Asahi Shimbun’s data solution platform Asahi Data Solution SYNC TANK “A-TANK” started to be provided

Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Asahi Shimbun’s data solution platform Asahi Data Solution SYNC TANK “A-TANK” started to be provided
Simultaneously announced products in collaboration with Pia Asahi Next Scope (PANX)

Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd. (President: Shiro Nakamura) announced on November 21st that Asahi Data Solution SYNC TANK “A-TANK” ( Atank) was launched. Focusing on “A-TANK DMP” that accumulates web behavior information and attributes of Asahi ID members, etc., in the advertising area, pre-analysis, segmentation, effective advertisement distribution, tie-up advertisement optimization, effect measurement reporting, etc. I will make use of it.
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By combining the production capabilities of the content marketing solution program “ADS (Asahi Digital Solutions)” and the data analysis capabilities of “A-TANK”, we will derive the optimal communication plan.
In the future, we will analyze the connection point where “the latent values ​​and unconscious needs of consumers” and “the value provided by the company” are “sync” read from the content reading data of the website operated by Asahi Shimbun. We aim to contribute to the planning of effective marketing strategies.
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[Collaboration with Pia Asahi Next Scope Co., Ltd. (common name: PANX)] As the first step of A-TANK’s specific product program, we will simultaneously announce a product in collaboration with “Pia Asahi Next Scope Co., Ltd.* (commonly known as PANX)”, which we recently invested in.
We will provide a one-stop resource of both “Asahi Shimbun”, one of the largest news publishers in Japan, and “Pia”, one of the largest live entertainment e-commerce platforms in Japan.
* “Pia Asahi Next Scope Co., Ltd. (PANX)”: The Asahi Shimbun invested in Pia’s consolidated subsidiary “Pia Next Scope Co., Ltd.” and changed its name in October 2010. We provide high-value content and advertising services in digital media and data marketing services. [Image 3

Provided solution
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~Ad distribution solution~ PANX DSP ver1.0
We will provide a one-stop delivery segment that utilizes the Asahi Shimbun data and Pia’s respective data to improve the accuracy of analysis and delivery.
* PANX DSP ver.1.0 cannot be combined or customized, but we will continue to update new products and services as needed.
~Tie-up advertising solution~ ADS (Asahi Digital Solutions) + Urepia Research Institute
With the addition of “Urepia Research Institute” to the ADS media lineup, we are now able to make proposals that utilize a wider variety of media groups. In addition, the above-mentioned PANX DSP ver.1.0 can be used in the advertisement distribution of the created tie-up content, reaching the target with high accuracy.
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