Asahi Kasei Corporation Notice of Acquisition of International Sustainability Carbon Certification “ISCC PLUS Certification”

Asahi Kasei Corporation
Announcement of Acquisition of International Sustainability Carbon Certification “ISCC PLUS Certification”

Asahi Kasei Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Koshiro Kudo; hereinafter “our company”) and its affiliated companies have obtained multiple ISCC PLUS certifications*1, an international certification system for sustainable products. We would like to inform you that we have newly acquired the product.
This certification guarantees that biomass raw materials and recycled raw materials are properly managed by the mass balance method*2 in the supply chain including product manufacturing. With this certification, we will be able to handle ISCC PLUS certified products in the future. ISCC PLUS certified products
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*3 Following Tozai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in January 2022, the Mizushima Plant acquired ISCC PLUS certification.
2022.1.21 release: From the perspective of “Care for Earth,” our group aims to “realize a carbon-neutral and sustainable world,” and we are focusing on initiatives such as the use of biomass raw materials, recycled raw materials, and renewable energy. While deepening cooperation with other companies, the Group will further promote the provision of products and services with the characteristics described above based on the “Mid-term Management Plan 2024 -Be a Trailblazer-”, thereby contributing to society and customers. We will continue to meet the expectations of
*1 ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) PLUS certification:
ISCC certification is an international certification for
sustainability and carbon, and among them, ISCC PLUS is a
certification system that manages and secures supply chains for raw materials and products that are mainly bio-based and recycled, etc. sold worldwide. is.
*2 Mass balance method:
When a product is manufactured using multiple types of raw materials (e.g., biomass raw materials, etc. and fossil fuel-derived raw materials, etc.), depending on the input amount of specific materials (e.g., biomass raw materials, etc.), the characteristics of a part of the product may be How to assign everything. This is the management method used in the ISCC PLUS system.
[Image 2d79452-56-3f388d1838cebe6ff48f-1.png&s3=79452-56-1f609fc29d7d3f2b72a237a632e7510e-3900x1406.png
■ Sustainability of the Asahi Kasei Group

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