Ask Co., Ltd. ASK holds a joint event with Netgear Japan on the theme of “esports distribution”

Ask Co., Ltd.
ASK holds a joint event with Netgear Japan on the theme of “esports distribution”
Introducing screen production and image creation unique to e-sports distribution using digital switchers and IP video transmission
Ask Media & Enterprise Division (Ask ME) Co., Ltd. will hold a joint event with Netgear Japan, “E-Sports Distribution Realized with Digital Switchers”. There will be a seminar by Mr. Kiyoshi Harada (Wellplayed Lizest), product introduction and distribution procedure explanation session, and exhibition of NDI compatible products.
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ASK holds a joint event with Netgear Japan on the theme of “esports distribution”
On December 8, 2022 (Thursday), Ask Media & Enterprise Division (ASK ME) will hold a joint event with NETGEAR JAPAN at RED° TOKYO TOWER in Tokyo Tower, titled “Esports distribution realized with a digital switcher. will be held.
In this event, Mr. Kiyoshi Harada (Wellplayed Rezest) will be invited as a lecturer to explain the basics of distribution, necessary elements, screen production and techniques for those who are considering or will implement e-sports distribution. We are planning a dialogue-style seminar in which the lecturer will operate the digital switcher, camera, and PC for telop, and the moderator will ask questions.
In addition, there will be a session where the staff of Ask ME and NETGEAR Japan will explain the product introduction of the digital switcher NewTek TriCaster Mini X and the network switch NETGEAR M4250 series used in the seminar, and the procedure to use the actual equipment for distribution. We are ready. In addition to these two products, we plan to exhibit products compatible with the IP-based video transmission technology NDI at the venue.
It is a content that can be enjoyed by those who are considering e-sports distribution, as well as those who are considering live distribution of events and building their own program distribution system in the future.
This event is a free event with pre-registration. Please participate after registering from the application page below. We look forward to seeing you there.
[Event content]
eSports Streaming Realized with a Digital Switcher
Inviting Mr. Kiyoshi Harada (Wellplayed Rizest) as a lecturer, a seminar to explain the screen production and know-how for game video distribution while operating the actual screen for those who are considering or will implement e-sports distribution. is.
First distribution using digital switchers and network equipment In this session, the staff of Ask ME and NETGEAR Japan will introduce the procedure for distribution using NewTek TriCaster Mini X and NETGEAR M4250 series.
NDI compatible product display
We will exhibit NDI compatible products including NewTek TriCaster Mini X and NETGEAR M4250 series in the venue. NDI is an IP-based video transmission technology developed by NewTek.
* Event details are subject to change without notice.
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Considering game video distribution and e-sports distribution Thinking about building your own studio for video production and distribution I want to know the equipment for live distribution used by professionals Exploring live distribution and video production using IP video transmission [Lecturer profile]
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Kiyoshi Harada (Wellplayed Rise)
Kiyoshi Harada (Wellplayed Rise)
In September 2012, after the establishment of the fighting game community group “Sashikin”, individual distribution started on Ustream and Nico Nico Douga. In 2021, he will start a YouTube channel “Komagi” that widely conveys distribution knowledge to become a game streamer from beginners to experts. In addition, he has been involved in many sites as a technical supervisor and TriCaster operator in events such as “EVO2015” Japan’s first official public viewing.
In 2015, as a founding member of Wellplayed, he assumed the position of overseeing technology and design. Currently, as an officer of Wellplayed Rizest, he is in charge of system design and management work as the manager of the creator team responsible for design and the technical team responsible for technology.
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Please pre-register (free) from the application page below. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity, a lottery will be held to determine the participants.
Application page: [Event overview]
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NewTek TriCaster Mini X
NewTek TriCaster Mini X

TriCaster® Mini X

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NETGEAR M4250 Series
NETGEAR M4250 Series [Inquiries regarding this event]
Lean Phase Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Minami Miyoshi
TEL: 03-4400-7386
[About NewTek]
NewTek is a leader in IP video technology that gives every storyteller the opportunity to express themselves through video. We work with hand-picked partners around the world to bring innovative solutions to market to help our customers grow their audiences, brands and businesses faster than ever before. NewTek products are IP-centric with native NDI(R) integration.
Key Clients: 80 US Fortune 100 companies including the UK Supreme Court, New York Giants, NBA Development League, NHL, Nickelodeon, CBS Radio, ESPN Radio, Fox Sports, MTV, NASA, Pinsent Masons LLP % that’s all
Website [Japanese] :
[About NDI]
NDI is a brand of Vizrt Group. Used by millions of customers worldwide, NDI software enables multiple video systems to identify each other and communicate with each other over IP. NDI can encode, send and receive various streams. Real-time, high-quality,
low-latency, frame-accurate video and audio. This works for any networked video device such as cameras, converters, video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards, and many other production devices. #SDVS #NDIcentral
Website [Japanese] :
[Overview of Ask Co., Ltd.]
Ask Co., Ltd. is a general trading company that provides solutions and services according to the purpose. We introduce and provide
cutting-edge and unique products mainly from the United States, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, etc. We handle a wide variety of products such as computer peripherals, mobile phone peripherals, server/storage related equipment, and professional video equipment. CORSAIR, Cooler Master, Crucial, ELSA JAPAN, HTC VIVE, Micro-Star International (MSI), Micron, NVIDIA, NewTek, Synology, SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY, Supermicro, Tripp Lite (formerly Keyspan), Thermaltake, ZOTAC Technology Limited, etc. I am an agent of the manufacturer.

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