-47-f226e008aa5ae0e7a04d-8.jpg&s3=82655-47-1bbc76a94ab64eeb3fb12e9a4a6c8bdb-675x407.jpg

6.18V rechargeable lawn clipper (main unit only)
[Image 12d82655-47-ed8381eec41dfc7d1fab-11.jpg&s3=82655-47-cbfc4d36623f082391d44844e738e62e-665x406.jpg
[Image 13d82655-47-8521c1b88c4ddcf3ec33-10.jpg&s3=82655-47-f7eabaa859a529dabd97d1a25e1d1445-675x407.jpg

7.18V rechargeable saw (body only)
[Image 14d82655-47-dcfebc19c88667e943d5-23.jpg&s3=82655-47-e5426cc5f49b67ebb2b8d69b96466ad4-667x406.jpg
[Image 15d82655-47-89ec464cbf88147ffd58-12.jpg&s3=82655-47-3ade01023a390a7b642debb36345f099-675x407.jpg

8.18V rechargeable blower (body only)
[Image 16d82655-47-845a6aaf671d729c940b-15.jpg&s3=82655-47-fc19688c7db10f19027e84f9ce2fd85b-665x404.jpg
[Image 17d82655-47-f87bb8753aba7279bfc7-14.jpg&s3=82655-47-ee00fb4b86e5af7b8da8e02b6fc43972-675x407.jpg

9.18V rechargeable hedge trimmer (body only)

[Image 18d82655-47-3d834fc99d344f3aaa88-24.jpg&s3=82655-47-2c75650eff36121d3ce0877b467d8db3-667x406.jpg
[Image 19d82655-47-384735e7eb9d753bcb1c-16.jpg&s3=82655-47-81d68b04edd72b9fefdd8ef5561d200d-675x407.jpg

10. Common 18V charger, common 18V battery pack
Charger for 18V battery pack (mass 360g): Reference selling price ¥1,980 (tax included ¥2,178)
18V battery pack 2.0Ah (charging time 60 minutes, weight 360g): reference selling price ¥ 3,980 (tax included ¥ 4,378)
[Image 20d82655-47-2e64f4ed591a5cd12b4a-21.jpg&s3=82655-47-82d88d92fc569e8c47a12c88f2d49457-1498x548.jpg

Handling store, online shop
It will be expanded to 27 home center Musashi stores and 50 Super Viva Home stores.
Handling stores
・27 Home Center Musashi stores
Sendai Izumi Store, Natori Store, Sakata Store, Tsuruoka Store, Yonezawa Store, Murakami Store, Tendo Store, SC Niigata Store, SC Joetsu Store, Sanjo Store, Nagano Minami Store, Kashiwazaki Store, Tokamachi Store, Ueda Store, Kyoto Yawata Store, SC Kanazawa Store, Himeji Store, Toyama Store, Kanazawa South Store, Mihara Store, Kaizuka Store, Takaoka Station South Store, Maruoka Store, Tonami Store, Sawada Store, Takaoka Nakasone Store, Kuki Shobu Store ・ All 50 Super Viva Home stores
online shop
・Arcland Online Shop: ・ Viva Home Online Shop: Company Profile
Arklands Co., Ltd. aims to be an industry-leading lifestyle value providing group with the slogan “Living, satisfying. Heart,
satisfying.” increase.
By continuing to evolve and change in our own way, we will pursue our expertise and respond to our customers’ desire to enrich their lives. Trade name: Arklands Co., Ltd.
Representative: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Representative Director
Location: 445 Kamisukoro, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture (〒955-8501) Founded: April 1, 1977
Business: Retail business, restaurant business, wholesale business, renovation business, fitness business, EC business, real estate business
Capital: 6,462 million yen

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