Asene launches ESG Cloud Rating (ECR), a new ESG evaluation business for corporate supply chains

Asene Co., Ltd.
Asene launches ESG Cloud Rating (ECR), a new ESG evaluation business for corporate supply chains
Expanding one-stop solutions for decarbonization with highly reliable ESG evaluation

Asene Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kohei Nishiwada, hereinafter “our company”) has launched an ESG evaluation cloud service “ESG Cloud Rating (hereinafter “ESG Cloud Rating”) for sustainable supply chain procurement as a new business. ECR “)” was launched.
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“ECR” is an ESG evaluation cloud service for sustainable supply chain procurement that utilizes our knowledge and extensive experience as a CDP certified scoring partner. We visualize the ESG evaluation of companies through highly reliable ratings and scoring that comply with international ESG frameworks such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Adopting companies (buyers, etc.) can improve and improve the ESG evaluation of their company and the entire supply chain by working on an improvement plan. In addition, for supply chain companies, it is possible to compare the evaluation of each supplier, centrally manage, and encourage improvement.
By developing this service together with the CO2 visualization, reduction, and reporting cloud “Aszero” and SX Consulting, we will expand our decarbonization one-stop solution and solve our customers’ problems.
Rising climate change risk
Efforts to combat climate change are accelerating due to the effects of global warming. In addition, according to the Global Risks Report released by the World Economic Forum, ESG-related issues such as extreme weather events, the failure of climate change countermeasures, and man-made environmental disasters are among the risks with the highest probability and greatest impact in the world. is mentioned. The amount of ESG investment by global institutional investors will increase sharply to $35 trillion in 2020 and is expected to exceed $50 trillion in 2025, demonstrating the importance of ESG evaluation. Institutional investors are requesting listed and major companies to disclose ESG and take measures, and major companies are beginning to request ESG initiatives throughout their supply chains, but ESG evaluation of supply chains requires a lot of effort. It is the current situation that it takes time and effort.
Outline of “ESG Cloud Rating”
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“ESG Cloud Rating (ECR)” is an ESG evaluation platform that can visualize the ESG (E: environment, S: society, G: governance) management efforts of a company’s supply chain. Evaluated companies respond to questionnaires based on international ESG standards and frameworks such as GRI, and introducing companies (buyers, etc.) can evaluate the ESG evaluation of the supply chain as a 7-level rating from AAA to CCC. You can easily visualize it with a score. Specialized ESG analysts create reports and propose improvement plans, and encourage improvement and improvement of initiatives.
Companies can objectively grasp the position of their own ESG initiatives compared to other companies in the same industry, streamlining the time and effort of ESG evaluation of hundreds to tens of thousands of supply chain companies. You can easily customize the questionnaire according to the company or industry, compare and visualize suppliers, and centrally manage them.
Financial institutions and evaluation institutions can also use the ECR ESG scores and evaluations to provide optimal sustainability finance and implement impact investments.
In addition, ECR has established a commendation system such as the Gold Award. Companies with high ESG scores will receive article writing and PR support from Asene Media, one of Japan’s largest environmental media outlets.
We will expand our “one-stop solution for decarbonization” together with the CO2 emissions visualization, reduction, and reporting cloud service “Aszero”, SX Consulting, and carbon offsets, and we will do our best to solve our customers’ problems.
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Service features
1. Highly reliable ESG evaluation is possible for supply chain companies Based on international ESG frameworks such as GRI and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), ESG initiatives are evaluated using a seven-level rating from AAA to CCC and a score out of 100 for each ESG item.
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2. Reduction of man-hours for ESG evaluation in supply chain procurement Buyers can easily collect, compare, and analyze supplier response data and ESG scores. In addition to visualizing ESG evaluations, the analysis and proposal of improvement plans by ESG analysts
significantly reduces the work man-hours required to reach out to each supplier.
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3. Maximize awareness and attract customers with awards and PR In Japan’s largest environmental media “Asuene Media”, companies with excellent ESG scores are provided with gold awards and PR support using an award system. Contribute to customer service recognition and branding.
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Comment from Nishiwada, CEO of Asene Co., Ltd.
“As climate change risks such as abnormal weather and man-made environmental disasters increase worldwide, ESG management
initiatives, including the entire supply chain, are becoming essential. The accuracy and reliability of the disclosure of non-financial information, such as ESG, will become even more important as companies grow.
Our new business, ESG Cloud Rating (ECR), evaluates, visualizes, and proposes improvement plans for corporate ESG initiatives in accordance with international standards, as well as branding support. By supporting ESG management and increasing corporate value, we aim to become Asia’s No. 1 climate tech company.”
Asene company profile
Company name: Asene Co., Ltd.
Business: CO2 emissions visualization, reduction, and reporting cloud service “ASZero”, ESG evaluation cloud service “ESG Cloud Rating (ECR)”, renewable energy procurement consulting service “ASENE” Capital: 2,382,500,000 yen (including capital surplus)
Representative: CEO Kohei Nishiwada
Shareholders: Management, Incubate Fund, Environmental Energy Investment, STRIVE,
   Pavilion Capital (Singapore government/Temasek fund),
   Salesforce Ventures, SBI Investment, GMO VenturePartners,    GLIN Impact Capital, Axiom Asia Private Capital, etc.
Founded: October 2019
Address: CIC TOKYO, Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15th Floor, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Inquiries regarding service introduction: Inquiries about press and coverage:
[About recruitment]
In order to realize our mission of “creating a better world for the next generation”, Asene is strengthening its recruitment in all directions. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. List of job openings: Engineer, PdM, designer, CS, sales, overseas business, etc.
Recruitment site: Person in charge/contact: Masateru Onishi [About the Alliance]
ASENE is looking for partners who can work together to develop the “ESG Cloud Rating” and the CO2 emissions visualization and reduction cloud service “ASZERO”.
Examples of collaboration: Companies with supply chains,
manufacturing, construction, and retail companies, financial institutions such as investment funds, consulting, etc.
Details about this release:


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