Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Mr. Kaoru Okochi, a tax accountant who “changes society with money education” has been a ppointed as the “hometown tax NFT ambassador” of Aruyamu Co., Ltd., which promotes “regional revitalization with N FT”. .

Aryamu Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kaoru Okochi, a tax accountant who “changes society with money education”, has been appointed as the “hometown tax NFT ambassador” of Aruyamu Co., Ltd., which promotes “regional revitalization with NFT”.
Mr. Kaoru Okochi, a tax accountant who “changes society with money education”, has been appointed as the “hometown tax NFT ambassador” of Aruyamu Co., Ltd., which promotes “regional revitalization with NFT”. Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido;
Representative Director: Hiroaki Hatanaka; hereinafter “Aruyamu”), which promotes “local revitalization with NFT”, has started the “Hometown Tax NFT Ambassador” system. Mr. Kaoru Okochi, a tax accountant who “changes society through money education,” has been appointed.
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Mr. Kaoru Okochi, Tax Accountant
Overview of Mr. Kaoru Okochi’s appointment as an ambassador
Reason for becoming an ambassador
Mr. Okochi has set a mission to introduce money education into compulsory education in Japan, and is making use of his own experience to take the lead in activities to improve money literacy in Japan day and night. . In addition, on SNS such as YouTube (video), Voicy (audio), Twitter, Instagram, etc., we have many followers with high information sensitivity, and we continue to send out and discuss on a daily basis in the online community.
I wanted such a passionate Professor Okochi to spread the Furusato Nozei NFT, so I asked him to become an ambassador.
Profile of Kaoru Okochi
Tax accountant, CEO of ArtBiz Co., Ltd., Auditor of Future Teacher Forum. A unique career as a tax accountant (graduated from the Faculty of Arts). Runs a tax accountant office specializing in arts/creators. He is good at communicating on the web, and is Japan’s number one social media influencer as a tax accountant (YouTube 330,000, Twitter 90,000, Voicy 70,000). Currently working to spread money education in Japan. From elementary school to university, “money lessons” are being held at actual schools.
What is Furusato Nozei NFT provided by Aruyamu?
As a pioneer of “hometown tax NFT” and “tourism NFT”, we are contributing to regional revitalization by creating NFTs with motifs of local landscapes and specialties. In addition to increasing the amount of donations and realizing monetization with NFT through hometown tax donation acceptance and sales, we will strengthen city promotion and make NFT holders a related population, leading to the revitalization of the local economy. Become. In addition, we will create opportunities for NFT holders to visit the site by implementing a mechanism that changes the design of the NFT by visiting the site and preparing holder benefits that allow them to fully enjoy the charm of the region. We will do everything from planning to execution to customer support to attract tourists.
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Comments from stakeholders
■ Comment from Mr. Kaoru Okochi, a tax accountant
 The hometown tax system, which I have promoted many times as a tax accountant and as a sender, is a very convenient and profitable system. In addition, from the second half of 2022, Japan’s NFT culture has been booming with the keyword “support and bonds”.
“Furusato tax payment x NFT” seems to be a very good match. Isn’t it a natural way to revitalize local areas, rather than a temporary trend or transient thing? I think. I would like to use my influence to help keep this wonderful new method alive.
■ Comments from Hiroaki Hatanaka, Representative of Aruyamu Co., Ltd. In order to realize the hometown tax donation NFT, Mr. Okochi-sensei took up Yamu, who is his Voicy, right after he received an investment from an investor and raised funds. At that time, the first example of hometown tax donation NFT in Yoichi-cho, Hokkaido had not yet been completed, so I was surprised at the high level of information sensitivity of the teacher, and all the members were very excited to be picked up by people who knew me from the beginning. I have happy memories. Since then, he has appeared in the first hometown tax NFT and the hometown CNP commemorative Twitter space, and was an indispensable person in talking about the history of the spread of hometown tax NFT. When I asked Mr. Okochi to become an ambassador to spread the hometown tax NFT more, I am very happy that he readily agreed. Utilizing Professor Okochi’s ability to communicate, we will promote ARUYAMU’s mission of “regional revitalization through NFT”! Related party information
■ Tax accountant Mr. Kaoru Okochi
A well-known tax accountant who spreads the knowledge of money that can be learned from children to adults and broadens the range of life. We have prepared a wide range of content such as YouTube (video), Voicy (audio), Twitter, Instagram, blogs, books (manga), etc., and we have free content other than books. From elementary school to university, money classes are offered free of charge, and the locations are all over the country, and even overseas Japanese schools are targeted. In addition, in order to think about money education, we are sending out and discussing in the online community every day what kind of money should be talked about for children and what parents should know. In addition, he has donated cartoons that teach about money to schools, educational facilities, and libraries all over the country, and is also active as a tax accountant, striving to introduce money education into compulsory education in Japan.
■ About Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (
A startup from Sapporo that provides hometown tax NFT/tourism NFT solutions for local governments nationwide in order to promote “local revitalization with NFT”. By using NFTs with local attractions as return gifts for hometown tax donations, we will create new financial resources and lead to city promotions and the creation of related populations. The company name “Aruyaumu” means today in Arabic. Today, we will provide advanced technology called NFT to local governments and regions who want to take on challenges right now, and support community development that will continue to be supported.
・Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・ Company name: Aruyamu Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Hiroaki Hatanaka
・Location: Room 302, Katran Aso, Kita-ku, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Kita-ku, Sapporo ・Established: November 18, 2020
・ Capital: 23 million yen (including reserves)
・ Business content: Regional revitalization consulting and development using NFT ・URL:
[Inquiries regarding this matter, applications for interviews, etc.] Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Inarita, Hatanaka
E-mail: Telephone: 070-8481-1077, 070-8438-3542 Details about this release:


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