Asahi Beverages Strong sales of Mitsuya Craft Cola Cumulative January-September sales volume increased by 60% compared to plan; packaging was renewed on November 8

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“Mitsuya Craft Cola” sales are strong; Cumulative sales volume from January to September is 60% higher than planned;

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Taichi Yoneme) released “Mitsuya Craft Cola” on January 18. As of the end of September, cumulative sales volume was 1.2 million boxes, 60% higher than planned. In response to strong sales, we will renew the package and release it while maintaining the contents that have been supported since November 8th.

“Mitsuya Craft Cola” is a cola-flavored carbonated drink that uses citrus fruits and 8 carefully selected spices as a secret ingredient for a refreshing and moderately sweet taste. We launched a PET 500ml product in January this year, and due to strong sales, we also launched a 350ml can product in March.
In addition to being delicious as a cola, the refreshing aftertaste unique to “Mitsuya”, such as “the aftertaste is not too sweet and is easy to drink,” is popular. This time, the packaging of the PET 500ml product has been revamped, with a new red background that evokes cola flavor. By making the labels on the upper and lower parts of the front of the package transparent from the conventional dark brown, the light brown liquid color has been changed to a design that is easy to see. The design emphasizes that it is a classic cola flavor with a clean aftertaste.
The “Mitsuya” brand, which has been on the market for 139 years, has a new message of “increasing the amount of mental activity with a transparent exhilaration.” We will contribute to increasing the “mental activity level” of our customers through “feeling”.
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