Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. “Forest Tumbler for Hanshin Tigers” using broken bats

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
“Forest Tumbler for Hanshin Tigers” using a broken bat
Released in limited quantities on November 26th

Asahi Yuus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters in Tokyo, President: Shimon Takamori) collaborated with Hanshin Tigers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters in Hyogo, President: Koji Hyakukita) to develop the “Forest Tumbler for Hanshin Tigers,” which utilizes broken bats used by players. Did. A limited quantity will be sold in conjunction with “Hanshin Tigers Fan Appreciation Day 2022” on November 26th.

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“Forest Tumbler for Hanshin Tigers” uses 40% of the contents of the broken bat used by Hanshin Tigers players in practices and games. This is the first time that a bat is used as a raw material for the “Forest Tumbler”. When pouring beer, the fine unevenness derived from the plant fibers of the wood creates fine bubbles, so you can enjoy beer more deliciously.
From November 26th, 2,200 yen (tax included) at the Hanshin Tigers directly managed goods shop Team Shop Alps, the Hanshin Koshien Stadium Tigers shop, the Hanshin Tigers official online shop T-SHOP, and our EC site “Yu A Small”. will be sold at Asahi Breweries, the official sponsor of the Hanshin Tigers, proposed the “Forest Tumbler”, and decided to develop an original tumbler by upcycling discarded bats.
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The “Forest Tumbler” is a reusable eco-cup jointly developed by Asahi Breweries and Panasonic in 2019 as a beverage container that is not “disposable” with the goal of transforming the “disposable”
consumption behavior itself. In 2020, we launched the Forest Tumbler HINOKI, which uses cypress thinnings as the main ingredient, and roasted malt powder, which is a by-product (waste generated during processing) of Asahi Beer Malt, a group company. In addition to expanding the lineup with the launch of the “Forest Tumbler MUGI”, which is based on the concept of “Forest Tumbler,” we have also developed a “Forest Tumbler” using local materials to promote the sustainable use of resources. Asahi Yuus was established in January 2022 as a new company to develop new sustainability businesses in the Asahi Group. Asahi Yuus will continue to work on the development of sustainable products and services through co-creation with
stakeholders and aim to solve local social issues.
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