Asakusa Jidaiya Asakusa Jidaiya First time in Asakusa x Japan for logget card! Birth of the rickshaw card

Asakusa Jidaiya
[Asakusa Jidaiya] Logget card is the first in Asakusa and the first in Japan! Birth of the rickshaw card
Asakusa rickshaw jidaiya participates in the 4th logget card distributed at famous tourist spots nationwide

Jidaiya Co., Ltd. (head office: Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hidenori Fujiwara), which provides sightseeing rickshaws, kimono rentals, and Japanese cultural experiences in Asakusa, is a Logget card issuer Story Note Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) : President and CEO Hitoshi Fujisawa), we will start distributing four types of “Asakusa Rickshaw” cards from November 19th as part of the “Logget Card 4th”. Logget card in Asakusa for the first time! Japan’s first rickshaw! In addition to this, the simultaneous issue of 4 types of 1 spot is also the first in the country! It’s a “triple first!”, and it’s a collector’s card.
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Asakusa Jidaiya Rickshaw Logget Card (1 out of 4 types)
[Logget Card]
The Logget Card issued by Story Note Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: President Hitoshi Fujisawa), which produces scenarios for games and video works, is based on the concept of “getting a log of your trip with a card.” This is a “Travel Memories Card” series of sightseeing spots all over Japan in a unified format. It is a new type of collection card that can be obtained as a proof of visiting by clearing the distribution conditions for each spot, and can be collected by category such as region and genre. Since its launch in 2020, a total of 650,000 copies have been distributed at 113 famous tourist spots nationwide.
The long-awaited 4th bulletin of 18 spots, which was additionally issued on November 3rd this year, includes popular spots such as World Heritage/National Treasure “Himeji Castle”, “Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura”, “Tobu World Square”, Asakusa first time! And the first in the country! “Rickshaw” also appeared.  Loget Card Official Homepage (
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[Details of Jidaiya Rickshaw Card]
The 4 types of Asakusa Jidaiya/Rickshaw Roget Cards that will be distributed this time are divided into 4 areas: Asakusa Central Area, East Area, West Area, and Sumida Park Area. A wide range of standard sightseeing spots in the Asakusa area, such as street, rock, Hanayashiki, Azumabashi, Kototoibashi, and Sumida Park, are listed, and this 4-card set is an Asakusa sightseeing commemorative card that can complete Asakusa as a whole.
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[Distribution method]
◆ Distribution starts Saturday, November 19, 2022
◆Distribution conditions        Will be distributed to customers who wish to ride a rickshaw and request a loget card under the following conditions.
       · 1 gift for every 2,000 yen for the total amount of one ride per group.         ※However, the maximum number of passengers per group is 4.          ※The number of passengers does not include the number of people who were treated as free, such as infants and preschool children.
       · You can choose your favorite card from 4 types.
◆ Distribution location: Jidaiya store (Jidaiya Meijikan, address: 2-3-5 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo)
       and Jidaiya rickshaw boarding area *Depending on the situation at the boarding area, distribution may not be possible.
[Jidaiya company profile]
Jidaiya is a pioneer of Asakusa rickshaws that has revived rickshaws in Asakusa and spread and developed them for a quarter of a century. In addition to rickshaws, Jidaiya also offers kimono rentals and Japanese cultural experiences, aiming to pass on the lost traditional Japanese culture to the next generation.
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・ Company name: Jidaiya Co., Ltd.
・ Location: 2-3-5 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Representative: Hidenori Fujiwara
・Established: 1999 (founded in 1987)
・ URL:
・ Business: Sightseeing rickshaw, wedding/event rickshaw,
Kimono rental, Japanese culture experience, retro cosplay,
 Rental studios, traditional performing arts,
 Various Japanese-style events
[Inquiries and reservations from customers]
Jidaiya TEL: 03-3843-0890 (9:00-17:45, open all year round) E-mail:
[Inquiries regarding this release]
Masahiro Usui, Planning Manager, Jidaiya Co., Ltd.

Details about this release:


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