Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. “Island Tumbler by Forest Tumbler” using sugar cane lees

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
“Island Tumbler by Forest Tumbler” using sugar cane lees
Available in limited quantities on November 18th at Asahi Yua Mall and shops in Okinawa Adopted as souvenirs for JAL’s “Sustainable Charter Flight”

Asahi Yuus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Tokyo, President Shimon Takamori) collaborated with Rinnovation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Tokyo, President Naoto Yamamoto) to develop the “Island Tumbler by Forest Tumbler” using bagasse, which is sugar cane residue. . From November 18th, we will sell a limited quantity at our EC site “Asahi Yua Small” and shops in Okinawa Prefecture.
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“Island Tumbler by Forest Tumbler” uses 55% bagasse leftover from pressing sugar cane to make sugar. You can enjoy a faintly sweet scent like brown sugar derived from bagasse. According to the Okinawa Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, about 200,000 tons of bagasse are generated from sugar cane, which is produced annually at about 810,000 tons as a key crop in Okinawa Prefecture. In the past, bagasse was reused as fuel and fertilizer in sugar factories, but the leftover bagasse is used as a raw material for the “Forest Tumbler” to make effective use of it. This is the first time for Asahi Yuus to develop products using sugar cane and bagasse. By co-creating with Rinnovation, which is working on a sixth industrialization project using sugar cane, we will support the utilization of unused resources and the realization of a sustainable local community through the upcycling of bagasse.
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From November 18th, it will be sold for 2,970 yen (tax included) on our EC site “Asahi Yua Mall” and shops in Okinawa Prefecture. On the same day, it will be distributed as a souvenir to passengers on the “Sustainable Charter Flight” operated by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. The flight is an initiative to conduct an environmentally friendly flight in terms of aircraft, fuel, and in-flight services, and the pamphlet distributed on the day will introduce Tumbler’s efforts.
The “Forest Tumbler” is a reusable eco cup jointly developed by Asahi Breweries and Panasonic in 2019 as a “non-disposable” beverage container with the goal of transforming the “disposable” consumption behavior itself. In 2020, we launched the Forest Tumbler HINOKI, which uses cypress thinnings as the main ingredient, and roasted malt powder, which is a by-product (waste generated during processing) of Asahi Beer Malt, a group company. In addition to expanding the lineup with the launch of the “Forest Tumbler MUGI”, which is based on the concept of “Forest Tumbler,” we have also developed a “Forest Tumbler” using local materials to promote the sustainable use of resources. Asahi Uus was established in January 2022 as a new company to develop new sustainability businesses within the Asahi Group. We will continue to work on developing sustainable products and services through co-creation with stakeholders and aim to solve local social issues. [Reference]
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