ART OF TEA from LA releases a new dessert tea product and a new design package.

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ART OF TEA from LA releases a new dessert tea product and a new design package. The new trend is the marriage of tea and dessert.

[ART OF TEA] Butterscotch, pumpkin pie and vanilla berry truffles have been added to the popular dessert tea, and the package of the collection such as chocolate monkey and apple pie has also been renewed. ART OF TEA offers a new tea experience, with a sweet aroma and a refreshing dessert tea that you can enjoy without worrying about calories.
Art of Tea ART OF TEA (, an organic tea brand from Los Angeles that is also loved by 5-star hotel afternoon teas, is a popular dessert tea with chocolate monkey, apple pie, lemon meringue, etc. In addition, butterscotch, vanilla berry truffles, and pumpkin pie have been added to create a total of nine collections inspired by various desserts.
ART OF TEA offers a new tea experience with a sweet aroma and a refreshing dessert tea that you can enjoy without worrying about calories.
At the same time, the package has also been renewed, making it a perfect gift for the holiday season.
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Do you know the popular dessert tea these days?
I want to eat sweet desserts, but I’m worried about calories. Since ART OF TEA released [dessert tea], which is perfect for such occasions and has a sweet scent like dessert, it has become a popular trend.

Sweet-scented dessert teas that can be enjoyed guilt-free have become a new tea category for several years, especially in the
health-conscious California region. The word “dessert tea” you sometimes hear. In fact, it is said that ART OF TEA, which is drunk in famous restaurants in Beverly Hills and Hollywood in the United States, created that category.
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ART OF TEA offers a new tea experience with a sweet aroma and a refreshing dessert tea that you can enjoy without worrying about calories.
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The founder, Steve Schwartz, entered the world of tea through Ayurvedic research, and is a leading authority on botanicals and spices. It is also said.
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A dessert tea that can be enjoyed guilt-free was born in conversations with chefs at cafes and restaurants in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. And this year, new products “Butterscotch”, “Vanilla Berry Truffle” and “Pumpkin Pie” will be added to popular dessert teas such as “Apple Pie”, “Pumpkin Pie”, and “Chocolate Monkey”. It became a type, and the package was also renewed.
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One of the most famous sweets in the world has become tea! Enjoy buttery flavored softness and golden white tea infusion.
Organic white tea, organic cinnamon, organic pink peppercorn, organic marigold,/flavoring
[Image 7

vanilla berry truffle

The sweetness of the cute curled white chocolate and the tartness of the hibiscus and berries create an exquisite harmony that makes you think of a sweet and sour dessert.
Organic Rooibos, Organic Honeybush, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Blackcurrant, White Chocolate/Flavoring
[Image 8

pumpkin pie
Immerse yourself in the aromas and flavors of freshly baked pumpkin pie. This delightful scent is perfect for the holidays and the changing seasons. It is caffeine free.
Rooibos, organic honeybush, organic cloves, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic marigold/fragrance.
Of the nine types of dessert tea, the chocolate collection contains cacao nibs and chocolate.
Based on rooibos and pu-erh tea, it is a unique tea that you can enjoy the scent of sweet chocolate blended with various spices and botanicals.
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chocolate monkey
Chocolate Monkey is a representative of a refreshing and easy-to-drink dessert tea with sweet banana and rich chocolate scent.
Contains organic rooibos, organic honeybush, organic cacao nibs, organic apple pieces, organic banana pieces, organic pink peppercorns, ground chocolate/emulsifier (from soy).
Although it is surrounded by a rich sweet aroma, it is refreshing to drink, so it goes well with chocolate and rich gateau chocolate. Of course, you can enjoy it instead of chocolate when you want to save calories.
[Image 10

chocolate monkey
ART OF TEA is a premium organic tea brand from Los Angeles. Based in California, which is highly health-conscious and boasts cutting-edge food culture, it is also known for establishing the field of [dessert tea].
Using plenty of carefully selected top quality organic tea leaves and various organic botanicals (plants), various teas and herbal teas carefully hand-blended have won numerous awards at the World Tea Expo, and Shutters on the Santa Monica. It is served at 5-star hotels, famous restaurants and cafes in Beverly Hills, including beaches. [Image 11d19091-17-53deda87cdc22fb9e332-4.jpg&s3=19091-17-68cc4506a49c2949f8eb495be368c950-650x456.jpg
In addition to dessert tea, we boast a carefully selected lineup such as wellness tea (bottom).
[Image 12d19091-17-7d03f315f11bd52dd478-15.jpg&s3=19091-17-7461b2437c9107d073ead96295652af0-1800x563.jpg
In Japan, it is used at restaurants such as the five-star Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo, The Peninsula Tokyo, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Ritz-Carlton Osaka, W Hotel Osaka, AMAN Kyoto, and Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. We are here.
In addition to carefully selected tea leaves, tea bags are also popular. [Image 13d19091-17-a32b8e4a514bb29cc257-14.jpg&s3=19091-17-b29ad73f9959303a47c715f0d379e9d1-2048x1365.jpg
carefully selected tea leaves
[Image 14d19091-17-f803d9c856bdcea11367-16.jpg&s3=19091-17-28727693660b1ebc2a2c9b2a93c4a61f-1200x800.jpg
Tea bag

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