Asa Co., Ltd. What do you want to do? how do you feel The voyage of creation that begins with Art co-education laboratory “Miro Art Lab” No. 2 ship, departs from Iikuradai!

Asa Co., Ltd.
what do you want to do how do you feel The voyage of creation that begins with Art co-education laboratory “Miro Art Lab” No. 2 ship, departs from Iikuradai!
Campaign to commemorate the opening of an art session for
7-15-year-old Sozobits and 《=Imagination/Creator》! Enrollment fee up to ¥12,100 OFF by joining after the experience from 12/5 to 12/23
Miro Art Lab, an art co-education laboratory run by Asa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Midori Aoyagi), begins with the question, “What do you want to do?”
In January 2023, ship No. 2 [Milo Art Lab Azabudai] will set sail to Iikuradai at the foot of Tokyo Tower, an area close to Azabudai Hills! Kids art session experience from 7 to 15 years old starts December 5th! Now accepting reservations.
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The opportunity to open the lab was the birth of my own child and an encounter with the Reggio Emilia approach in 2003 (early childhood education that brings out creativity). Six years later, in 2009, Miro Art Lab set sail from a room in an apartment into the sea of ​​creation.
The boat that travels the sea of ​​creativity with the little ones and their guardians has gradually grown into a larger one each time it has moved from the Hiroo Lab to the Motoazabu Lab.
We regard children as small “Sozobito (imagination/creators)”, and we have consistently valued “Dialogue” to “listen to the voice of a person rather than have them create a work”. . Labs don’t have “assignments” or “curriculum”. The voyage of creation begins with the feeling of “I want to try it!” Adults are not “teachers”, but “crews” who accompany the voyage of creation, watching over the process. [Image 2d112066-2-437876be0c43f5a923eb-5.png&s3=112066-2-d77bc7b169315e41826685c6acc9f985-1748x1086.png

In the first place, are art labs there to nurture artists so that they can draw good pictures? We believe that “art” is not a work of art, but rather a process of gaining a gaze that looks at the world with one’s own sensibilities and thinking about it, and that the art lab is a place where this is nurtured.
When we usually appreciate art, we see the “result” = fruit as a “work”. However, before the fruit comes to fruition, there is the growth of the trunk, branches and leaves, and the invisible spread of the roots. We regard it as a voyage of creation, and we always look carefully at how the life in front of us thinks, moves our hearts and hands.
Then, each person writes it down in “The creative voyage notebook”. [Image 3d112066-2-696bb2553520a4a1531c-7.jpg&s3=112066-2-02b44f474ee9cdb82c191c6abc542491-1904x1428.jpg
yes! This creative voyage notebook, which describes how the colors of that person’s sensibility reverberated, is the “treasure” of our voyage.
Sensitivity is not limited to small “Sozobito”. Everyone has a rich sensibility, and art opens its door to everyone. For adults, that is, large Sozobito, we continue to provide projects that support the familiarity with “art” such as interactive appreciation. Rather, it may be necessary for adults to get familiar with art on a daily basis, loosen their rigid sensibilities, and have a margin.
Iikuradai Lab will provide various art experiments as a place for creative voyages for people aged 7 to 77 years old.

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