Asahi Wood Tech Co., Ltd. Changing the mountains of Japan from the floor. “Live Natural Premium All Domestic Materials” will be released.

Asahi Woodtech Co., Ltd.
Changing the mountains of Japan from the floor. “Live Natural Premium All Domestic Materials” will be released.
From the base material to the sawn board of the decorative surface material, it is a flooring that uses all domestic materials.
Asahi Woodtech Co., Ltd. (4-5-10 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, President Tetsuya Kaihori) has launched “Live Natural Premium All Domestic Materials”, a flooring that uses domestic materials for all the materials that make up the product. increase. For the surface decorative material, domestically produced broad-leaved trees, which are difficult to use as sawn timber, are used as fuel chips for about 95% of the production volume. Combining it with domestic plywood, which has a unique composition, achieves dimensional stability that can be used with floor heating. Furthermore, we are particular about hygiene performance and maintenance performance, which are
indispensable for living in the future. Contribute to the
revitalization of the forestry industry.
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* You can see the state of procurement in Hokkaido’s broad-leaved forest (oak), the background of product development, and the thoughts.
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Timber harvested from forests can be effectively used for sawn timber, plywood, wood chips, biomass fuel, etc., by using it in stages according to the value and quality of the timber. Some areas are under-maintained and degraded forests are a problem. In particular, Japanese hardwoods tend to have small diameters and bends compared to external materials, making it difficult to obtain good quality materials. Therefore, even if the quality is suitable for lumber, most of them are materials with low economic value such as pulp and fuel chips. has been used as The current situation is a vicious cycle in which the number of producers has decreased, making it difficult to maintain a stable supply of materials and further reducing the amount of use, resulting in a decline in the economic value of forests. is. Therefore, we have developed “Live Natural Premium All Domestic Materials” that utilizes small-diameter wood that has not been used as flooring. Domestic materials are used for all the constituent materials of the product. The base material is a hybrid plywood that combines domestic cypress plywood and domestic veneer, and the surface decorative materials are carefully selected from all over Japan, mainly domestic hardwoods. I use sawing board of tree species. Pieces with different widths are combined for the surface of the flooring, and the design makes the most of narrow materials, short materials, and materials that contain knots and sapwood, which have been difficult to utilize in the past. In addition, by balancing the base material with the unique 6-layer structure of the surface material and devising the product size, we have achieved dimensional stability that can be used with floor heating. The surface of the flooring is coated with a touch, maintenance performance, and hygiene performance, and the SIAA standard “antivirus performance”,
“antibacterial performance”, “chemical resistance performance”, “contamination resistance performance”, and “indoor air environment performance” are achieved. Prepare.
By creating products that combine the unique appeal of domestic timber with the functionality required for living, we will increase the overall value of domestic timber, revitalize regions that engage in sustainable forest management and timber production, and promote Japanese satoyama. In addition to contributing to the protection of the rich natural environment, we also offer housing companies and end users a wider range of interior style possibilities.

Product line-up
A lineup of 5 domestic wood species. You can also enjoy the original characters of natural wood, such as “knot” and “shirota”.
[Image 2d35968-44-eaee004105fd1a1925d4-1.jpg&s3=35968-44-8c685f1af00bc6a5b9788f07f75728cd-755x169.jpg

Product features
1. Environmentally friendly products using all domestic materials Hybrid plywood combining Japanese cypress plywood and domestic veneer is used as the base material, and 5 types of 2mm sawn domestic lumber are used for the surface decorative material.
[Image 3d35968-44-0623b786f785c7a6c232-8.jpg&s3=35968-44-897bd9d0a4afbd1b96336214ef9afccb-500x215.jpg

2. Using carefully selected materials, the design makes use of small-diameter trees
A lineup of 5 domestic wood species carefully selected from all over Japan. A design that combines pieces with different widths using small diameter trees.
[Image 4d35968-44-91ee1b49113db50b0918-9.jpg&s3=35968-44-af9284b26fd9e3e22bacaec6ba320798-500x217.jpg
3. Safe floor heating
Realizes dimensional stability that allows floor heating to be used with a unique configuration.
[Image 5d35968-44-9399f3f394ce7ee2e658-10.jpg&s3=35968-44-c6882dbc5b282eab47f0d137badc43d1-500x374.jpg
4. Achieves both tactile sensation, maintainability, and hygienic performance It is a “hygienic specification” with 5 hygiene performances. It also features easy maintenance.
[Image 6d35968-44-c384c1c139371dd54602-11.png&s3=35968-44-ac7a8b6869f88ddfbd9ad68b182943b7-500x250.png
5.Wood Design Award
[Image 7d35968-44-a68c27345788c2888508-6.jpg&s3=35968-44-5d01c2d888862f9a268610c4e5910584-350x308.jpg

Product Details
■ Product name: Live Natural Premium All domestic materials
■Application: Interior floor material (for indoor shoes)
Release area: Nationwide (excluding some areas)
■ Packed number: 12 pieces (about 1 tsubo = 3.16 square meters) ■ Dimensions: Thickness 12mm x Width 145mm x Length 1,818mm
■ Release date: October 2022
■ Design price: oak, chestnut, stopper ¥79,530/pack (tax included), wild cherry, cypress ¥78,100/pack (tax included)
■ Performance: Antivirus, antibacterial, chemical resistance, stain resistance, wear resistance, floor heating compatible, free wax, F☆☆☆☆, throwaway

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